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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Duquette Farms Ltd.
(Claude & Joan Duquette)

Val Marie, Saskatchewan
(306) 298-7620; (306) 298-4512

Monday, June 17, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm
Selling w/ 2 Rings

6 miles East of Val Marie on #18 Hwy., 1/2 mile South on Gravel Road.
(GPS: N49.15.13; W107.37.10)


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* 2007 JD 9220 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 520/85R24 Radial factory duals, back wheel weights, Starfire 3000 GPS, block heater, quad range, 4 hyd., return line, tow cable, 325 eng. hp., 3597 hrs. showing, S/N H051132

01JD9220Tractor01.jpg  01JD9220Tractor02.jpg  01JD9220Tractor03.jpg  01JD9220Tractor04.jpg  01JD9220Tractor05.jpg  01JD9220Tractor06.jpg  01JD9220Tractor07.jpg  01JD9220Tractor08.jpg  01JD9220Tractor09.jpg  01JD9220Tractor10.jpg  01JD9220Tractor11.jpg  01JD9220Tractor12.jpg  01JD9220Tractor13.jpg  01JD9220Tractor14.jpg  01JD9220Tractor15.jpg  01JD9220Tractor16.jpg  01JD9220Tractor17.jpg  01JD9220Tractor18.jpg  01JD9220Tractor19.jpg  01JD9220Tractor20.jpg  01JD9220Tractor21.jpg  01JD9220Tractor22.jpg  01JD9220Tractor23.jpg  01JD9220Tractor24.jpg  

* 2011 JD 7430 Premium MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR w/Starfire ITC GPS System w/ATU200 auto steer 20.8R38 back tires, 16.5R28 front tires, back wheel weights, 540-1000 pto, 3 pt. hitch w/back controls, 4 hyd., ITV auto shift, left hand reverse, single point hook-up for FEL, joystick, db. entry cab, 166 eng. hp., 2234 hrs. showing S/N 026508

02JD7430Tractor01.jpg  02JD7430Tractor02.jpg  02JD7430Tractor03.jpg  02JD7430Tractor04.jpg  02JD7430Tractor05.jpg  02JD7430Tractor06.jpg  02JD7430Tractor07.jpg  02JD7430Tractor08.jpg  02JD7430Tractor09.jpg  02JD7430Tractor10.jpg  02JD7430Tractor11.jpg  02JD7430Tractor12.jpg  02JD7430Tractor13.jpg  02JD7430Tractor14.jpg  02JD7430Tractor15.jpg  02JD7430Tractor16.jpg  02JD7430Tractor20.jpg  02JD7430Tractor21.jpg  02JD7430Tractor22.jpg  02JD7430Tractor23.jpg  02JD7430Tractor24.jpg  02JD7430Tractor25.jpg  02JD7430Tractor26.jpg  02JD7430Tractor27.jpg  02JD7430Tractor28.jpg  02JD7430Tractor29.jpg  

* 1982 JD 4440 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, front & back wheel weights, 18.4 x 38 new back tires, 3 rib front tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, quad range, 144 eng. hp., 8743 hrs. showing, S/N 066171RW

03JD4440Tractor01.jpg  03JD4440Tractor02.jpg  03JD4440Tractor03.jpg  03JD4440Tractor04.jpg  03JD4440Tractor05.jpg  03JD4440Tractor06.jpg  03JD4440Tractor07.jpg  03JD4440Tractor08.jpg  03JD4440Tractor09.jpg  03JD4440Tractor10.jpg  03JD4440Tractor11.jpg  03JD4440Tractor12.jpg  03JD4440Tractor13.jpg  03JD4440Tractor14.jpg  03JD4440Tractor15.jpg  03JD4440Tractor16.jpg  

* 1967 JD 3020 Diesel Tractor, standard shift, 18.4 x 30 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 77 eng. hp., 6927 eng. hrs. showing w/JD 46A FEL, 5' bucket (Approx. 20 hrs. on rebuilt motor) S/N 102157

04JD3020Tractor01.jpg  04JD3020Tractor02.jpg  04JD3020Tractor03.jpg  04JD3020Tractor04.jpg  04JD3020Tractor05.jpg  04JD3020Tractor06.jpg  04JD3020Tractor07.jpg  04JD3020Tractor08.jpg  04JD3020Tractor09.jpg  04JD3020Tractor10.jpg  


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* Trimble 250 GPS System

* EZ-Guide 250 GPS System w/auto steer

07EZGuideGPS01.jpg  07EZGuideGPS02.jpg  


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* 2004 Case 580 Super M Extend-a-hoe MFWA Backhoe, CAHR, 7' bucket on front, 24" digging bucket on back, block heater, 19.5L-24 back tires, 12-16.1 front tires, 5637 hrs. showing, S/N N4C304350

81Backhoe01.jpg  81Backhoe02.jpg  81Backhoe10.jpg  81Backhoe11.jpg  81Backhoe12.jpg  81Backhoe13.jpg  81Backhoe14.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 3/4-Ton Ext. Cab HD Truck, gas motor, Deweze Bale Deck, 5th wheel ball, auto, 4x4, 308,000 kms. showing, S/N 1GTHK29U96E142678 (White)

08GMC2006Truck01.jpg  08GMC2006Truck02.jpg  08GMC2006Truck03.jpg  08GMC2006Truck04.jpg  08GMC2006Truck05.jpg  08GMC2006Truck06.jpg  08GMC2006Truck07.jpg  08GMC2006Truck08.jpg  08GMC2006Truck09.jpg  08GMC2006Truck10.jpg  

* 1994 GMC 2500 3/4-Ton Ext. Cab Truck, 4x4, auto, hidden hitch, 16" tires, 350 V8 motor, 400,873 kms. showing, S/N 1GTGK29K1RE520314 (White)

09GMC1994Truck01.jpg  09GMC1994Truck02.jpg  09GMC1994Truck03.jpg  09GMC1994Truck04.jpg  09GMC1994Truck05.jpg  09GMC1994Truck06.jpg  09GMC1994Truck07.jpg  

* 1982 Chev 70 4-Ton Grain Truck, 366 V8, 5x2, 8 1/2' x 16' steel box & db. acting scissors hoist, roll tarp, metal floor, 1000 x 20 tires, 92,969 kms. showing, S/N 1GBJ7D1B3CV104811 (Grey)

10Chev1982Truck01.jpg  10Chev1982Truck02.jpg  10Chev1982Truck03.jpg  10Chev1982Truck04.jpg  10Chev1982Truck05.jpg  10Chev1982Truck06.jpg  10Chev1982Truck07.jpg  10Chev1982Truck08.jpg  10Chev1982Truck09.jpg  10Chev1982Truck10.jpg  

* 1981 Chev C70 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 1000 x 20 tires, 5x2, 366 V8 motor, step saddle tanks, 74,440 kms. showing, S/N 1GBJ7D1BXBV11803 (Yellow)

11Chev1981Truck01.jpg  11Chev1981Truck02.jpg  11Chev1981Truck03.jpg  11Chev1981Truck04.jpg  11Chev1981Truck05.jpg  11Chev1981Truck06.jpg  11Chev1981Truck07.jpg  11Chev1981Truck08.jpg  11Chev1981Truck09.jpg  11Chev1981Truck10.jpg  

* 1967 Fargo 400 2-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 13' metal box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, plumbed for drill fill, 318 V8 motor, 825R20 tires, 4x2 trans., 32,000 miles showing, S/N D4L2982678 (Red)

12FargoTruck01.jpg  12FargoTruck02.jpg  12FargoTruck03.jpg  12FargoTruck04.jpg  12FargoTruck05.jpg  12FargoTruck06.jpg  12FargoTruck07.jpg  12FargoTruck08.jpg  12FargoTruck09.jpg  12FargoTruck10.jpg  12FargoTruck11.jpg  

* 1966 Mercury 3-Ton Truck, 825 x 20 tires, 4 sp., V8, box & hoist, S/N 1815074L-154381E (Orange)

13MercuryTruck01.jpg  13MercuryTruck02.jpg  13MercuryTruck03.jpg  13MercuryTruck04.jpg  

* 1984 GMC 3/4-Ton Truck, 4 sp., 16" tires, 230,420 kms. S/N 2GTEC24H2E1533293 (Green) (motor has been rebuilt)

14GMC1984Truck01.jpg  14GMC1984Truck02.jpg  14GMC1984Truck03.jpg  14GMC1984Truck04.jpg  

* 2008 8' x 30' Load Max 5th Wheel Flat Deck Trailer, tandem dual axles, 16" tires, 20,000 lb. axles, oiled bathed bearings, beaver tails w/loading ramps, bale rack, hauls 14 round bales, wood floor S/N 5L8GH282581014191 (Black)

15LoadMaxTrailer01.jpg  15LoadMaxTrailer02.jpg  15LoadMaxTrailer03.jpg  15LoadMaxTrailer04.jpg  15LoadMaxTrailer05.jpg  

* 1996 26' Okanagan 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer, A/C, full bath, awning, furnace, stove, db. sink, front bedroom S/N 2T8T5T254T1965864 (White)

16HolidayTrailer01.jpg  16HolidayTrailer02.jpg  16HolidayTrailer03.jpg  16HolidayTrailer04.jpg  16HolidayTrailer05.jpg  16HolidayTrailer06.jpg  16HolidayTrailer07.jpg  16HolidayTrailer08.jpg  

* 1993 7' x 20' Homebuilt 5th Wheel Horse Trailer, 6' x 6" high, 16" tires, 8 bolt rims, divider gate, escape gate, rubber mats S/N 0601974 (White)

17HorseTrailer01.jpg  17HorseTrailer02.jpg  17HorseTrailer03.jpg  17HorseTrailer04.jpg  17HorseTrailer05.jpg  17HorseTrailer06.jpg  17HorseTrailer07.jpg  

Gravel Truck

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* 2009 Mack 5-Ton Gravel Truck, MP8-485C Mack diesel motor, Model T318LR 18-speed transmission, 11R24.5 tires, 8' x 17' gravel box & hoist, Mack Diesel Motor, Maxi-Torque Transmission, elec. pto, amber light, air ride, full tandem, 408,309 kms. showing, S/N 1M2AW07C99N007687 (White)

18GravelTruck01.jpg  18GravelTruck02.jpg  18GravelTruck03.jpg  18GravelTruck04.jpg  18GravelTruck05.jpg  18GravelTruck06.jpg  18GravelTruck07.jpg  18GravelTruck08.jpg  18GravelTruck09.jpg  18GravelTruck10.jpg  18GravelTruck11.jpg  18GravelTruck12.jpg  18GravelTruck13.jpg  18GravelTruck14.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 2005 Peterbilt Highway Tractor, day sleeper, Cummins 500 hp. motor, 11R22.5 tires, sliding 5th wheel, air ride, 18 sp. Eaton Fuhler Trans., 978,022 kms. showing, S/N 1XP5D49X05N857395 (Grey) (transmission & rear ends have been rebuilt)

19Semi01.jpg  19Semi02.jpg  19Semi03.jpg  19Semi04.jpg  19Semi05.jpg  19Semi06.jpg  19Semi07.jpg  19Semi08.jpg  19Semi09.jpg  19Semi10.jpg  19Semi11.jpg  19Semi12.jpg  19Semi13.jpg  

* 2012 Wilson 45' Aluminium Grain Trailer, air ride, weigh scales, crank openers on both sides, light package, roll tarp, 11R22.5 tires, 26" high hoppers, 2 compartments, S/N 1W1MCF3T5CB259602 (White)

20GrainTrailer01.jpg  20GrainTrailer02.jpg  20GrainTrailer03.jpg  20GrainTrailer04.jpg  20GrainTrailer05.jpg  20GrainTrailer06.jpg  20GrainTrailer07.jpg  20GrainTrailer08.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 2009 45' NH P2050 Flexicoil Air Drill, 10" spacings, depth control wheels on front, single chute, metal packer wheels, 2 1/2" spread openers, 5 plex, S/N Y9S005583 w/NH Flexicoil P1050 Tow Behind Grain Cart, 3 comp., 380 bushels, swing out auger, 2 hyd. fans, mechanical dr., 22.5 x 16.1 front tires, 30.5 x 38 back tires, in-tank level sensors, S/N Y9S015282

21AirDrill01.jpg  21AirDrill02.jpg  21AirDrill03.jpg  21AirDrill04.jpg  21AirDrill05.jpg  21AirDrill06.jpg  21AirDrill07.jpg  21AirDrill08.jpg  21AirDrill09.jpg  21AirDrill10.jpg  21AirDrill11.jpg  21AirDrill12.jpg  21AirDrill13.jpg  21AirDrill14.jpg  21AirDrill15.jpg  21AirDrill16.jpg  21AirDrill17.jpg  21AirDrill18.jpg  21AirDrill19.jpg  21AirDrill20.jpg  21AirDrill21.jpg  21AirDrill22.jpg  

* 70' Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Heavy Harrow, Valmar 3255 Granular Applicator, 20" tines, 16.5 x 16.1 front tires, fully hyd. S/N 1400

22Harrow01.jpg  22Harrow02.jpg  22Harrow03.jpg  22Harrow04.jpg  22Harrow05.jpg  22Harrow06.jpg  22Harrow07.jpg  22Harrow08.jpg  22Harrow09.jpg  

* 134' NH S1070 Flexicoil High Clearance Tow Behind Sprayer, 2 body nozzles, 1350 gal. poly tank, sep. chem. tank, hyd. pump, 30.5L32 tires, auto height, auto rate, S/N Y9T040069

23Sprayer01.jpg  23Sprayer02.jpg  23Sprayer03.jpg  23Sprayer04.jpg  23Sprayer05.jpg  23Sprayer06.jpg  23Sprayer07.jpg  23Sprayer08.jpg  23Sprayer09.jpg  23Sprayer10.jpg  23Sprayer11.jpg  23Sprayer12.jpg  23Sprayer13.jpg  23Sprayer14.jpg  

* 2 - 380/90R46 Sprayer Tires


* 45' Degelman 7645 Landroller, fully hyd., S/N 1831

25LandRoller01.jpg  25LandRoller02.jpg  25LandRoller03.jpg  25LandRoller04.jpg  25LandRoller05.jpg  25LandRoller06.jpg  25LandRoller07.jpg  25LandRoller08.jpg  

* 47' Flexicoil 820 Cultivator, 5 plex, depth control wheels on front, walking axles

26FlexicoilSprayer01.jpg  26FlexicoilSprayer02.jpg  26FlexicoilSprayer03.jpg  26FlexicoilSprayer04.jpg  

* 14' Hutch Master Breaking Disc, 19" front notched blades, 20" back discs, duals, scrapers, S/N 004414

27HutchDisc01.jpg  27HutchDisc02.jpg  27HutchDisc03.jpg  27HutchDisc04.jpg  27HutchDisc05.jpg  27HutchDisc07.jpg  

* Degelman 6000 Rotary Rock Picker, hyd. dr., high dump, 16.5 x 16.1 tires, 3 bats, S/N 22437

28DegelmanPicker01.jpg  28DegelmanPicker02.jpg  28DegelmanPicker03.jpg  28DegelmanPicker04.jpg  28DegelmanPicker05.jpg  28DegelmanPicker06.jpg  28DegelmanPicker07.jpg  

* 1985 Wilmar 5 Ton Trailer Type Fertilizer Spreader, 540 pto, S/N 10202326

29FertSpreader01.jpg  29FertSpreader02.jpg  29FertSpreader03.jpg  

* 40' Valmar Granular Applicator on own trailer, hyd. dr.

30Valmar01.jpg  30Valmar02.jpg  30Valmar03.jpg  

* Flexicoil 1720 Tow Between Grain Tank, 1 hyd. fan, auger, 18.4 x 26 tires, S/N S072099

31GrainTank01.jpg  31GrainTank02.jpg  31GrainTank03.jpg  31GrainTank04.jpg  31GrainTank05.jpg  31GrainTank06.jpg  

* 1350 gal. Free Form Poly HD Water Tank (White)

33FreeFormTank01.jpg  33FreeFormTank02.jpg  33FreeFormTank03.jpg  

* 5 Hp. Honda Water Pump, 2 1/2"


* Crown Fork Type Rock Picker


* Rock Digger

Haying & Livestock

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* 1999 JD 566 Round Baler, twin tie, 1000 pto, bale kicker, bale command monitor, moisture tester, approx. 18,508 bales, S/N 137260

36Baler01.jpg  36Baler02.jpg  36Baler03.jpg  36Baler04.jpg  36Baler05.jpg  36Baler06.jpg  36Baler07.jpg  36Baler08.jpg  36Baler09.jpg  36Baler10.jpg  36Baler11.jpg  

* 1999 Highline 6800 Bale Processor, left side discharge, grain tank on right side, 1000 pto, S/N 6BP991168

37BaleProcessor01.jpg  37BaleProcessor02.jpg  37BaleProcessor03.jpg  37BaleProcessor04.jpg  

* Wheatheart High & Heavy Hitter Post Pounder w/post hugger, Honda 9 hp. motor

87PostPounder01.jpg  87PostPounder02.jpg  

* Wheatheart Post Hole Auger, 12” & 6” bits

* 60 Bu. Grain Hopper on homebuilt trailer

38GrainHopper01.jpg  38GrainHopper02.jpg  

* 100 Bu. Creep Feeder

39SmCreepFeeder01.jpg  39SmCreepFeeder02.jpg  

* 250 Bu. Rancher Creep Feeder

40LrgCreepFeeder01.jpg  40LrgCreepFeeder02.jpg  40LrgCreepFeeder03.jpg  40LrgCreepFeeder04.jpg  

* 2-12V Solar Panels w/pumps


* Farm King Roller Miller, 540 pto


* Cattle Squeeze


* Auto Headgate


* Portable Loading Chute


* 2 Three Bale Round Bale Feeders


* Two Bale Round Bale Feeder


* Portable Wind Breaks


* New Round Bale Feeder * 4 Feed Troughs


* Alfalfa/Brome Grass Seed * Cattle Oiler * Vet Supplies * Corral Panels

Cattle Handling System

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* 2 - Morand Auto Headgate


* Homemade Squeeze


* Palpation Cage


* High Hog S-Alley w/walking ramps

85SAlley01.jpg  85SAlley02.jpg  

* High Hog Tub

87Tub01.jpg  87Tub02.jpg  


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* 2011 Case IH AFS 7088 SP Axial-Flow Diesel Combine, CAHR, 800/65R32 front tires, 540/65R30 back tires, twin spreaders, lrg. swing out auger, Cummins Diesel, auto height & contour, GPS w/autosteer, 1565 eng. hrs., 1137 sep. hrs. S/N YBG005419

50Case7088Combine01.jpg  50Case7088Combine02.jpg  50Case7088Combine03.jpg  50Case7088Combine04.jpg  50Case7088Combine05.jpg  50Case7088Combine06.jpg  50Case7088Combine07.jpg  50Case7088Combine08.jpg  50Case7088Combine09.jpg  50Case7088Combine10.jpg  50Case7088Combine11.jpg  50Case7088Combine12.jpg  50Case7088Combine13.jpg  50Case7088Combine14.jpg  50Case7088Combine15.jpg  50Case7088Combine16.jpg  50Case7088Combine17.jpg  50Case7088Combine18.jpg  50Case7088Combine19.jpg  50Case7088Combine20.jpg  50Case7088Combine21.jpg  50Case7088Combine22.jpg  50Case7088Combine23.jpg  50Case7088Combine24.jpg  

* 2004 Case IH 2366 SP Axial-Flow Diesel Combine, CAHR, 30.5 x 32 front tires, 18.4 x 26 back tires, back wheel assist dr., Cummins Diesel, twin spreader, swing out auger, contour table, 2321 eng. hrs., 1717 sep. hrs., S/N JJC0256032

51Case2366Combine01.jpg  51Case2366Combine02.jpg  51Case2366Combine03.jpg  51Case2366Combine04.jpg  51Case2366Combine05.jpg  51Case2366Combine06.jpg  51Case2366Combine07.jpg  51Case2366Combine08.jpg  51Case2366Combine09.jpg  51Case2366Combine10.jpg  51Case2366Combine11.jpg  51Case2366Combine12.jpg  51Case2366Combine13.jpg  

* 2011 36' Honey Bee SP36 Grain Belt Rigid Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, auto height control, pea auger, fore & aft, db. knife, Case IH Adapter, S/N 36GB121396

52HoneyBee2011Header01.jpg  52HoneyBee2011Header02.jpg  52HoneyBee2011Header03.jpg  52HoneyBee2011Header04.jpg  52HoneyBee2011Header06.jpg  

* 2007 36' Honey Bee Rigid Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, pea auger, fore & aft, Case IH Adapter, S/N 36GB071464

53HoneyBee2007Header01.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header02.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header03.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header04.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header05.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header06.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header07.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header08.jpg  53HoneyBee2007Header09.jpg  

* 30' Case IH Straight Cut Header, metal bat, fore & aft w/trailtech trailer transport, S/N 0305083

54CaseHeader01.jpg  54CaseHeader02.jpg  54CaseHeader03.jpg  54CaseHeader04.jpg  54CaseHeader05.jpg  54CaseHeader06.jpg  

* 24' Case IH 1010 Straight Cut Header, metal bat, S/N 078780

55Case1010Header01.jpg  55Case1010Header02.jpg  55Case1010Header09.jpg  

* 1999 30' Prairie Star 4600 pto Swather, rubber canvass, metal bats, hyd. transport, 1000 pto, S/N 130877

56PrairieSwather01.jpg  56PrairieSwather02.jpg  56PrairieSwather03.jpg  56PrairieSwather04.jpg  56PrairieSwather05.jpg  56PrairieSwather06.jpg  56PrairieSwather07.jpg  

* 71' x 10" Westfield MK100-71 pto Grain Auger, reverser, 540 pto, db. auger in swing out hopper

57WestfieldAuger01.jpg  57WestfieldAuger02.jpg  57WestfieldAuger03.jpg  57WestfieldAuger04.jpg  57WestfieldAuger05.jpg  57WestfieldAuger06.jpg  

* 52' x 8" Sakundiak HD8-1600 Grain Auger, hyd. E-Kay auger mover, hyd. winch, 27 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, remote shutoff

58SakundiakAuger01.jpg  58SakundiakAuger02.jpg  58SakundiakAuger03.jpg  58SakundiakAuger04.jpg  58SakundiakAuger05.jpg  58SakundiakAuger06.jpg  58SakundiakAuger07.jpg  58SakundiakAuger08.jpg  

* 45' x 8" Brandt Grain Auger, 18 hp. Honda elec. start motor

59BrandtAuger01.jpg  59BrandtAuger02.jpg  

* IH 1460 SP Axial-Flow Diesel Combine, CAHR, twin spreaders, 23.1 x 26 front tires, 4 rib back tires, S/N 033411

60IH1460Combine01.jpg  60IH1460Combine02.jpg  60IH1460Combine03.jpg  60IH1460Combine04.jpg  60IH1460Combine05.jpg  60IH1460Combine06.jpg  60IH1460Combine07.jpg  

* 30' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger


* Chaff Blower & Wagon

62ChaffWagon01.jpg  62ChaffWagon02.jpg  

* Pea Concaves for Case IH Combines


* 10' x 8" Johnson Transfer Auger, Honda motor

64TransferAuger01.jpg  64TransferAuger02.jpg  

* 24' Vortex Air Reel* EK Hyd. Bin Sweep


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* 2007 Honda TRX 420F M7, 4 Trax ATV, 4x4, front & back racks, S/N 1HFTE352974000100

65ATV01.jpg  65ATV02.jpg  65ATV03.jpg  65ATV04.jpg  65ATV05.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* Chem Handler

66ChemHandler01.jpg  66ChemHandler02.jpg  

* Pulse & Grain Treater


* 31 Metal Sheets (18' Long x 38" Wide) * 30 Metal Sheets (30' Long x 38" Wide) * 78 Metal Sheets (14' Long x 38" Wide)

68Metal01.jpg  68Metal02.jpg  68Metal03.jpg  68Metal04.jpg  68Metal05.jpg  

* 7' x 10' Roll-up Garage Insulated Door


* Slide-In Fire Fighting System, 185 gal. poly tank, Vanguard 5.5 hp. motor

70FireFighting01.jpg  70FireFighting02.jpg  70FireFighting03.jpg  

* Soderfors Anvil

71Anvil01.jpg  71Anvil02.jpg  

* Miller Matic 251 Mig Welder


* Snap-On Puller Set


* 50 Ton Elec. over Hyd. Press


* Dinablast DEF Series Power Hot Water Pressure Washer, 2500 psi, 220V elec. motor


* 1700 gal. Kyle Metal Water Tank


* 5' Trailer Type Rotary Mower, 540 pto


* 2 Gas Pumps


* 14" Crisafulli pto Trailer Irrigation Pump, 540 pto, 50' hose

79IrrigationPump01.jpg  79IrrigationPump02.jpg  

* Unused Implement Tires * 32" Metal Door & Frame * Microwave * Tow Belt * ATV Ramps * Jobber 3 pt. hitch system * Chicago Drill Press & Stand * 250 Amp LKS Welder* Grease Guns * Wrenches * Cordless Drills * Impact Sockets * Welding Helmets * 12V Greasers* Chisels * Socket Sets * Hand Tools * Tool Boxes * Gear Pullers * Hyd. Hose Crimper * New Chain * Bead Breakers * Manifold Stand for Air Drill * Moisture Tester * Slide Hammer Puller Set * Screws * Reciprocating Saw * Roll Pins * Grease Pins * Hammers * 4 FM Radios * Torque Flex Wrenches * Pipe Wrenches * Elec. Drills * Angle Grinders * Die Grinder * Impacts * Air Tools * Beam 7100 Tire Changer * Jackall * Bolt Bins * Olson Power Hacksaw * Parts Washer * Metal Chop Saw & Stand * Long Neck Floor Jack * Acetylene Welder* 2 hyd. Pumps * 2" Honda Water Pump * Various Lumber * Cement Mixer * Drill Fill * Lincoln 150 Amp Welder & Generator * 3 Pt. Hitch Grass Seeder* 6' 3 Pt. Hitch Blade * 6' 3 Pt. Hitch Cultivator* 2 - 500 gal. Fuel Tanks & Stands * 135 gal. Slip Tank w/12 volt pump. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

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Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Claude at (306) 298-7620.


Duquette Farms Ltd. - Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Val Marie, SK.

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