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Large Construction Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: A.J. Harlick Earthmoving Ltd.

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-2795, (306) 741-2200, (306) 773-7614

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Starting at 9:00 am CST

Machinery sells at 1:00 pm
Selling w/ 2 Rings

1980 Chaplin Street West in the City of Swift Current.
(GPS: N50.17.16.2; W107.50.37.3)

Scrapers & Backhoe

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* 1999 JD 310SE Turbo 4x4 Backhoe, cab, extend-a-hoe, 19.5L24 back tires, 12.5-80-18 front tires, FEL, left hand reverse, 2 stick control for hoe, 4 sp. shuttle shift, 24" Quick detach bucket on hoe, 91" bucket on loader (1.3 cu. yard), 5048 hrs. showing, S/N T0310SE876058

01JDBackhoe01.jpg  01JDBackhoe02.jpg  01JDBackhoe03.jpg  01JDBackhoe04.jpg  01JDBackhoe05.jpg  01JDBackhoe06.jpg  01JDBackhoe07.jpg  01JDBackhoe08.jpg  01JDBackhoe09.jpg  01JDBackhoe10.jpg  01JDBackhoe11.jpg  01JDBackhoe12.jpg  01JDBackhoe13.jpg  01JDBackhoe14.jpg  01JDBackhoe15.jpg  01JDBackhoe16.jpg  01JDBackhoe17.jpg  01JDBackhoe18.jpg  01JDBackhoe19.jpg  01JDBackhoe20.jpg  01JDBackhoe21.jpg  01JDBackhoe22.jpg  01JDBackhoe23.jpg  01JDBackhoe24.jpg  01JDBackhoe25.jpg  01JDBackhoe26.jpg  01JDBackhoe27.jpg  01JDBackhoe28.jpg  01JDBackhoe29.jpg  01JDBackhoe30.jpg  01JDBackhoe31.jpg  

* 44" Cleanout Bucket for Backhoe


* 1975 Terex TS-14B Twin Engine Scraper, 14 yard bucket expandable to 20 yards heaped, 2-471 Detroit Diesel Engines, 6 sp. Allison auto Trans., 29.5 x 25 tires

03Scraper01.jpg  03Scraper02.jpg  03Scraper03.jpg  03Scraper04.jpg  03Scraper05.jpg  03Scraper06.jpg  03Scraper07.jpg  03Scraper08.jpg  03Scraper09.jpg  03Scraper10.jpg  03Scraper11.jpg  03Scraper12.jpg  03Scraper13.jpg  03Scraper14.jpg  03Scraper15.jpg  03Scraper16.jpg  03Scraper17.jpg  

* 1990 Caterpillar 613C Elevating Scraper, cab, 11 yard, 6 sp. powershift, 3208 Cat Diesel motor, new 23.5 x 25 tires 18,145 hrs. showing, S/N 92X01903

04Scraper01.jpg  04Scraper02.jpg  04Scraper03.jpg  04Scraper04.jpg  04Scraper05.jpg  04Scraper06.jpg  04Scraper07.jpg  04Scraper08.jpg  04Scraper09.jpg  04Scraper10.jpg  04Scraper11.jpg  04Scraper12.jpg  04Scraper13.jpg  04Scraper14.jpg  

* 12' Snow Wing for Champion 740 Grader


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* 1976 MF 1135 diesel Tractor, CAHR, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 23.1 x 34 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 6 sp. Hi-Low, 5314 hrs. showing, S/N 9B59170

12MFTractor01.jpg  12MFTractor02.jpg  12MFTractor03.jpg  12MFTractor04.jpg  12MFTractor05.jpg  12MFTractor06.jpg  12MFTractor07.jpg  12MFTractor08.jpg  12MFTractor09.jpg  12MFTractor10.jpg  12MFTractor11.jpg  12MFTractor12.jpg  12MFTractor13.jpg  12MFTractor14.jpg  12MFTractor15.jpg  12MFTractor16.jpg  12MFTractor17.jpg  12MFTractor18.jpg  12MFTractor19.jpg  

* 1987 Ford 7710 MFWA diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 34 back tires, 14.8 x 24 front tires, 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, 4 hyd., standard shift Hi-Low, 6007 hrs. showing w/ Buhler Allied 695 Quick Detach FEL, 6' bucket, sep. joystick & hyd. for FEL, Buhler Allied Grapple Fork, S/N BB35159

13FordTractor01.jpg  13FordTractor02.jpg  13FordTractor03.jpg  13FordTractor04.jpg  13FordTractor05.jpg  13FordTractor06.jpg  13FordTractor07.jpg  13FordTractor08.jpg  13FordTractor09.jpg  13FordTractor10.jpg  13FordTractor11.jpg  13FordTractor12.jpg  13FordTractor13.jpg  13FordTractor14.jpg  13FordTractor15.jpg  13FordTractor16.jpg  13FordTractor17.jpg  13FordTractor18.jpg  13FordTractor19.jpg  13FordTractor20.jpg  13FordTractor21.jpg  13FordTractor22.jpg  13FordTractor23.jpg  13FordTractor24.jpg  13FordTractor25.jpg  13FordTractor26.jpg  

* Long Reach Pallet Forks



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* 2003 Chev 1-ton Dually 3500 Crew Cab Service Truck, side tool boxes w/slide out doors & lights, pindle hitch, 8.1L Gas Motor, Allison automatic, 5,635 hrs., 148,984 kms. showing, S/N 1GBJC33G93F234973 (White)

17Chev2003Truck01.jpg  17Chev2003Truck02.jpg  17Chev2003Truck03.jpg  17Chev2003Truck04.jpg  17Chev2003Truck05.jpg  17Chev2003Truck06.jpg  17Chev2003Truck07.jpg  17Chev2003Truck08.jpg  17Chev2003Truck09.jpg  17Chev2003Truck10.jpg  17Chev2003Truck11.jpg  17Chev2003Truck12.jpg  17Chev2003Truck13.jpg  

* 1996 Ford F450 Superduty 1 1/2 ton Dually Service Truck, side tool boxes w/slide out doors & lights, Liftmoore 3200 hyd. winch, pushbar, underhood air compressor, Miller 225 Welder w/2 cyl. motor, 16" tires, 7.5L gas motor, 5 sp., hidden hitch, 344,303 kms. showing, S/N 1FDLF47G4TEA47542 (Yellow)

18Ford1996Truck01.jpg  18Ford1996Truck02.jpg  18Ford1996Truck03.jpg  18Ford1996Truck04.jpg  18Ford1996Truck05.jpg  18Ford1996Truck06.jpg  18Ford1996Truck07.jpg  18Ford1996Truck08.jpg  18Ford1996Truck09.jpg  18Ford1996Truck10.jpg  18Ford1996Truck11.jpg  18Ford1996Truck12.jpg  18Ford1996Truck13.jpg  18Ford1996Truck14.jpg  18Ford1996Truck15.jpg  18Ford1996Truck16.jpg  18Ford1996Truck17.jpg  18Ford1996Truck18.jpg  18Ford1996Truck19.jpg  

* 1992 Chev 1-ton Dually Ext. Cab Truck, automatic, flatdeck w/storage compartments, 350 gas motor, auto., 181,237 kms. showing, S/N 2GBHC39K7N1188869 (White)

19Chev1992Truck01.jpg  19Chev1992Truck02.jpg  19Chev1992Truck03.jpg  19Chev1992Truck04.jpg  19Chev1992Truck05.jpg  19Chev1992Truck06.jpg  19Chev1992Truck07.jpg  

* 1981 Chev 30 1-ton Dually Truck, 7' x 11' Box & Hoist, metal floor, hidden 5th wheel hitch, 4 sp., 350 gas motor, pushbar, 16" tires, 178,000 kms. S/N 1GBHC34M9BV112248 (White)

20Chev1981Truck01.jpg  20Chev1981Truck02.jpg  20Chev1981Truck03.jpg  20Chev1981Truck04.jpg  20Chev1981Truck05.jpg  20Chev1981Truck06.jpg  20Chev1981Truck07.jpg  

* 1966 Thunderbird 2-door Car, auto, 390 motor, rear skirts, leather interior, bucket seats, PW, PS, power antenna, slide over steering wheel, 84,235 miles showing, S/N 6Y817142430 (Black)

21Car01.jpg  21Car02.jpg  21Car03.jpg  21Car04.jpg  21Car05.jpg  21Car06.jpg  21Car07.jpg  21Car08.jpg  21Car09.jpg  21Car10.jpg  21Car11.jpg  21Car12.jpg  21Car13.jpg  21Car14.jpg  

* 1986 Chev 3500 1-ton Dually Picker Truck, flatdeck, Hiab picker, 4 sp., 16" tires, 350 motor, pipe ext. on passenger side, only 24,129 kms showing S/N 1GDJC34M6GJ524120 (White)

22Chev1986PickerTruck01.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck02.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck03.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck04.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck05.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck06.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck07.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck08.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck09.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck10.jpg  22Chev1986PickerTruck11.jpg  

* 1976 Chev Army Truck, full time 4x4, auto, flatdeck, 32,633 miles, S/N CKL2361129954 (Green)

23ArmyTruck01.jpg  23ArmyTruck02.jpg  23ArmyTruck03.jpg  23ArmyTruck04.jpg  23ArmyTruck05.jpg  23ArmyTruck06.jpg  

* 7 1/2' x 9' Trailtech Flatdeck for truck, hidden 5th wheel hitch, headache rack, tool boxes, side rails (Black)

24TrailtechDeck01.jpg  24TrailtechDeck02.jpg  24TrailtechDeck03.jpg  

Storage & Construction Vehicles

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* 1984 48' Timpte Storage Trailer, 2 side walk-in doors, 285/75R24.5 tires, big door at back, S/N 1TDR48029EA056449 (White)

26TimpteTrailer01.jpg  26TimpteTrailer02.jpg  26TimpteTrailer03.jpg  26TimpteTrailer04.jpg  26TimpteTrailer05.jpg  26TimpteTrailer06.jpg  

* 1973 8’ x 48’ Trailmobile Cargo Trailer, side door, shelving, 1000 x 22 tires S/N 12310670002 (Gray)

28TrailmobileTrailer01  28TrailmobileTrailer02  

* 10’ x 20’ Skid Shack, side door


* 48' American Storage Trailer, side walk-in door, lrg. door at back, 11R24.5 tires, S/N 1YKR04821L3046466 (White)

27AmericanStorageTrailer01.jpg  27AmericanStorageTrailer02.jpg  27AmericanStorageTrailer03.jpg  27AmericanStorageTrailer04.jpg  

* 1978 45' Kentucky Moving Van Storage Trailer, side walk-in door, lrg. door at back, 1100 x 20 tires, S/N 56265 (White & Blue)

29Kentucky1978Trailer01.jpg  29Kentucky1978Trailer02.jpg  29Kentucky1978Trailer03.jpg  29Kentucky1978Trailer04.jpg  29Kentucky1978Trailer05.jpg  29Kentucky1978Trailer06.jpg  

* 1983 45' Fruehauf Storage Trailer, side walk-in door, lrg. door on back, wired, shelving, 11R24.5 tires S/N 2H8R04629ES017101 (Grey)

30Fruehauf1983Trailer05  30Fruehauf1983Trailer06  30Fruehauf1983Trailer07  30Fruehauf1983Trailer08  

* 1986 10' x 18' Atco Construction Trailer, side walk in door, single axle, furnace, wired, S/N K11840966B

33AtcoTrailer01.jpg  33AtcoTrailer02.jpg  33AtcoTrailer03.jpg  

* Homebuilt Construction Trailer, triple axle, front metal tool boxes, pindle hitch, side door & back door, shelving, heater, wired, (Blue)

34HomebuiltBlueTrailer01.jpg  34HomebuiltBlueTrailer02.jpg  34HomebuiltBlueTrailer03.jpg  34HomebuiltBlueTrailer04.jpg  34HomebuiltBlueTrailer05.jpg  

* 1984 27' Grandem Office Construction Trailer, side walk-in door, A/C, wired, 14" tires (Yellow)

36GrandemTrailer01.jpg  36GrandemTrailer02.jpg  36GrandemTrailer03.jpg  36GrandemTrailer04.jpg  

* 1995 8' x 24' Trailtech Flatdeck Trailer w/8' x 5 1/2' beaver tails w/loading ramps, Triple Axle, 8 bolt rims, 235/85R16 tires, spare tire, pindle hitch, storage compartment, S/N 2C944ALE352081347 (Black)

37Trailtech1995Trailer01.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer02.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer03.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer04.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer05.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer06.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer07.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer08.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer09.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer10.jpg  37Trailtech1995Trailer11.jpg  


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* 10' Howse Rotary Trailer Type Mower, 540 pto, dual blade, S/N 0618120144

39Mower01.jpg  39Mower02.jpg  39Mower03.jpg  39Mower04.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 2 - 1000 Gal. Fuel Tanks & Stand, Prestolite Elec. Pump w/metal storage shed for Oil, wired, yard light (Sells as a unit)

42FuelTanksandShed01  42FuelTanksandShed02  42FuelTanksandShed03  42FuelTanksandShed04  42FuelTanksandShed05  42FuelTanksandShed06  42FuelTanksandShed07  42FuelTanksandShed08  

* 18000 Watt Power Generator w/Lister Air Cooled Diesel Motor, on own trailer, 150 gal. Fuel Tank, Elec. Panels

41Generator1800Watt01.jpg  41Generator1800Watt02.jpg  41Generator1800Watt03.jpg  41Generator1800Watt04.jpg  41Generator1800Watt05.jpg  41Generator1800Watt06.jpg  

* Truck Box Utility Wagon, 15" tires


* Miller Portable Welder

45PortableWelder01.jpg  45PortableWelder02.jpg  45PortableWelder03.jpg  

* Eagle Air Compressor w/Honda 9 hp. elec. start engine

46EagleAirCompressor01.jpg  46EagleAirCompressor02.jpg  

* Various Tool Boxes


* 1000 gal. Fuel Tank on Truck Box Wagon

48FuelTank1000Gal01.jpg  48FuelTank1000Gal02.jpg  

* 150 gal. Slip Tank w/12V pump


* 500 gal. Used Oil Tank w/wagon


* Gentec Portable Air Compressor, 6.5 hp. motor


* 100 gal. Slip w/12V pump


* Acklands Tigercat AC/DC 8000 Welder & Generator, 110 & 220, 16 hp. Onan motor, 329 hrs. showing

53AcklandWelder01.jpg  53AcklandWelder02.jpg  53AcklandWelder03.jpg  53AcklandWelder04.jpg  

* Triangle Brand Drill Press & Stand, vice


* 1996 Frejoth Metal Lathe, 6" swing, 52" V-Bed, power bed, 3 & 4 Jaw Chuck, steady rest, various attach.

55Lathe01.jpg  55Lathe02.jpg  55Lathe03.jpg  55Lathe04.jpg  55Lathe05.jpg  

* Various Lathe Tools

* 1997 Mill-Drill 45 Machine on metal stand

56MillDrill01.jpg  56MillDrill02.jpg  56MillDrill03.jpg  

* Various Mill-Drill attach.

* 14" Dewalt Chop Saw & Stand

57DewaltChopSaw01.jpg  57DewaltChopSaw02.jpg  

* Cutmaster 51 Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutter

58Plasma01.jpg  58Plasma02.jpg  

* Makita 12" Chop Saw


* IH Tool Boxes, top & bottom

60IHToolBoxes01.jpg  60IHToolBoxes02.jpg  

* Westward Drill Press, vice


* 40 Ton Hyd. Press, sliding ram,


* Arbor Press


* Various Springs, Roll Pins, Half Moon Keys, Frost Plugs, Brass Fittings set (Sells as a unit)

64VariousSpringsKit01.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit02.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit03.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit04.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit05.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit06.jpg  64VariousSpringsKit07.jpg  

* 2 Wooden Work Benches w/storage comp.


* Snap On Combination Puller Set


* Esab Mig Tick Multimaster 260 Welder

67EsabMigWelder01.jpg  67EsabMigWelder02.jpg  

* Power Hacksaw


* 3" Honda Water Pump, 5 hp.,

69HondaWaterPump01.jpg  69HondaWaterPump02.jpg  

* Premium 2700 Psi Pressure Washer


* JD JX75 Lawn Mower, self propel, rear bagger


* 5.5 Hp. Honda Oil Pump


* JD STX Ride On Lawn Mower w/38” belly mower

74JDRideOn01.jpg  74JDRideOn02.jpg  74JDRideOn03.jpg  74JDRideOn04.jpg  

* Portable Air Compressor w/6.5 hp. motor, 3 cyl.

75NewAirCompressor01.jpg  75NewAirCompressor02.jpg  75NewAirCompressor03.jpg  

* Anvils * Jacks * Bench Grinder & Stand * Files * Callipers * Welding Clamps * Angle Grinders * Lrg. Welding Table * Various Drill Bits * Beach Tool Boxes, top & bottom * Hand Tools * Impact Sockets * Wrenches * Socket Sets * Pipe Wrenches * Screwdrivers * Air Impacts * Bars * Pliers * Tin Snips * Snap Ring Pliers * Easy Outs * Healy Coil Set * Stud Removers * Chains * Chain Boomers * Sledge Hammers * C-Clamps * Shop Supplies * Testers * Ring Compressors * Pullers * Universal Joint Pullers * Trailer Wiring * Nails * Screws * Bolt Bins & Bolts * Angle Grinders * Air Sanders * Painting Supplies* Hyd. Jacks * 2 Air/Hyd. Jacks * Various Work Tables * Lrg. Construction Wrenches * 3 Cable Cutters * 6V & 12V Battery Charger * 1" Impact Sockets * 3/4" Impact Sockets * Hyd. Puller * Various Shop Racks w/supplies * Hyd. Jack Parts * Trailer Balls * Bolt Bin * Ext. Cords * Trouble Lights * Lrg. Wood Storage Cupboards * Fire Extinguishers * Shop Lights * Air Gear Oil Pump * Booster Cables * Air Grease Guns * Metal Bolt Bins w/fine & coarse thread bolts * TCB Bolt Set * Imperial O-Ring Set * Various Pipe Supplies * Amber Lights * Ladders * 2 Portapower Sets * Gas Tester * 8' Metal Shop Bench * Pipe Threaders * Disc Sander * Dial Indicator * Various Callipers up to 6" * Cylinder Gauge * 350 lb. Torque Wrench * 250 lb. Torque Wrench * Vacuum Tester * 2 Dremel Tools * Air Hose * 10 Wood Storage Boxes * Various Fridges * Various Survey Equipment * Desks * Cupboards * 4’ x 12’ Rubber Mats * New 3” Water Pumps * Various Used 17’ & 18” Truck Tires. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

72Shop01.jpg  72Shop02.jpg  72Shop03.jpg  72Shop04.jpg  72Shop05.jpg  72Shop06.jpg  72Shop07.jpg  72Shop08.jpg  72Shop09.jpg  72Shop10.jpg  72Shop11.jpg  72Shop12.jpg  72Shop13.jpg  72Shop14.jpg  72Shop15.jpg  72Shop16.jpg  72Shop17.jpg  72Shop18.jpg  72Shop19.jpg  72Shop20.jpg  72Shop21.jpg  72Shop22.jpg  72Shop24.jpg  72Shop25.jpg  72Shop26.jpg  72Shop27.jpg  72Shop28.jpg  72Shop29.jpg  72Shop30.jpg  72Shop31.jpg  72Shop32.jpg  72Shop33.jpg  72Shop34.jpg  72Shop35.jpg  72Shop36.jpg  72Shop37.jpg  72Shop38.jpg  72Shop39.jpg  72Shop40.jpg  72Shop41.jpg  72Shop42.jpg  72Shop43.jpg  72Shop44.jpg  72Shop45.jpg  72Shop46.jpg  72Shop47.jpg  72Shop48.jpg  72Shop49.jpg  72Shop50.jpg  72Shop51.jpg  72Shop52.jpg  72Shop53.jpg  72Shop54.jpg  72Shop55.jpg  72Shop56.jpg  72Shop57.jpg  72Shop58.jpg  72Shop59.jpg  72Shop60.jpg  72Shop61.jpg  72Shop62.jpg  72Shop63.jpg  72Shop64.jpg  72Shop65.jpg  72Shop66.jpg  72Shop67.jpg  72Shop68.jpg  72Shop69.jpg  72Shop70.jpg  72Shop71.jpg  72Shop72.jpg  72Shop73.jpg  72Shop74.jpg  72Shop75.jpg  72Shop76.jpg  72Shop77.jpg  72Shop78.jpg  72Shop79.jpg  72Shop80.jpg  72Shop81.jpg  72Shop82.jpg  72Shop83.jpg  72Shop84.jpg  72Shop85.jpg  72Shop86.jpg  72Shop87.jpg  72Shop88.jpg  72Shop89.jpg  72Shop90.jpg  72Shop91.jpg  72Shop92.jpg  72Shop93.jpg  72Shop94.jpg  72Shop95.jpg  72Shop96.jpg  72Shop97.jpg  72Shop98.jpg  72Shop99.jpg  72Shop100.jpg  72Shop101.jpg  72Shop102.jpg  72Shop103.jpg  72Shop104.jpg  72Shop105.jpg  72Shop106.jpg  72Shop107.jpg  72Shop108.jpg  72Shop109.jpg  72Shop110.jpg  72Shop111.jpg  72Shop112.jpg  72Shop113.jpg  72Shop114.jpg  72Shop115.jpg  72Shop116.jpg  72Shop117.jpg  72Shop118.jpg  72Shop119.jpg  72Shop120.jpg  72Shop121.jpg  72Shop122.jpg  72Shop123.jpg  72Shop124.jpg  72Shop125.jpg  72Shop126.jpg  

Chad Herman
(306) 741-7743

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Fuel Tanks

* 2 - 2000 Gal. Underground Fuel Tanks, 12’ x 6’, wrapped in tar & plastic, excellent shape (Tanks #1 & #2)

* 1000 Gal. Underground Fuel Tank, 12’ x 5’, wrapped in tar & plastic, excellent shape (Tank #3)

Note: These tanks are located 12 miles North of Swift Current on #4 Highway, 3 miles West on Leinan Grid Road. (North Side). Please view prior to auction as they will sell at the auction site after the slip tanks. For further info call Chad at (306) 741-7743.

GLC Enterprises Ltd.
Clem & Linda Goddu
(306) 741-6300

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* 2011 Mack CHU613 Highway Tractor, 18 sp. Eaton Fuhler Trans., MP8 Mack 13L Diesel motor, 505 hp., Rawhide Cab, Full Sleeper, Air Ride Cab, Air Ride Seats, Bunk Heater, PW, PL, Sliding 5th Wheel, 11R24.5 Tires, 46,000 lbs. rear axles, Aluminum, Saddle Tanks w/180 Gal. Capacity, Chrome Visor, Chrome Exhaust Covers, Ali Arc Roobar, 349,000 kms. S/N 1M1AN07Y2BM007934 (Black Cherry) (Current Safety)

80Semi00001.jpg  80Semi00002.jpg  80Semi00003.jpg  80Semi00004.jpg  80Semi00005.jpg  80Semi00006.jpg  80Semi00007.jpg  80Semi00008.jpg  80Semi00009.jpg  80Semi00010.jpg  80Semi00011.jpg  80Semi00012.jpg  80Semi00013.jpg  80Semi00014.jpg  80Semi00015.jpg  80Semi00016.jpg  80Semi00017.jpg  80Semi00018.jpg  80Semi00019.jpg  80Semi00020.jpg  80Semi00021.jpg  80Semi00022.jpg  80Semi00023.jpg  80Semi00024.jpg  80Semi00025.jpg  80Semi00026.jpg  80Semi00027.jpg  80Semi00028.jpg  80Semi00029.jpg  80Semi00030.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. Harlick’s have various Terex TS14 Parts. Talk to them sale day if you are interested in purchasing them.

For further info call Bruce at (306) 741-2795


Harlick Construction Equipment Auction - Swift Current, SK.

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Switzer Auction Services
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel: (306)773-4200   Fax: (306)773-4241