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Large Surplus Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: 616036 Saskatchewan Ltd.
(Darren Thul)
(306) 630-4756

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

3 miles Southeast of Chamberlain, Sk. on #11 Hwy. (To be held at Valley Side Sales)
(GPS: N50.49.26; W105.30.59)


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* 1996 JD 8970 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 12 sp. power shift, 4 hyd., return line, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 24.5R32 factory duals, 400 eng. hp., 6568 hrs. showing, S/N RW8970P006301

01JD8970Tractor01.jpg  01JD8970Tractor02.jpg  01JD8970Tractor03.jpg  01JD8970Tractor04.jpg  01JD8970Tractor05.jpg  01JD8970Tractor06.jpg  01JD8970Tractor07.jpg  01JD8970Tractor08.jpg  01JD8970Tractor09.jpg  01JD8970Tractor10.jpg  01JD8970Tractor11.jpg  01JD8970Tractor12.jpg  01JD8970Tractor13.jpg  01JD8970Tractor14.jpg  01JD8970Tractor15.jpg  01JD8970Tractor16.jpg  01JD8970Tractor17.jpg  01JD8970Tractor18.jpg  01JD8970Tractor19.jpg  

* 1979 JD 8640 4WD Diesel Tractor,CAHR, 3 hyd., 1000 lrg. shaft pto, return line, 6 cyl. diesel, Quad range, 20.8 x 38 factory duals, 275 eng. hp., 9597 hrs. showing S/N 002867R

02JD8640Tractor01.jpg  02JD8640Tractor02.jpg  02JD8640Tractor03.jpg  02JD8640Tractor04.jpg  02JD8640Tractor05.jpg  02JD8640Tractor06.jpg  02JD8640Tractor07.jpg  02JD8640Tractor08.jpg  02JD8640Tractor09.jpg  02JD8640Tractor10.jpg  02JD8640Tractor11.jpg  02JD8640Tractor12.jpg  02JD8640Tractor13.jpg  02JD8640Tractor14.jpg  02JD8640Tractor15.jpg  02JD8640Tractor16.jpg  

* 1980 JD 8440 4WD Diesel Tractor,CAHR, 3 hyd., 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 16 sp. quad range, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, 8305 hrs. showing, 215 eng. hp. S/N 002852R

03JD8440Tractor01.jpg  03JD8440Tractor02.jpg  03JD8440Tractor03.jpg  03JD8440Tractor04.jpg  03JD8440Tractor05.jpg  03JD8440Tractor06.jpg  03JD8440Tractor07.jpg  03JD8440Tractor08.jpg  03JD8440Tractor09.jpg  03JD8440Tractor10.jpg  03JD8440Tractor11.jpg  03JD8440Tractor12.jpg  03JD8440Tractor13.jpg  

* IH 3288 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 100 eng. hp., 540-1000 pto.



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* Bobcat 843 Diesel Skid steer, front hyd., S/N 503750443

05Bobcat01.jpg  05Bobcat02.jpg  05Bobcat03.jpg  05Bobcat04.jpg  05Bobcat05.jpg  05Bobcat06.jpg  05Bobcat07.jpg  05Bobcat08.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 1981 Western Star Tandem Feed Truck, 15 sp. trans., Detroit Diesel, cat walk, 695,242 kms. showing w/5 compartment feed tank, hyd. auger, air ride, 11R22.5 tires, S/N L0NFPMI905028 (White) (This truck has never been registered in Sk.)

06WesternStarTruck01.jpg  06WesternStarTruck02.jpg  06WesternStarTruck03.jpg  06WesternStarTruck04.jpg  06WesternStarTruck05.jpg  06WesternStarTruck06.jpg  06WesternStarTruck07.jpg  06WesternStarTruck08.jpg  06WesternStarTruck09.jpg  06WesternStarTruck10.jpg  06WesternStarTruck11.jpg  

* Freightliner FL80 5-ton Tandem Garbage Truck, diesel, auto., dual side steering, S/N 1FVXJLBB2WH961886

07GarbageTruck01.jpg  07GarbageTruck02.jpg  07GarbageTruck03.jpg  07GarbageTruck04.jpg  07GarbageTruck05.jpg  07GarbageTruck06.jpg  

* 20 Ton Ind. Trailer, tandem dual axles, pindle hitch, tilt trailer, air brakes, walking beam, 825R15 tires, steel deck

* 45' Fruehauf Drop Deck Low Boy Trailer, sliding axles, 11R22.5 tires, tandem dual axles, spring ride, S/N SK401494720 (Red)

08DropDeckTrailer01.jpg  08DropDeckTrailer02.jpg  08DropDeckTrailer03.jpg  08DropDeckTrailer04.jpg  08DropDeckTrailer05.jpg  08DropDeckTrailer06.jpg  

* Self Contained IMW Natural Gas Pumping Station, 3 comp., walk-in door

09NaturalGasPump01.jpg  09NaturalGasPump02.jpg  09NaturalGasPump03.jpg  

* 8' x 21' Summit Aluminium End Dump Trailer, 6' High, roll tarp, 22.5 tandem dual tires, spring ride w/aeration screen for drying grain, spare tire, air brakes

10SummitTrailer01.jpg  10SummitTrailer02.jpg  10SummitTrailer03.jpg  10SummitTrailer04.jpg  10SummitTrailer05.jpg  

* 1999 Kaufmann Car Hauler Triple Axle Trailer, GVW 15,000 lbs., 6000 lb. axles, 16" tires, 8 bolt rims, elec. winch, Hauls 3 vehicles, S/N 14CFW4831X1000289 (Black)

11CarHauler01.jpg  11CarHauler02.jpg  11CarHauler03.jpg  11CarHauler04.jpg  11CarHauler05.jpg  

* 1999 8' x 12' TB Cargo Trailers, 16" tires, 8 hole rims, walk-in door, db. door on back, 5,000 lb. torsion axial, air brakes S/N 2C9AB47C2X2044010 (White)

12TB1999Trailer01.jpg  12TB1999Trailer02.jpg  12TB1999Trailer03.jpg  

* 8' x 12' TB Cargo Trailer, 16" tires, 8 hole rims, walk-in door, db. door on back, 5,000 lb. torsion axial, air brakes (White)

13TBTrailer01.jpg  13TBTrailer02.jpg  

* Atco Office Trailer, bathroom, shower, kitchen

59AtcoTrailer01.jpg  59AtcoTrailer02.jpg  59AtcoTrailer03.jpg  59AtcoTrailer04.jpg  59AtcoTrailer05.jpg  59AtcoTrailer06.jpg  

* CEI Pacer Aluminium Feed Tank, 6 comp., hyd. auger, S/N 435HCL-24-1027

14FeedTank01.jpg  14FeedTank02.jpg  14FeedTank03.jpg  14FeedTank04.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 60' JD 1820 Air Drill, single chute, 10" spacings, 5 plex, spoon openers, 3 1/2" metal packers, Agtron Blockage Monitors, S/N 695223 w/JD 1900 Tow Behind 3 Comp. Tank, 28L26 tires, auger, 1 hyd. fan, 21.5 x 16 front tires, S/N 695158

15JDAirDrill01.jpg  15JDAirDrill02.jpg  15JDAirDrill03.jpg  15JDAirDrill04.jpg  15JDAirDrill05.jpg  15JDAirDrill06.jpg  15JDAirDrill07.jpg  15JDAirDrill08.jpg  15JDAirDrill09.jpg  15JDAirDrill10.jpg  15JDAirDrill11.jpg  15JDAirDrill12.jpg  

* 48' Concord Air Drill, single chute, 12" spacings, disc markers, pneumatic packers, 5 plex, depth control wheels on front, Agtron blockage monitors, S/N 0014566 w/Concord 3400 Tow Behind Tank, auger, Diesel motor for fan, 23.1 x 26 tires, S/N 13154

16ConcaordAirDrill01.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill02.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill03.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill04.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill05.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill06.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill07.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill08.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill09.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill10.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill11.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill12.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill13.jpg  16ConcaordAirDrill14.jpg  

* 60’ SeedHawk Air Drill, db. chute, 10” spacings, 5 plex, pneumatic packers, w/Seed Hawk 777 Grain Tank, 3 comp., 2 hyd. fans, 30.5L-32 Tires (front tank needs repair), S/N 251477

60SeedHawkDrill01.jpg  60SeedHawkDrill02.jpg  60SeedHawkDrill03.jpg  60SeedHawkDrill04.jpg  60SeedHawkDrill06.jpg  

* 40’ SalFord I-4100 ProTill, 3 plex, tine harrows (like new)

61SalFordTill01.jpg  61SalFordTill02.jpg  61SalFordTill03.jpg  

* 84' Degelman 7000 Strawmaster Harrow Drawbar, fully hyd., lights, lrg. tires, w/Valmar 3255 Granular Applicators, hyd. fan, S/N SM6467

17DegelmanHarrowSerial6467Pic01.jpg  17DegelmanHarrowSerial6467Pic02.jpg  17DegelmanHarrowSerial6467Pic03.jpg  17DegelmanHarrowSerial6467Pic04.jpg  17DegelmanHarrowSerial6467Pic05.jpg  

* 84' Degelman 7000 Strawmaster Harrow Drawbar, fully hyd., lights, lrg. tires, w/Valmar 3255 Granular Applicators, hyd. fan, S/NSM6484

18DegelmanHarrowPic01.jpg  18DegelmanHarrowPic02.jpg  18DegelmanHarrowPic03.jpg  18DegelmanHarrowPic04.jpg  18DegelmanHarrowPic05.jpg  18DegelmanHarrowPic06.jpg  

* 120' NH SP365F High Clearance SP Sprayer, 1600 gal tank, GPS & autosteer, fully automatic, pin point capable, sectional control, 650/75R38 tires, 1433 hrs. showing. S/N HEKY365FLDYM00538 (Please note they are currently using this sprayer so there will be more hours on it come sale day) (If you are interested in seeing this sprayer in action give Kevin a call at (306) 681-9545. He will be happy to show you how it operates)

19NHSprayer01.jpg  19NHSprayer02.jpg  19NHSprayer03.jpg  19NHSprayer04.jpg  19NHSprayer05.jpg  19NHSprayer06.jpg  19NHSprayer07.jpg  19NHSprayer08.jpg  19NHSprayer09.jpg  19NHSprayer10.jpg  19NHSprayer11.jpg  19NHSprayer12.jpg  19NHSprayer13.jpg  19NHSprayer14.jpg  19NHSprayer15.jpg  19NHSprayer16.jpg  19NHSprayer17.jpg  19NHSprayer18.jpg  

* 120' Flexicoil 67 XL Field Sprayer, auto rate, wind screens, foam marker, 1250 gal. poly tank, sep. chem tank, hyd pump S/N 10560

20FieldSprayer01.jpg  20FieldSprayer02.jpg  20FieldSprayer03.jpg  20FieldSprayer04.jpg  20FieldSprayer05.jpg  20FieldSprayer06.jpg  20FieldSprayer07.jpg  20FieldSprayer08.jpg  

* 60' Empire 3660 UltraPacker Land Roller, fully hyd, lights, S/N 60-02-02-63

21LandRoller01.jpg  21LandRoller02.jpg  21LandRoller03.jpg  21LandRoller04.jpg  21LandRoller05.jpg  21LandRoller06.jpg  21LandRoller07.jpg  

* 26' Schulte 5026 Bat Wing Rotary Mower, 1000 lrg. shaft pto

22JDMower01.jpg  22JDMower02.jpg  22JDMower03.jpg  22JDMower04.jpg  22JDMower05.jpg  22JDMower06.jpg  

* Valmar 1-ton Granular Transfer System

23Valmar01.jpg  23Valmar02.jpg  

* Vogels Wick Chemical Weeder

24WickWeeder01.jpg  24WickWeeder02.jpg  


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* 2012 JD S690 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, buddy seat, 20.8 x 42 duals on front, 750/65R26 back tires, Starfire 3000 GPS & autosteer, single point hook-up, hopper ext., Bullet Rotor, swing away steps, JD chopper w/hyd. spreaders, 1438 eng. hrs., 1065 sep. hrs. S/N 1H0S690SCC0745969 w/ 15' JD 615P pickup table w/JD pickup, dual hyd. dr., S/N 0735224

25JDS690Combine01.jpg  25JDS690Combine02.jpg  25JDS690Combine03.jpg  25JDS690Combine04.jpg  25JDS690Combine05.jpg  25JDS690Combine06.jpg  25JDS690Combine07.jpg  25JDS690Combine08.jpg  25JDS690Combine09.jpg  25JDS690Combine10.jpg  25JDS690Combine11.jpg  25JDS690Combine12.jpg  25JDS690Combine13.jpg  25JDS690Combine14.jpg  25JDS690Combine15.jpg  25JDS690Combine16.jpg  25JDS690Combine17.jpg  25JDS690Combine18.jpg  25JDS690Combine19.jpg  25JDS690Combine20.jpg  25JDS690Combine21.jpg  25JDS690Combine22.jpg  25JDS690Combine23.jpg  25JDS690Combine24.jpg  25JDS690Combine25.jpg  

* 2013 JD S680 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, buddy seat, 650/85R38 duals on front, 750/65R28 back tires, Starfire 3000 GPS & autosteer, single point hook-up, hopper ext. with cover, Bullet Rotor, swing away steps, JD chopper w/hyd. spreaders, 1677 eng. hrs., 1126 sep. hrs., S/N 1HDS680SKD0755983 w/15' JD 615P pickup table w/JD pickup, dual hyd. dr. S/N 0735848

26JDS680Combine01.jpg  26JDS680Combine02.jpg  26JDS680Combine03.jpg  26JDS680Combine04.jpg  26JDS680Combine05.jpg  26JDS680Combine06.jpg  26JDS680Combine07.jpg  26JDS680Combine08.jpg  26JDS680Combine09.jpg  26JDS680Combine10.jpg  26JDS680Combine11.jpg  26JDS680Combine12.jpg  26JDS680Combine13.jpg  26JDS680Combine14.jpg  26JDS680Combine15.jpg  26JDS680Combine16.jpg  26JDS680Combine17.jpg  26JDS680Combine18.jpg  26JDS680Combine19.jpg  26JDS680Combine20.jpg  26JDS680Combine21.jpg  26JDS680Combine22.jpg  

* 2010 35' JD 635D HydraFloat Header, fore & aft, own transport, lights, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, skid plates, JD adapter, single point hook-up S/N 0740672

27JDHeaderSerial672Pic01.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic02.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic03.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic04.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic05.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic06.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic07.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic08.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic09.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic10.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic11.jpg  27JDHeaderSerial672Pic12.jpg  

* 2010 35' JD 635D HydraFloat Header, fore & aft, own transport, lights, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, skid plates, JD adapter, single point hook-up, S/N 0740673

28JDHeaderSerial673Pic01.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic02.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic03.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic04.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic05.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic06.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic07.jpg  28JDHeaderSerial673Pic08.jpg  

* 2010 35' JD 635D HydraFloat Header, fore & aft, own transport, lights, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, skid plates, JD adapter, single point hook-up S/N 0740669

29JDHeaderSerial669Pic01.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic02.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic03.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic04.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic05.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic06.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic07.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic08.jpg  29JDHeaderSerial669Pic09.jpg  

* Brent Avalanche 1084 Grain Cart, lrg 20" auger, roll tarp, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 20.8 x 38 walking duals (on-board scale needs repair) S/N B22-500-145

30BrentCart01.jpg  30BrentCart02.jpg  30BrentCart03.jpg  30BrentCart04.jpg  30BrentCart05.jpg  30BrentCart06.jpg  30BrentCart07.jpg  30BrentCart08.jpg  30BrentCart09.jpg  30BrentCart10.jpg  

* 2011 Westward M150 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, dual direction, 18.4 x 26 front tires, 11.5L16 back tires, 10' hyd. lift swath roller, single point hook-up, rad screen whippers, 506 hrs. showing, 374 header hrs. S/N 208148 w/2011 36' MacDon D60-D Draper Header, db. pickup reels w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, rubber canvass, lights, own transport, single point hook-up, S/N 208473

31WestwardSerial148Swather01.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather02.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather03.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather04.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather05.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather06.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather07.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather08.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather09.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather10.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather11.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather12.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather13.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather14.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather15.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather16.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather17.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather18.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather19.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather20.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather21.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather22.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather23.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather24.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather25.jpg  31WestwardSerial148Swather26.jpg  

* 2011 Westward M150 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, dual direction, 18.4 x 26 front tires, 11.5L16 back tires, 10' hyd. lift swath roller, single point hook-up, rad screen whippers, 525 hrs. showing, 384 header hrs. S/N 208147 w/36' MacDon D60-D Draper Header, db. pickup reels w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, rubber canvass, lights, own transport, single point hook-up

32WestwardSerial147Pic01.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic02.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic03.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic04.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic05.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic06.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic07.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic08.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic09.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic10.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic11.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic12.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic13.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic14.jpg  32WestwardSerial147Pic15.jpg  

* 105' x 13" GrainMaxx Telescopic Swing Auger, 540 pto, hyd. lift, db. auger, 12" intake auger S/N 63105051

33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic01.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic02.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic03.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic04.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic05.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic06.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic07.jpg  33GrainMaxxAugerSerial051Pic08.jpg  

* 105' x 13" GrainMaxx Telescopic Swing Auger, 540 pto, hyd. lift, db. auger, 14" intake auger S/N 63105070 (Recent Updates)

* 105' x 13" GrainMaxx Telescopic Swing Auger, 540 pto, hyd. lift, db. auger, 14" intake auger S/N 63105071 (Recent Updates)

34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic01.jpg  34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic02.jpg  34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic03.jpg  34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic04.jpg  34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic05.jpg  34GrainMaxxAugerSerial071Pic06.jpg  

* 105' x 13" GrainMaxx Telescopic Swing Auger, 540 pto, hyd. lift, db. auger, 14" intake auger S/N 63105069 (Recent Updates)

35GrainMaxxAugerSerial069Pic01.jpg  35GrainMaxxAugerSerial069Pic02.jpg  35GrainMaxxAugerSerial069Pic03.jpg  35GrainMaxxAugerSerial069Pic04.jpg  35GrainMaxxAugerSerial069Pic05.jpg  

* 110' x 13" Brandt 13110-HP pto Grain Auger, reverser, swing out hopper, db. auger, 1000 pto, hyd. scissors hoist, S/N 93886

36BrandtAuger01.jpg  36BrandtAuger02.jpg  36BrandtAuger03.jpg  36BrandtAuger04.jpg  36BrandtAuger05.jpg  36BrandtAuger06.jpg  

* 85' x 20" REM GTS 2085 Belt Conveyor Auger, fully hyd., tandem axle, drive-over, 540 pto

37REMAuger01.jpg  37REMAuger02.jpg  37REMAuger03.jpg  37REMAuger04.jpg  37REMAuger05.jpg  37REMAuger06.jpg  37REMAuger07.jpg  

* CF/AB 190 Bushel Gas Grain Dryer, tandem axle, auger, 220V cord

38GrainDryer01.jpg  38GrainDryer02.jpg  38GrainDryer03.jpg  38GrainDryer04.jpg  

* 2 - Elmers Header Trailers

39HeaderTrailers01.jpg  39HeaderTrailers02.jpg  39HeaderTrailers03.jpg  39HeaderTrailers04.jpg  

* 2 Johnson Transfer Augers, (10' & 13')

40TransferAugers01.jpg  40TransferAugers02.jpg  

* 2 Grain Guard Gas Aeration Heaters


* 4 Squirrel Aeration Fans



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* 26' Bayliner Fibreglass Boat, open bow, 225 hp. 4 stroke Honda Motor w/triple axle trailer, S/N SK000000000174078

44BaylinerBoat01.jpg  44BaylinerBoat02.jpg  44BaylinerBoat03.jpg  44BaylinerBoat04.jpg  44BaylinerBoat05.jpg  44BaylinerBoat06.jpg  44BaylinerBoat07.jpg  44BaylinerBoat08.jpg  44BaylinerBoat09.jpg  44BaylinerBoat10.jpg  44BaylinerBoat11.jpg  

* 2004 15' Seadoo Sportster Boat, 3 seats, 215 hp. w/single axle trailer, S/N 5KTBS17115F193667

45SeadooBoat01.jpg  45SeadooBoat02.jpg  45SeadooBoat03.jpg  45SeadooBoat04.jpg  45SeadooBoat05.jpg  45SeadooBoat06.jpg  45SeadooBoat07.jpg  45SeadooBoat08.jpg  

* 15' Lund Aluminium Fishing Boat, 9.9 Mercury Motor

46LundBoat01.jpg  46LundBoat02.jpg  46LundBoat03.jpg  

* Triton LXT Seadoo Trailer, single axle, S/N 4TCSN11102HX86609

47SeadooTrailer01.jpg  47SeadooTrailer02.jpg  47SeadooTrailer03.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* Miller Big 40DC Portable Welder, gas motor, needs a tune-up

48PortableWelder01.jpg  48PortableWelder02.jpg  48PortableWelder03.jpg  

* 50KW Diesel Generator, Cummins Diesel motor (Came from MJ Airbase)

49Generator01.jpg  49Generator02.jpg  49Generator03.jpg  49Generator04.jpg  

* 1750 gal. Upright Poly Water Tank


* 1250 gal. Upright Poly Water Tank


* 6 Aluminium Rims, 8 hole * 7 Steel Rims, 10 hole


* 2 - 14.9 x 24 JD Rims w/tire, 8 hole


* Fence Posts


* Wire


Plus Other Articles Too Numerous To Mention….


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Darren at (306) 630-4756

Valley Side Sales
(306) 638-7712


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* 2016 120' Versatile SX 280 High Clearance SP Sprayer, 1250 gal. stainless steel tank, GPS & auto steer, fully automatic, 3 body nozzles, Cummins Diesel motor, Raven Display, 380/90R46 Front Tires, 20.8R38 Back tires, 202 hrs. showing, S/N SX28050001025

57VersatileSprayer01.jpg  57VersatileSprayer02.jpg  57VersatileSprayer03.jpg  57VersatileSprayer04.jpg  57VersatileSprayer05.jpg  57VersatileSprayer06.jpg  57VersatileSprayer07.jpg  57VersatileSprayer08.jpg  57VersatileSprayer09.jpg  57VersatileSprayer10.jpg  57VersatileSprayer11.jpg  57VersatileSprayer12.jpg  57VersatileSprayer13.jpg  57VersatileSprayer14.jpg  57VersatileSprayer15.jpg  57VersatileSprayer16.jpg  57VersatileSprayer17.jpg  57VersatileSprayer18.jpg  57VersatileSprayer19.jpg  57VersatileSprayer20.jpg  

* 2003 NH TJ450 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, buddy seat, 16 sp., powershift, Outback GPS & Autosteer, 800/70R38 factory duals, 4 hyd., 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 14 back weights, return line, Cummins QSX15 Diesel motor, 450 eng. hp., 4700 hrs. S/N RVS001478

* 50' SeedMaster Air Drill, db. chute, 12” spacings, pneumatic packer wheels, S/N 08295

63AirDrill01.jpg  63AirDrill02.jpg  63AirDrill03.jpg  63AirDrill04.jpg  63AirDrill05.jpg  63AirDrill06.jpg  

For further info call Bryce at (306) 638-7712.

CJay Trailers
(306) 694-0445

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* 2 - 43’ CJay Header Trailers, 3-7000 lbs torflex rubber ride axles, elec. brakes, 16” radial tires, adj. pole hitch, 4” x 8” tubing main frame, adj. header mounting brackets, LED lighting, (Black)

62HeaderTrailers01.jpg  62HeaderTrailers02.jpg  62HeaderTrailers03.jpg  62HeaderTrailers04.jpg  

For further info call Brad (306) 694-0445.


Surplus Farm Equipment Auction - Chamberlain, SK.

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Switzer Auction Services
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel: (306)773-4200   Fax: (306)773-4241