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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Eidem Farms Ltd.
(Doug & Susie Eidem)

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 773-9043

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

16 miles North of Swift Current on #4 Hwy., to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184; or 3 miles South of Stewart Valley on #4 Hwy., to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184.
(GPS: N50.32.32.0; W107.58.37.09)



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* 2012 JD 9460R 4WD diesel Tractor, CAHR, 800/70R38 factory duals, back wheel weights, 5 hyd., return line, front tow cable, plumbed for GPS w/autosteer, Big screen (only needs the Starfire antenna) 24 sp. powershift, buddy seat, 460 eng. hp., 1267 hrs. showing, S/N 001918

01JD9460Tractor01.jpg  01JD9460Tractor02.jpg  01JD9460Tractor03.jpg  01JD9460Tractor04.jpg  01JD9460Tractor05.jpg  01JD9460Tractor06.jpg  01JD9460Tractor07.jpg  01JD9460Tractor08.jpg  01JD9460Tractor09.jpg  01JD9460Tractor10.jpg  01JD9460Tractor11.jpg  01JD9460Tractor12.jpg  01JD9460Tractor13.jpg  01JD9460Tractor14.jpg  01JD9460Tractor15.jpg  01JD9460Tractor16.jpg  01JD9460Tractor17.jpg  01JD9460Tractor18.jpg  01JD9460Tractor19.jpg  01JD9460Tractor20.jpg  01JD9460Tractor21.jpg  01JD9460Tractor22.jpg  01JD9460Tractor23.jpg  01JD9460Tractor24.jpg  01JD9460Tractor25.jpg  

* 2015 JD 7230R MFWA diesel Tractor, CAHR, 650/65R42 back tires, 420/90R30 front tires, front fenders, back wheel weights, 4 hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, Quick attach 3 Pt. hook-up, powershift, left hand reverse, buddy seat, block heater, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, 230 eng. hp., bluetooth, cruise control, grill guard, w/JDH480 Self Levelling FEL, single point hook-up, 9' quick detach bucket, sep. joystick, 408 hrs. showing, S/N 085363

02JD7230Tractor01.jpg  02JD7230Tractor02.jpg  02JD7230Tractor03.jpg  02JD7230Tractor04.jpg  02JD7230Tractor05.jpg  02JD7230Tractor06.jpg  02JD7230Tractor07.jpg  02JD7230Tractor08.jpg  02JD7230Tractor09.jpg  02JD7230Tractor10.jpg  02JD7230Tractor11.jpg  02JD7230Tractor12.jpg  02JD7230Tractor13.jpg  02JD7230Tractor14.jpg  02JD7230Tractor15.jpg  02JD7230Tractor16.jpg  02JD7230Tractor17.jpg  02JD7230Tractor18.jpg  02JD7230Tractor19.jpg  02JD7230Tractor20.jpg  02JD7230Tractor21.jpg  02JD7230Tractor22.jpg  02JD7230Tractor23.jpg  02JD7230Tractor24.jpg  02JD7230Tractor25.jpg  02JD7230Tractor26.jpg  02JD7230Tractor27.jpg  02JD7230Tractor28.jpg  

* JD Quick Detach Pallet Fork for FEL, 48" tines, adjustable

03PelletFork01.jpg  03PelletFork02.jpg  03PelletFork03.jpg  


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* 1986 GMC 7000 4-ton Tandem Grain Truck, tag axle, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 427 motor, saddle tanks, 1000 x 20 front tires, 1000 x 20 back tires, 5x2 trans, 65,910 kms. showing, S/N 1GDL7D1EXGV523948 (Red)

04GMC1986Truck01.jpg  04GMC1986Truck02.jpg  04GMC1986Truck03.jpg  04GMC1986Truck04.jpg  04GMC1986Truck05.jpg  04GMC1986Truck06.jpg  04GMC1986Truck07.jpg  04GMC1986Truck08.jpg  04GMC1986Truck09.jpg  04GMC1986Truck10.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 2009 46' NH P2050 Air Drill, depth control wheels on front, db. chute, 4" Wide packers, scrapers, 5 plex, 10" spacings, paired row, S/N Y9S003302 w/NH P1060 Tow Between Grain Tank, 3 comp., hyd. auger, 30.5L x 32 tires, 2 hyd. fans, 16 blockage monitors, 430 bu. tank, S/N Y9S015052

05AirDrill01.jpg  05AirDrill02.jpg  05AirDrill03.jpg  05AirDrill04.jpg  05AirDrill05.jpg  05AirDrill06.jpg  05AirDrill07.jpg  05AirDrill08.jpg  05AirDrill09.jpg  05AirDrill10.jpg  05AirDrill11.jpg  05AirDrill12.jpg  05AirDrill13.jpg  05AirDrill14.jpg  05AirDrill15.jpg  05AirDrill16.jpg  05AirDrill17.jpg  05AirDrill18.jpg  05AirDrill19.jpg  05AirDrill20.jpg  05AirDrill21.jpg  05AirDrill22.jpg  05AirDrill23.jpg  05AirDrill25.jpg  

* 2012 100' JD 4830 SP diesel High Clearance Sprayer, 420/80R46 tires, 5 body nozzles, 1000 gal. stainless steel tank, 4x4, on air, ground fill, auto height, auto rate, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, 370 spraying hrs., 752 eng. hrs. S/N 18095

06Sprayer01.jpg  06Sprayer02.jpg  06Sprayer03.jpg  06Sprayer04.jpg  06Sprayer05.jpg  06Sprayer06.jpg  06Sprayer07.jpg  06Sprayer08.jpg  06Sprayer09.jpg  06Sprayer10.jpg  06Sprayer11.jpg  06Sprayer12.jpg  06Sprayer13.jpg  06Sprayer14.jpg  06Sprayer15.jpg  06Sprayer16.jpg  06Sprayer17.jpg  06Sprayer18.jpg  06Sprayer19.jpg  06Sprayer20.jpg  06Sprayer21.jpg  06Sprayer22.jpg  06Sprayer23.jpg  06Sprayer24.jpg  06Sprayer25.jpg  06Sprayer26.jpg  

* 50' Morris CP-750 Magnum Cultivator, 5 plex, tine harrows

* 35' Morris CP-731 Magnum Cultivator, 3 plex

* 40' Degelman 7640 Land Roller, fully hyd., S/N 1410

08Landroller01.jpg  08Landroller02.jpg  08Landroller03.jpg  08Landroller04.jpg  08Landroller05.jpg  08Landroller06.jpg  

* 2011 50' Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Harrow Drawbar, fully hyd., lights, 26" tines, S/N 5963

09Harrow01.jpg  09Harrow02.jpg  09Harrow03.jpg  09Harrow04.jpg  09Harrow05.jpg  09Harrow06.jpg  09Harrow07.jpg  09Harrow08.jpg  09Harrow09.jpg  09Harrow10.jpg  

* 45' Valmar 245 Trailer Type Granular Applicator, hyd. fan. (like new) S/N P2453006

10Valmar01.jpg  10Valmar02.jpg  10Valmar03.jpg  10Valmar04.jpg  10Valmar05.jpg  10Valmar06.jpg  

* 14' Ezee-On 1401 Breaking Disc, New 21" notch blades on front, 24" back blades, S/N 10804

11Disc01.jpg  11Disc02.jpg  11Disc03.jpg  11Disc04.jpg  11Disc05.jpg  11Disc06.jpg  11Disc07.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rockpicker, hyd. dr., 3 bats

12Rockpicker01.jpg  12Rockpicker02.jpg  

* Hitch for Pulling a Landroller behind Air Drill


* Pattison Chem. Handler


* Chem Handler III, some damage


* Johnson Seed Treater, 200V

16JohnsonSeedTreater01.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater02.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater03.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater04.jpg  

* Water Pump for parts


* 150 gal. Slip Tank w/1/4 stroke pump


* Hyd. Pencil Drill Fill


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* 2014 JD S680 SP diesel Combine, CAHR, lrg. swing out auger, buddy seat, hydrostatic, hyd. hopper extension, 520/85R24 front duals, 620/75R26 back tires, hyd. twin spreaders, straw chopper, single point hook-up, Star Fire 3000 GPS & autosteer, tilt deck, auto height, 887 eng. hrs. showing, 721 sep. hrs., 9029 acres, S/N 0766514

19Combine01.jpg  19Combine02.jpg  19Combine03.jpg  19Combine04.jpg  19Combine05.jpg  19Combine06.jpg  19Combine07.jpg  19Combine08.jpg  19Combine09.jpg  19Combine10.jpg  19Combine11.jpg  19Combine12.jpg  19Combine13.jpg  19Combine14.jpg  19Combine15.jpg  19Combine16.jpg  19Combine17.jpg  19Combine18.jpg  19Combine19.jpg  19Combine20.jpg  19Combine21.jpg  19Combine22.jpg  19Combine23.jpg  19Combine24.jpg  

* 2017 35' JD 635F Hydra Flex Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, crop lifters, Advanced Windreel System 2000 Air Reel, fore & aft, S/N 0785268

20JDHeader01.jpg  20JDHeader02.jpg  20JDHeader03.jpg  20JDHeader04.jpg  20JDHeader05.jpg  20JDHeader06.jpg  20JDHeader07.jpg  20JDHeader08.jpg  20JDHeader09.jpg  20JDHeader10.jpg  20JDHeader11.jpg  20JDHeader12.jpg  20JDHeader13.jpg  20JDHeader14.jpg  20JDHeader15.jpg  

* 2014 Brandt 7500HP Grain Vac, 1000 pto, fully hyd., on own trailer, only 19 hrs., (like new) S/N 104584

21GrainVac01.jpg  21GrainVac02.jpg  21GrainVac03.jpg  21GrainVac04.jpg  21GrainVac05.jpg  21GrainVac06.jpg  

* 70' x 10" Brandt 1076 pto Grain Auger, hyd. lift, reverser, 540 pto, swing out hopper w/db. auger

22Brant70ftAuger01.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger02.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger03.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger04.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger05.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger06.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger07.jpg  

* 41' x 10" Westfield TFX2 100-41 Grain Auger, auger mover, hyd. lift, 35 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, clutch, bottom control

23Westfield41ftAuger01.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger02.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger03.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger04.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger05.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger06.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger07.jpg  23Westfield41ftAuger08.jpg  

* 51' x 8" Wheatheart R8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, auger mover, hyd. lift

* 51' x 8" Wheatheart V8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, auger mover, hyd. lift

* 50' x 8" Brandt 850 Grain Auger, auger mover, hyd. lift, plumbed for bin sweep, 24 hp. Honda elec. start motor

24Brandt50ftAuger01.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger02.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger03.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger04.jpg  

* 35' x 6" McIntyre Grain Auger w/Koehler motor

25McIntyreAuge2.jpg  25McIntyreAuger.jpg  

* Homemade Header Transport (not for road use)


* Wheatheart Bin Sweep


* 8' Johnson Transfer Auger, 5.5 hp Honda motor

28Transferauger01.jpg  28Transferauger02.jpg  28Transferauger03.jpg  

* 2 - 3 hp. Flaman Inline Aeration Fans


* Auger Hog Adapter for 12" Grain Auger



Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. Please note all major equipment has always been shedded. Bruce & Glenn

For further info call Doug at (306) 773-9043.


Eidem Farm Equipment Auction - Swift Current, SK.

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