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Large Surplus Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Deere Acres Inc.
(Scott & Lisa Cowie)

Mankota, Saskatchewan
(306) 478-2269; (306) 478-7078

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm
Bins sell at 12:30 pm

1 mile East of Mankota on #18 Hwy., 2 miles South on Gravel Road.
(GPS: N49.23.26; W107.02.09)


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* 2006 JD 7420 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CARH, power quad, left hand reverse, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 16.5 x 28 front tires, front fenders, 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, 3 hyd., 135 eng. hp., 4431 hrs. showing, S/N 053301 w/JD 741 Quick Detach Self-Levelling FEL, single point hook-up, 8' bucket, grapple fork, joystick

01JD7420Tractor01.jpg  01JD7420Tractor02.jpg  01JD7420Tractor03.jpg  01JD7420Tractor04.jpg  01JD7420Tractor05.jpg  01JD7420Tractor06.jpg  01JD7420Tractor07.jpg  01JD7420Tractor08.jpg  01JD7420Tractor09.jpg  01JD7420Tractor10.jpg  01JD7420Tractor11.jpg  01JD7420Tractor12.jpg  01JD7420Tractor13.jpg  01JD7420Tractor14.jpg  01JD7420Tractor15.jpg  01JD7420Tractor16.jpg  01JD7420Tractor17.jpg  01JD7420Tractor18.jpg  01JD7420Tractor19.jpg  

* 1964 JD 3020 Diesel Tractor, powershift, 18.4 x 30 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 540 pto, 77 eng. hp., 2 hyd., S/N 62627 w/JD 46A FEL (168 hrs. on rebuilt motor)

02JD3020Tractor01.jpg  02JD3020Tractor02.jpg  02JD3020Tractor03.jpg  02JD3020Tractor04.jpg  02JD3020Tractor05.jpg  02JD3020Tractor06.jpg  02JD3020Tractor07.jpg  02JD3020Tractor08.jpg  02JD3020Tractor09.jpg  

* 2011 JD 2520 MFWA Diesel Tractor, roll bar, hydrostatic, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 14 x 17.5 back tires, 23 x 8.5 front tires, 26 eng. hp., only 46 hrs., S/N 711515 w/JD 200CX FEL, 53" quick detach bucket (Hardly Used)

03JD2520Tractor01.jpg  03JD2520Tractor02.jpg  03JD2520Tractor03.jpg  03JD2520Tractor04.jpg  03JD2520Tractor05.jpg  03JD2520Tractor06.jpg  03JD2520Tractor07.jpg  03JD2520Tractor08.jpg  03JD2520Tractor09.jpg  03JD2520Tractor10.jpg  03JD2520Tractor11.jpg  03JD2520Tractor12.jpg  03JD2520Tractor13.jpg  03JD2520Tractor14.jpg  03JD2520Tractor15.jpg  03JD2520Tractor16.jpg  03JD2520Tractor17.jpg  

* JD Quick Detach Pallet Fork, 4' arms

04PelletFork01.jpg  04PelletFork02.jpg  

Trucks Trailers & Car

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* 2005 Volvo 5-ton Diesel Tandem Grain Truck w/8 1/2' x 20' Cancade steel box & db. acting Nordic Scissors hoist, 66" high sides, metal floor, elec. roll tarp, front & back hoist controls, elec. remote tailgate & hoist opener, auto, Volvo Diesel motor, sun visor, Air Ride on Back, full tandem, 11R22.5 tires, 711,528 kms. showing, S/N 4V4MC9GF35N375550 (White)

05VolvoTruck01.jpg  05VolvoTruck02.jpg  05VolvoTruck03.jpg  05VolvoTruck04.jpg  05VolvoTruck05.jpg  05VolvoTruck06.jpg  05VolvoTruck07.jpg  05VolvoTruck08.jpg  05VolvoTruck09.jpg  05VolvoTruck10.jpg  05VolvoTruck11.jpg  05VolvoTruck12.jpg  05VolvoTruck13.jpg  05VolvoTruck14.jpg  05VolvoTruck15.jpg  05VolvoTruck16.jpg  05VolvoTruck17.jpg  05VolvoTruck18.jpg  05VolvoTruck19.jpg  05VolvoTruck20.jpg  05VolvoTruck21.jpg  05VolvoTruck22.jpg  05VolvoTruck23.jpg  05VolvoTruck24.jpg  05VolvoTruck25.jpg  05VolvoTruck26.jpg  05VolvoTruck27.jpg  05VolvoTruck28.jpg  05VolvoTruck29.jpg  05VolvoTruck30.jpg  

* 2005 Freightliner 5-ton Diesel Tandem Grain Truck, Columbia cab w/8 1/2' x 19' Cancade steel box & db. acting Nordic Scissors hoist, 65" high sides, front & dual back hoist controls, metal floor, site glass, roll tarp, New 11R22.5 tires, Mercedes-Benz 425 hp. Diesel Motor, Smart Shift Auto, full air, hidden hitch, 721,587 kms. showing, S/N 1FUJA6CV15LN20881 (Red)

06FreightlinerTruck01.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck02.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck03.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck04.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck05.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck06.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck07.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck08.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck09.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck10.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck11.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck12.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck13.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck14.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck15.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck16.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck17.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck18.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck19.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck20.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck21.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck22.jpg  06FreightlinerTruck23.jpg  

* 2001 IH 8100 Tandem Gravel Truck, pindle hitch, 10 sp. Eatons trans., Diesel motor, full tandem, air brakes, air ride, 11R22.5 tires w/8' x 15' Cancade Gravel Box, hoist, 15 yard, tarp, 393,957 kms. showing, 13,382 hrs. showing, S/N 1HTHCADR62H517724 (White)

07IHGravelTruck01.jpg  07IHGravelTruck02.jpg  07IHGravelTruck03.jpg  07IHGravelTruck04.jpg  07IHGravelTruck05.jpg  07IHGravelTruck06.jpg  07IHGravelTruck07.jpg  07IHGravelTruck08.jpg  07IHGravelTruck09.jpg  07IHGravelTruck10.jpg  07IHGravelTruck11.jpg  07IHGravelTruck12.jpg  07IHGravelTruck13.jpg  07IHGravelTruck14.jpg  07IHGravelTruck15.jpg  07IHGravelTruck16.jpg  07IHGravelTruck17.jpg  07IHGravelTruck18.jpg  07IHGravelTruck19.jpg  07IHGravelTruck20.jpg  07IHGravelTruck21.jpg  07IHGravelTruck22.jpg  07IHGravelTruck23.jpg  07IHGravelTruck24.jpg  07IHGravelTruck25.jpg  

* 1987 GMC 7000 4-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 16' Cancade Steel Box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 366 motor, saddle tanks, 5x2 trans., saddle tanks, 1000 x 20 tires, 56,668 kms. showing, S/N 1GDL7D1B2GV535386 (Orange)

13GMC1987Truck01.jpg  13GMC1987Truck02.jpg  13GMC1987Truck03.jpg  13GMC1987Truck04.jpg  13GMC1987Truck05.jpg  13GMC1987Truck06.jpg  13GMC1987Truck07.jpg  13GMC1987Truck08.jpg  13GMC1987Truck09.jpg  13GMC1987Truck10.jpg  13GMC1987Truck11.jpg  

* 8' x 10' Trailtech Bumper Pull Flatdeck Trailer, single axle, 13" tires, wood deck, (Black)

08Trailtech10ftTrailer01.jpg  08Trailtech10ftTrailer02.jpg  08Trailtech10ftTrailer03.jpg  08Trailtech10ftTrailer04.jpg  

* 8' x 16' Bumper Pull Flatdeck Trailer, tandem axle, 15" tires, 6 bolt rims (Black)

09Trailer16ftPic01.jpg  09Trailer16ftPic02.jpg  

* 7' x 14' Lamar Bumper Pull Flatdeck Trailer, tandem axle, 15" tires, checker plate front & 1/2 sides, loading ramps (Black)

10Lamar14ftTrailer01.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer02.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer03.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer04.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer05.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer06.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer07.jpg  10Lamar14ftTrailer08.jpg  

* 1995 Chev Lumina L5 4 Door Sedan, V6, auto, A/C, PS, PW, 159,065 kms. S/N 2G1WN52M8S9209738 (Green)

70Car01.jpg  70Car02.jpg  70Car03.jpg  70Car04.jpg  70Car05.jpg  70Car06.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 1987 Peterbilt Highway Tractor, 63" sleeper, 425 hp. CAT 3406 Diesel Motor, 11R24.5 tires, sliding 5th wheel, saddle tanks, full air, amber lights, dual exhaust, 13 sp. Eaton Trans., 998,580 kms. showing, S/N 1XPCDE9X7HN217958 (Blue & Grey)

11Semi01.jpg  11Semi02.jpg  11Semi03.jpg  11Semi04.jpg  11Semi05.jpg  11Semi06.jpg  11Semi07.jpg  11Semi08.jpg  11Semi09.jpg  11Semi10.jpg  11Semi11.jpg  11Semi12.jpg  11Semi13.jpg  11Semi14.jpg  11Semi15.jpg  11Semi16.jpg  11Semi17.jpg  11Semi18.jpg  11Semi19.jpg  11Semi20.jpg  11Semi21.jpg  

* 1998 Trailtech 5th Wheel Sprayer Trailer w/1000 gal. Hold On poly water tank, 2000 gal. poly water tank, tandem dual axles, 215/75R17 tires, loading ramps, rear amber light, 3" Honda water pump (Black)

12SprayerTrailer01.jpg  12SprayerTrailer02.jpg  12SprayerTrailer03.jpg  12SprayerTrailer04.jpg  12SprayerTrailer05.jpg  12SprayerTrailer06.jpg  12SprayerTrailer07.jpg  12SprayerTrailer08.jpg  12SprayerTrailer09.jpg  12SprayerTrailer10.jpg  12SprayerTrailer11.jpg  12SprayerTrailer12.jpg  12SprayerTrailer13.jpg  12SprayerTrailer14.jpg  

Rockpicker & Disc

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* Degelman Signature 6000 HD Rotary Rockpicker, high lift, rock apron, 16.5 x 16.1 tires, hyd. dr., S/N 21529

14Rockpicker01.jpg  14Rockpicker02.jpg  14Rockpicker03.jpg  14Rockpicker04.jpg  14Rockpicker05.jpg  14Rockpicker06.jpg  14Rockpicker07.jpg  14Rockpicker08.jpg  

15' Steiger Db. Disc, notch blades front & back, S/N 171590534

Haying & Livestock

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* Haybuster 2655 Short Cut Bale Shredder, right side discharge, 1000 pto, hyd. chute, hardly used, S/N 2611034555

15BaleShredder01.jpg  15BaleShredder02.jpg  15BaleShredder03.jpg  15BaleShredder04.jpg  15BaleShredder05.jpg  

* NH 1033 pto Stackliner, hauls 105 sq. bales, 540 pto, tie tier, S/N 3863

16Stackliner01.jpg  16Stackliner02.jpg  16Stackliner03.jpg  16Stackliner04.jpg  16Stackliner05.jpg  

* 40 - 10' Feeder Panels

17FeederPanels01.jpg  17FeederPanels02.jpg  

Hi Hog Handling System

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* Hyd. Cattle Squeeze, elec. over hyd. pump, neck ext., metal floor (Like New)

71Squeeze01.jpg  71Squeeze02.jpg  71Squeeze03.jpg  71Squeeze04.jpg  71Squeeze05.jpg  71Squeeze06.jpg  71Squeeze07.jpg  71Squeeze08.jpg  

* Palpation Cage


* 3 Section S-Alley

73SAlley01.jpg  73SAlley02.jpg  73SAlley03.jpg  

* Crowding Tub


Grain Augers

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* 71' x 13" Westfield MK130-71 Plus Grain Auger, hyd. swing out hopper w/db. augers, 540 pto, reverser

18Westfield71ftAuger01.jpg  18Westfield71ftAuger02.jpg  18Westfield71ftAuger03.jpg  18Westfield71ftAuger04.jpg  18Westfield71ftAuger05.jpg  18Westfield71ftAuger06.jpg  

* 85' x 15" Batco 1585 Conveyor Auger, swing out hopper, hyd. lift, 540 pto, new bottom swing, S/N 15514

19BatcoAuger01.jpg  19BatcoAuger02.jpg  19BatcoAuger03.jpg  19BatcoAuger04.jpg  19BatcoAuger05.jpg  

* 61' x 13" Westfield pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper w/single auger, 540 pto

20Westfield61ftAuger01.jpg  20Westfield61ftAuger02.jpg  20Westfield61ftAuger03.jpg  20Westfield61ftAuger04.jpg  

Grain BIns 1230 pm

33Bins01  33Bins02

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* 70 Ton Westco Fertilizer Hopper Bottom Bin, slide opener, metal ring (#1)

21Bin01Pic01.jpg  21Bin01Pic02.jpg  21Bin01Pic03.jpg  

* 600 Bu. Lode-King Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, crank opener (#2)

22Bin02Pic01.jpg  22Bin02Pic02.jpg  22Bin02Pic03.jpg  

* 1000 Bu. Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, slide opener (#3)

23Bin03Pic01.jpg  23Bin03Pic02.jpg  

* 3000 Bu. Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, crank opener (#4)


* 900 Bu. Taylor Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, crank opener, metal skid (#5)

25Bin05Pic01.jpg  25Bin05Pic02.jpg  25Bin05Pic03.jpg  

* 1350 Bu. Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, metal skid, slide opener (#6)

26Bin06Pic01.jpg  26Bin06Pic02.jpg  

* 1650 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, metal skid, slide opener (#7)

27Bin07Pic01.jpg  27Bin07Pic02.jpg  

* 3000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, metal skid, slide opener (#8)

28Bin08Pic01.jpg  28Bin08Pic02.jpg  

* 9000 Bu. Westeel Flat Bottom Bin, complete (needs assembly) (#9)

29Bin09Pic01.jpg  29Bin09Pic02.jpg  


* 2100 Bu. Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, slide opener, metal skid (#10)


* 2 - 1500 Bu. Westeel Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, slide openers, metal skids (#11 & #12)


Bins #10-#12 are located 1 mile North of Hazenmore on Gravel Road. (West side) (GPS: N49.42.19; W107.08.07)


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* 2007 Honda Rubicon 500 ATV, auto or manual shift, 4x4, front & back racks, 695 miles, 104 hrs.

75Honda2007ATV01.jpg  75Honda2007ATV02.jpg  75Honda2007ATV03.jpg  75Honda2007ATV04.jpg  75Honda2007ATV05.jpg  75Honda2007ATV06.jpg  75Honda2007ATV07.jpg  

* 2004 Honda Forman 500 ATV, 4x4, front & back racks, 5 sp., manual shift, 8893 kms., 789 hrs. S/N 478TE222244501732

76Honda2004ATV01.jpg  76Honda2004ATV02.jpg  76Honda2004ATV03.jpg  76Honda2004ATV04.jpg  76Honda2004ATV05.jpg  76Honda2004ATV06.jpg  76Honda2004ATV07.jpg  76Honda2004ATV08.jpg  76Honda2004ATV09.jpg  

* 2000 Honda Forman 400 ATV, front & back racks, 4x4, 5 sp., manual shift, 12,186 kms., 1042 hrs., S/N 478TE202844100565

77Honda2000ATV01.jpg  77Honda2000ATV02.jpg  77Honda2000ATV03.jpg  77Honda2000ATV04.jpg  77Honda2000ATV05.jpg  77Honda2000ATV06.jpg  77Honda2000ATV07.jpg  77Honda2000ATV08.jpg  77Honda2000ATV09.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 15' Schulte Bat Wing Rotary Mower, 1000 pto


* NH 9000 Watt Generator, 110V & 220V, elec. start

78Generator01.jpg  78Generator02.jpg  

* JD 9650 Combine Parts, Tank Extensions, Concaves

35CombineParts01.jpg  35CombineParts02.jpg  35CombineParts03.jpg  

* 1000 Gal. Fuel Tank & Stand


* 1000 Gal. Metal Water Tank on metal skids

37WaterTank01.jpg  37WaterTank02.jpg  

* Jobber 3 Pt. Hitch

38Jobber3PtHitch01.jpg  38Jobber3PtHitch02.jpg  

* 1700 Gal. Black Poly Water Tank


* 2100 Gal. Poly Water Tank


Breed Creek Ranch Inc.
(306) 478-7470

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* 35' JD 610 Cultivator, tine harrows, walking axles, high lift

41JD35Cult01  41JD35Cult02  41JD35Cult03  41JD35Cult04  

Grassroots Co-op
(306) 263-2033 or (306) 264-5111

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* 19’ Flash Welding Bin Hopper (This Hopper is located at the Woodrow Co-op in the town of Woodrow, Sk. Please view prior to the auction as it will stay in Woodrow but we will sell it at the auction site)


* 2014 Rem VRX Grain Vac, on own trailer, complete w/atachments, 1000 pto, 410 hrs. showing, S/N 32388

80GrainVac01.jpg  80GrainVac02.jpg  80GrainVac03.jpg  80GrainVac04.jpg  

* Kramble Remote Swing Auger Mover & Lift for 13” augers


* 1000 Gal Fuel Tank & Pump


* 10’ Hi-Hog Gates * 16’ Hi-Hog Gate * 4- 8’ Hi-Hog Panels * 2- 12’ Hi-Hog Panels * 12’ Hi-Hog Slant Bar Feed Panel


* 200 Joints of 5/8” Sucker Rod


* Various Auto Parts

55AutoParts01  55AutoParts02  

* 2 Fuel Dispensers


* Farm Chemical

57Chemical01  57Chemical02  57Chemical03  57Chemical04  57Chemical05  

* Auger Tube


* Swenson 12’ Auger Spout (Bagger)


* New 20.8 x 44 Tractor Tire


* 8” Auger Intake Hopper


* Car Hoist


* Swenson Down Spouts * Back Pack Fire Fighter * Back Pack Sprayer * Honey Bee Parts * Scale * Soil Sampler * 2 Troy Bilt Leaf Blowers * Various Sprayer Parts * 2 Westward Oil Pumps * HD Truck Step


For more info on the Grassroots Co-op items call at Pierre (306) 263-2033 or Larry at (306) 264-5111.

Hassen Hattum
(306) 741-7012

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* 1982 JD 8640 Diesel 4WD Tractor, CAHR, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 3 hyd., 20.8 x 38 x 23 degree tires, factory duals, hyd. pioneer ends, quad range, return line for air drill, 8908 hrs., S/N 008543 w/14’ Degleman 7200 HD Dozer Blade, 6 way, skid plates, S/N 25810. (900 hrs. on new rebuilt engine w/ all JD parts, new clutch) (8709 hrs. on old Tack, 199 hrs. on new Tack) (Sells as a unit)

70Tractor01.jpg  70Tractor02.jpg  70Tractor03.jpg  70Tractor04.jpg  70Tractor05.jpg  70Tractor06.jpg  70Tractor07.jpg  70Tractor09.jpg  70Tractor10.jpg  70Tractor11.jpg  70Tractor12.jpg  70Tractor13.jpg  70Tractor14.jpg  70Tractor15.jpg  70Tractor16.jpg  70Tractor17.jpg  70Tractor18.jpg  70Tractor19.jpg  70Tractor20.jpg  70Tractor21.jpg  70Tractor22.jpg  70Tractor23.jpg  70Tractor24.jpg  70Tractor25.jpg  70Tractor26.jpg  70Tractor27.jpg  70Tractor28.jpg  70Tractor29.jpg  70Tractor30.jpg  70Tractor31.jpg  70Tractor32.jpg  70Tractor33.jpg  70Tractor34.jpg  70Tractor35.jpg  

* Self Contained Grain Treater on its own trailer, hyd. dr. w/sp. controls

71Seeder01.jpg  71Seeder02.jpg  71Seeder03.jpg  71Seeder04.jpg  71Seeder05.jpg  71Seeder06.jpg  71Seeder07.jpg  


For more info call Hassen at (306) 741-7012.

Fauser Farm Ltd.
(Don Fauser)
(306) 472-7659

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* 2005 62’ Bourgault 5710 Series II Air Drill, 12” spacings w/midrow shank banders, db. chute, metal packers w/set of rubber packers, 5 plex, Bourgault 3/4” Tip Openers, S/N 38357AH-04 w/Bourgault 5440 Tow Behind Cart, 3 comp., 440 bu., dual fans, 3 hyd. dr., 800/65/32 tires on back, 540/65R24 tires on front, bag lift, 8” semi reach auger, light package, S/N 37336AS-11

80AirDrill01.jpg  80AirDrill02.jpg  80AirDrill03.jpg  80AirDrill04.jpg  80AirDrill05.jpg  80AirDrill06.jpg  80AirDrill07.jpg  80AirDrill08.jpg  80AirDrill09.jpg  80AirDrill10.jpg  80AirDrill11.jpg  80AirDrill12.jpg  80AirDrill13.jpg  80AirDrill14.jpg  80AirDrill15.jpg  80AirDrill16.jpg  80AirDrill17.jpg  80AirDrill18.jpg  80AirDrill19.jpg  80AirDrill20.jpg  80AirDrill21.jpg  80AirDrill22.jpg  80AirDrill23.jpg  80AirDrill24.jpg  

* 1985 Versatile 876 Designation 6 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, L10 Cummins Diesel 280 hp. motor, power shift, full vision cab, new seat, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 4 hyd., sep. return line, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, 12,729 hrs. showing, S/N 251274

81VersatileTractor01.jpg  81VersatileTractor02.jpg  81VersatileTractor03.jpg  81VersatileTractor04.jpg  81VersatileTractor05.jpg  81VersatileTractor06.jpg  81VersatileTractor07.jpg  81VersatileTractor08.jpg  81VersatileTractor09.jpg  81VersatileTractor10.jpg  81VersatileTractor11.jpg  81VersatileTractor12.jpg  81VersatileTractor13.jpg  81VersatileTractor14.jpg  81VersatileTractor15.jpg  81VersatileTractor16.jpg  81VersatileTractor17.jpg  81VersatileTractor18.jpg  81VersatileTractor19.jpg  81VersatileTractor20.jpg  81VersatileTractor21.jpg  81VersatileTractor22.jpg  81VersatileTractor23.jpg  81VersatileTractor24.jpg  81VersatileTractor25.jpg  

DR Thul Farm Ltd.
(306) 681-8444

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* 2010 JD 9770 STS SP Diesel Combine, CARH, Hydro., Bullet Rotor, GPS Ready, JD Fine Wire Concave w/4 removable filler plates, contour master, 24’ auger, single pt. hook-up, 300 bu. tank, hopper ext., dual 20.8 x 38 frt. tires, 600/65/R28 back tires, 1821 eng. hrs., 1425 sep. hrs., S/N 0737247, w/16’ MacDon PW7 pickup table w/SwathMaster Series IV Pickup

Please note: Combine used on heavy clay land around Regina, which is rock free.

81JDCombine01.jpg  81JDCombine02.jpg  81JDCombine03.jpg  81JDCombine04.jpg  81JDCombine05.jpg  81JDCombine06.jpg  81JDCombine07.jpg  81JDCombine08.jpg  81JDCombine09.jpg  81JDCombine10.jpg  81JDCombine11.jpg  81JDCombine12.jpg  81JDCombine13.jpg  81JDCombine14.jpg  81JDCombine15.jpg  81JDCombine16.jpg  81JDCombine17.jpg  81JDCombine18.jpg  81JDCombine19.jpg  81JDCombine20.jpg  81JDCombine21.jpg  81JDCombine22.jpg  81JDCombine24.jpg  81JDCombine25.jpg  81JDCombine26.jpg  81JDCombine27.jpg  81JDCombine28.jpg  81JDCombine29.jpg  81JDCombine30.jpg  81JDCombine31.jpg  81JDCombine32.jpg  81JDCombine33.jpg  81JDCombine34.jpg  81JDCombine35.jpg  81JDCombine36.jpg  81JDCombine37.jpg  81JDCombine38.jpg  81JDCombine39.jpg  81JDCombine40.jpg  81JDCombine41.jpg  81JDCombine42.jpg  81JDCombine43.jpg  81JDCombine44.jpg  81JDCombine45.jpg  81JDCombine46.jpg  81JDCombine47.jpg  81JDCombine48.jpg  

KDW Enterprises Ltd.
Kevin Williamson
(306) 478-7772

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* 2002 90’ Flexicoil pto over hyd. High Clearance Sprayer, 1250 gal. Tank, auto-rate, Raven auto heright, 2 body spray nozzles, hyd. pump, 1000 pto pump, 14.9R46 tires, always shedded S/N 567xl-113004-02

92FlexicoilSprayer01  92FlexicoilSprayer02  92FlexicoilSprayer03  92FlexicoilSprayer04  92FlexicoilSprayer05  92FlexicoilSprayer06  92FlexicoilSprayer07  92FlexicoilSprayer08  92FlexicoilSprayer09  92FlexicoilSprayer10  92FlexicoilSprayer11  92FlexicoilSprayer12  92FlexicoilSprayer13  92FlexicoilSprayer14  92FlexicoilSprayer15  92FlexicoilSprayer16  


Auctioneer's Note: Deere Acres Inc. have retooled some of their farm & livestock equipment. This equipment is no longer needed. All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.


Deere Acres Surplus Equipment Auction - Mankota, SK.

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Switzer Auction Services
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel: (306)773-4200   Fax: (306)773-4241