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Farm Equipment & Bin Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: Garth Ferguson & Greg King

Stewart Valley, Saskatchewan
(306) 774-3737 or (306) 741-7501

Monday, October 17, 2022

Starting at 11:00 am CST

1/4 mile South of the turnoff to Stewart Valley on the West side of #4 Highway.
(GPS: N50.35.13; W107.48.20)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Garth at (306) 774-3737 or Greg at (306) 741-7501 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. Bidding will open on Monday, October 11, 2022 and begin to close on Monday, October 17, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. No machinery will be released until paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by October 31, 2022.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on Monday, October 17, 2022. There will be a 3.5% Buyer's Premium to a maximum of $3,000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.


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1997 JD 9200 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 24 sp. powershift, 20.8R42 duals all around, 4 hyd., return line, back wheel weights, ez-steer autosteer system, 310 eng. hp., 4728 hrs. showing, S/N RW9200H001386

Lot176Pic01.jpg  Lot176Pic02.jpg  Lot176Pic03.jpg  Lot176Pic04.jpg  Lot176Pic05.jpg  Lot176Pic06.jpg  Lot176Pic07.jpg  Lot176Pic08.jpg  Lot176Pic09.jpg  Lot176Pic10.jpg  Lot176Pic11.jpg  Lot176Pic12.jpg  Lot176Pic13.jpg  Lot176Pic14.jpg  Lot176Pic15.jpg  Lot176Pic16.jpg  Lot176Pic17.jpg  Lot176Pic18.jpg  Lot176Pic19.jpg  

2015 Case IH Maxxum 150 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8R38 back tires, 16.9R28 front tires, 3 pt. hitch, back controls for 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, 3 hyd., 16 sp. power shift, left hand reverse, ez-steer autosteer system, buddy seat, plumbed for FEL w/single point hook-up (never had a FEL on it), 145 eng. hp., 1185 hrs. showing S/N ZFEE02810

Lot181Pic01.jpg  Lot181Pic02.jpg  Lot181Pic03.jpg  Lot181Pic04.jpg  Lot181Pic05.jpg  Lot181Pic06.jpg  Lot181Pic07.jpg  Lot181Pic08.jpg  Lot181Pic09.jpg  Lot181Pic10.jpg  Lot181Pic11.jpg  Lot181Pic12.jpg  Lot181Pic13.jpg  Lot181Pic14.jpg  Lot181Pic15.jpg  Lot181Pic16.jpg  Lot181Pic17.jpg  Lot181Pic18.jpg  Lot181Pic19.jpg  Lot181Pic20.jpg  Lot181Pic21.jpg  Lot181Pic22.jpg  Lot181Pic23.jpg  

2008 Kubota M108X MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 34 back tires, 13.5 x 24 frt. tires, 3 pt. ht., back controls for 3 pt. ht., 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto w/Kubota M45 FEL, 82” bucket w/Maxi grapple fork, 80” bucket, manure tines, sep. joysitck for FEL, 16 sp. power shift, left hand reverse, 108 eng. hp., 2858 hrs. showing, S/N 51062

Lot182Pic01.jpg  Lot182Pic02.jpg  Lot182Pic03.jpg  Lot182Pic04.jpg  Lot182Pic05.jpg  Lot182Pic06.jpg  Lot182Pic07.jpg  Lot182Pic08.jpg  Lot182Pic09.jpg  Lot182Pic10.jpg  Lot182Pic11.jpg  Lot182Pic12.jpg  Lot182Pic13.jpg  Lot182Pic14.jpg  Lot182Pic15.jpg  Lot182Pic16.jpg  Lot182Pic17.jpg  Lot182Pic18.jpg  Lot182Pic19.jpg  

2010 JD 5065E MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 2 hyd., 9 sp. transmission, roll guard, 16.9 x 24 back tires, 12.5/80/18 front tires, w/JD 553 FEL, 5’ 7” bucket, sep. joystick, 65 eng. hp., 397 hrs. showing, S/N PY5065E001856

Lot182APic01.jpg  Lot182APic02.jpg  Lot182APic03.jpg  Lot182APic04.jpg  Lot182APic05.jpg  Lot182APic06.jpg  Lot182APic07.jpg  Lot182APic08.jpg  Lot182APic09.jpg  Lot182APic10.jpg  Lot182APic11.jpg  Lot182APic12.jpg  Lot182APic13.jpg  Lot182APic14.jpg  Lot182APic15.jpg  Lot182APic16.jpg  Lot182APic17.jpg  Lot182APic18.jpg  

3 PT. Hitch

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7' Buhler Farm King Rotary Mower, 540 pto, S/N 7821279

Lot183Pic01.jpg  Lot183Pic02.jpg  

30' Brandt Sprayer, 75 gal. poly tank, hand wand, 540 pto pump

Lot184Pic01.jpg  Lot184Pic02.jpg  

Danuser Post Pounder, 540 pto

Lot185Pic01.jpg  Lot185Pic02.jpg  

7 1/2' Schulte Snowblower, hyd. chute, 540 pto

Lot186Pic01.jpg  Lot186Pic02.jpg  

8 1/2' Ford Side Delivery Power Rake, 540 pto

Lot187Pic01.jpg  Lot187Pic02.jpg  


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2007 Freightliner Columbia 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' Ultra II steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor (60" high sides), rear control for hoist, elec. control roll tarp, 11R22.5 tires, back tire fenders, 12 sp. auto trans., Mercedes 425 hp. Diesel motor, air ride, A/C, cruise, air ride seat, 423,648 kms. showing S/N 1FUJF0CV97LW86499 (Red) (Full Service at Warner Ind.on Sept 6, 2022)

Lot174Pic01.jpg  Lot174Pic02.jpg  Lot174Pic03.jpg  Lot174Pic04.jpg  Lot174Pic05.jpg  Lot174Pic06.jpg  Lot174Pic07.jpg  Lot174Pic08.jpg  Lot174Pic09.jpg  Lot174Pic10.jpg  Lot174Pic11.jpg  Lot174Pic12.jpg  Lot174Pic13.jpg  Lot174Pic14.jpg  Lot174Pic15.jpg  Lot174Pic16.jpg  Lot174Pic17.jpg  Lot174Pic18.jpg  Lot174Pic19.jpg  Lot174Pic20.jpg  Lot174Pic21.jpg  

1997 Freightliner FL80 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor (57" High sides), rear control for hoist, roll tarp, 11R22.5 tires, spring ride, air hook-up at back, air ride seat, A/C, front visor, 8.3 Cummins 280 hp. Diesel motor, 6 sp. Allison Automatic, 104,648 kms. showing, 3939 hrs. showing S/N 1FVXJLBB5VH711475 (Green)

Lot175Pic01.jpg  Lot175Pic02.jpg  Lot175Pic03.jpg  Lot175Pic04.jpg  Lot175Pic05.jpg  Lot175Pic06.jpg  Lot175Pic07.jpg  Lot175Pic08.jpg  Lot175Pic09.jpg  Lot175Pic10.jpg  Lot175Pic11.jpg  Lot175Pic12.jpg  Lot175Pic13.jpg  Lot175Pic14.jpg  Lot175Pic15.jpg  Lot175Pic16.jpg  Lot175Pic17.jpg  Lot175Pic18.jpg  

1974 Ford F600 3-Ton Grain Truck, 900 x 20 tires, 5x2 transmission, 8' x 16' Steel Box & Db. Acting Hoist, metal floor, V8 motor, 59,111 miles showing, S/N F60DUT83134 (Red)

Lot171Pic01.jpg  Lot171Pic02.jpg  Lot171Pic03.jpg  Lot171Pic04.jpg  Lot171Pic05.jpg  Lot171Pic06.jpg  Lot171Pic07.jpg  Lot171Pic08.jpg  Lot171Pic09.jpg  Lot171Pic10.jpg  Lot171Pic11.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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33' Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill, 12” spacings, db. chute, 4" rubber packers, Dutch gumbo king openers, db. wheels on front, 3 plex, 4 row, 550 lb. trips, S/N AD-097802-00 w/Flexicoil 2320 Tow Behind Tank, 2 comp., hyd. fan, 23.1 x 26 back tires, 65L x 16.1SL front tires S/N U091660-00 (Extra parts included)

Lot177Pic01.jpg  Lot177Pic02.jpg  Lot177Pic03.jpg  Lot177Pic04.jpg  Lot177Pic05.jpg  Lot177Pic06.jpg  Lot177Pic07.jpg  Lot177Pic08.jpg  Lot177Pic09.jpg  Lot177Pic10.jpg  Lot177Pic11.jpg  Lot177Pic12.jpg  Lot177Pic13.jpg  Lot177Pic14.jpg  Lot177Pic15.jpg  Lot177Pic16.jpg  Lot177Pic17.jpg  Lot177Pic18.jpg  Lot177Pic19.jpg  Lot177Pic20.jpg  Lot177Pic21.jpg  Lot177Pic22.jpg  Lot177Pic23.jpg  

Furrow Levellers for Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill


Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill Seed Boots


Spear Co. Fert. Points for Banding


Harvey Gjesdal 5in1 Rotary Seed Cleaner on own trailer, 2 pencil augers (60 Bu. per hr.) S/N 465

Lot161Pic01.jpg  Lot161Pic02.jpg  Lot161Pic03.jpg  

100' Flexicoil 65 Field Sprayer, wind screens, hyd. boom, sep. chem. tank, auto rate, 2 sets of nozzles, hyd. pump, 800 gal. poly tank, 16.5L x 16.1 tires, S/N T074714 (Extra parts included)

Lot162Pic01.jpg  Lot162Pic02.jpg  Lot162Pic03.jpg  Lot162Pic04.jpg  Lot162Pic05.jpg  Lot162Pic06.jpg  Lot162Pic07.jpg  Lot162Pic08.jpg  Lot162Pic09.jpg  

12' Breaking Disc, 21" notched blades on front, 22" smooth blades on back

Lot163Pic01.jpg  Lot163Pic02.jpg  Lot163Pic03.jpg  Lot163Pic04.jpg  

10' Homebuilt Land Leveller, side skirts

Lot163aPic01.JPEG  Lot163aPic02.JPEG  Lot163aPic03.JPEG  Lot163aPic04.JPEG  

1700 Imp. Gal. Kyle Welding Water Tank


2" Honda GX120 Water Pump


Horvick Foam Marker


Flowjet Seed Treater Applicator & G3 Seed Treating Applicator


12' JD LZ207B Hoe Drills w/fert box, packers (used to seed grass) S/N 001059M

Lot160Pic01.jpg  Lot160Pic02.jpg  Lot160Pic03.jpg  

Crown Fork Type Rock Picker

Lot159Pic01.jpg  Lot159Pic02.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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12' NH 495 Haybine, 540 pto, rubber roller, oscillating reel, S/N 475170

Lot154Pic01.jpg  Lot154Pic02.jpg  Lot154Pic03.jpg  Lot154Pic04.jpg  Lot154Pic05.jpg  Lot154Pic06.jpg  

12' NH 490 Haybine, 540 pto (needs repair) S/N 226666

Lot155Pic01.jpg  Lot155Pic02.jpg  Lot155Pic03.jpg  Lot155Pic04.jpg  Lot155Pic05.jpg  

1987 NH 853 Chain Round Baler, 540 pto, twin tie, S/N 735068

Lot156Pic01.jpg  Lot156Pic02.jpg  Lot156Pic03.jpg  Lot156Pic04.jpg  Lot156Pic05.jpg  Lot156Pic06.jpg  

Ford Big Blue Manure Spreader, metal floor, single beater, 540 pto

Lot157Pic01.jpg  Lot157Pic02.jpg  Lot157Pic03.jpg  Lot157Pic04.jpg  Lot157Pic05.jpg  

10' x 24' Homebuilt Flat Deck Trailer, triple axle, pindle hitch, hyd. tilt

Lot158Pic01.jpg  Lot158Pic02.jpg  Lot158Pic03.jpg  Lot158Pic04.jpg  

Ranchhand Calf Tipping Table, right side brand, metal floor

Lot153Pic01.jpg  Lot153Pic02.jpg  Lot153Pic03.jpg  

Brush Cattle Oiler on Stand


16' x 8' Calf Shelter, metal siding


Grain Bins & Aeration

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(Grain Bins to be removed by May 1, 2023)
(Land Location SE 12-19-14 W3rd)

1800 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, Westeel Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Field King Squirrel Aeration Fan, rocket aeration, 2 rings

Lot125Pic01.jpg  Lot125Pic02.jpg  Lot125Pic03.jpg  

1800 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Grain Guard Inline Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot126Pic01.jpg  Lot126Pic02.jpg  Lot126Pic03.jpg  

1800 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, Westeel Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Field King Squirrel Aeration Fan, rocket aeration, 2 rings

Lot127Pic01.jpg  Lot127Pic02.jpg  Lot127Pic03.jpg  

1800 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot128Pic01.jpg  Lot128Pic02.jpg  Lot128Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot129Pic01.jpg  Lot129Pic02.jpg  Lot129Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot130Pic01.jpg  Lot130Pic02.jpg  Lot130Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot131Pic01.jpg  Lot131Pic02.jpg  Lot131Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring (This bin will have Grain in it. Greg will call you once he sells the grain)

Lot132Pic01.jpg  Lot132Pic02.jpg  Lot132Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot133Pic01.jpg  Lot133Pic02.jpg  Lot133Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, Westeel Hopper, slide opener w/ 3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, rocket aeration, 3 rings (This bin will have Grain in it. Greg will call you once he sells the grain)

Lot134Pic01.jpg  Lot134Pic02.jpg  Lot134Pic03.jpg  

4000 Bu. Grain Vault H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener w/3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot135Pic01.jpg  Lot135Pic02.jpg  Lot135Pic03.jpg  

1000 Bushel Twister H/B Grain Bin, Micada Hopper, slide opener, single ring

Lot136Pic01.jpg  Lot136Pic02.jpg  

2000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, M&K Hopper, slide opener, w/3 hp. Inline Grain Guard Aeration Fan, horizontal aeration, single ring

Lot137Pic01.jpg  Lot137Pic02.jpg  Lot137Pic03.jpg  

2000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Grain Bin, Un-Cone Fibreglass In-Ground Hopper, floor aeration

Lot138Pic01.jpg  Lot138Pic02.jpg  Lot138Pic03.jpg  

2000 Bu. Westeel Rosco H/B Grain Bin, Westeel Hopper, slide opener, w/3 hp. Field King Squirrel Aeration Fan, rocket aeration, db. ring

Lot139Pic01.jpg  Lot139Pic02.jpg  Lot139Pic03.jpg  

8000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Grain Bin, concrete floor, floor aeration w/7 1/2' Field King Inline Aeration Fan

Lot140Pic01.jpg  Lot140Pic02.jpg  

50 Ton Westeel Magnum F H/B Fertilizer Bin, smooth wall, crank opener, ladder, 3 rings

Lot141Pic01.jpg  Lot141Pic02.jpg  

2000 Bu. Westeel Magnum G H/B Grain Bin, smooth wall, crank opener, ladder, 2 rings

Lot142Pic01.jpg  Lot142Pic02.jpg  

2000 Bu. Weninger Magnum G H/B Grain Bin, smooth wall, crank opener, ladder, 2 rings

Lot143Pic01.jpg  Lot143Pic02.jpg  

400 Bu. Westeel FeedStor H/B Grain Bin, smooth wall, crank opener, ladder, single ring

Lot144Pic01.jpg  Lot144Pic02.jpg  

5 Hp. Pool Inline Aeration Fan

Lot145Pic01.jpg  Lot145Pic02.jpg  

3 Hp. Caldwell Inline Aeration Fan

Lot146Pic01.jpg  Lot146Pic02.jpg  

Rocket Aeration System for Hopper Bottom Bin


Infloor Aeration System


Aeration Adapter for Squirrel Aeration Fan


2 Pencil Augers (16' & 10')


6 Auger Hoppers (2 Round, 4 Triangles)


Portable Combine Simpler Sampler


4 Drop Spouts



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2010 JD 9770 STS SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, bullet rotor, 650/85R38 front duals, 600/650R28 back tires, straw chopper, swing out auger, hopper ext. w/cover, buddy seat, single point hook-up w/down spout, hydrostatic, contour master, yield & moisture monitors, 1857 eng. hrs. showing, 1417 sep. hrs. showing S/N 1H09770SAA0735921

Lot188Pic01.jpg  Lot188Pic02.jpg  Lot188Pic03.jpg  Lot188Pic04.jpg  Lot188Pic05.jpg  Lot188Pic06.jpg  Lot188Pic07.jpg  Lot188Pic08.jpg  Lot188Pic09.jpg  Lot188Pic10.jpg  Lot188Pic11.jpg  Lot188Pic12.jpg  Lot188Pic13.jpg  Lot188Pic14.jpg  Lot188Pic15.jpg  Lot188Pic16.jpg  Lot188Pic17.jpg  Lot188Pic18.jpg  Lot188Pic19.jpg  

2012 35' JD 635F Hydra Flex Header, U2 pickup reel & AWS 2000 wind-reel, fore & aft, crop dividers, JD hook-up, S/N 1H00635FLC0745885 w/Bergen 3600 HT Transport Trailer

Lot189Pic01.jpg  Lot189Pic02.jpg  Lot189Pic03.jpg  Lot189Pic04.jpg  Lot189Pic05.jpg  Lot189Pic06.jpg  Lot189Pic07.jpg  Lot189Pic08.jpg  Lot189Pic09.jpg  Lot189Pic10.jpg  Lot189Pic11.jpg  Lot189Pic12.jpg  Lot189Pic13.jpg  Lot189Pic14.jpg  Lot189Pic15.jpg  Lot189Pic16.jpg  Lot189Pic17.jpg  

85' x 15" Batco 1585 Conveyor Auger, scissors lift, 35 hp. Vanguard elec. start gas motor, auger mover S/N 160489

Lot169Pic01.jpg  Lot169Pic02.jpg  Lot169Pic03.jpg  Lot169Pic04.jpg  Lot169Pic05.jpg  Lot169Pic06.jpg  Lot169Pic07.jpg  Lot169Pic08.jpg  Lot169Pic09.jpg  Lot169Pic10.jpg  Lot169Pic11.jpg  Lot169Pic12.jpg  Lot169Pic13.jpg  

45' x 15" Batco 1545 Conveyor Auger, 27 hp. Kohler elec. start gas motor, auger mover, S/N 157250

Lot170Pic01.jpg  Lot170Pic02.jpg  Lot170Pic03.jpg  Lot170Pic04.jpg  Lot170Pic05.jpg  Lot170Pic06.jpg  Lot170Pic07.jpg  

35' x 6” Field King Grain Auger

Lot164Pic01.jpg  Lot164Pic02.jpg  Lot164Pic03.jpg  

40' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger w/20 hp. Kohler Elec. Start Engine w/Wheatheart Bin Sweep

Lot165Pic01.jpg  Lot165Pic02.jpg  Lot165Pic03.jpg  Lot165Pic04.jpg  Lot165Pic05.jpg  

52' x 8" Brandt 852 Super Charged Grain Auger, Kohler Elec. Start Motor, auger mover

Lot166Pic01.jpg  Lot166Pic02.jpg  Lot166Pic03.jpg  Lot166Pic04.jpg  Lot166Pic05.jpg  Lot166Pic06.jpg  Lot166Pic07.jpg  Lot166Pic08.jpg  Lot166Pic09.jpg  

53' x 8" Meridian HD8-53 Grain Auger w/26.5 Hp. Kohler Fuel Inj. Motor, reverser, lights, elec. clutch, hyd. lift, auger mover

Lot167Pic01.jpg  Lot167Pic02.jpg  Lot167Pic03.jpg  Lot167Pic04.jpg  Lot167Pic05.jpg  Lot167Pic06.jpg  Lot167Pic07.jpg  Lot167Pic08.jpg  Lot167Pic09.jpg  Lot167Pic10.jpg  Lot167Pic11.jpg  Lot167Pic12.jpg  

60' x 10" Buhler Farm King 1060 Pto Grain Auger, swing out auger, single auger in hopper, 540 pto, reverser, scissors lift

Lot168Pic01.jpg  Lot168Pic02.jpg  Lot168Pic03.jpg  Lot168Pic04.jpg  Lot168Pic05.jpg  Lot168Pic06.jpg  Lot168Pic07.jpg  

Various Crop Lifters


Shop & Yard

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BE 2500 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 6 hp. motor

Lot01Pic01.jpg  Lot01Pic02.jpg  

Portotecnica Diesel Pressure Washer

Lot02Pic01.jpg  Lot02Pic02.jpg  

Propane Heater


Square D Electrical Box * Natural Gas Hanging Furnace


Ecobait Spreader for Grass Hoppers, 5 hp. Honda Motor


Century Battery Charger


Reddy Diesel Heater


Ingersoll Rend 60 gal. Upright Air Compressor, 220V


Gas Speed Aire Air Compressor w/Honda motor


Labtronic 919 Moisture Tester


Agratronix Handheld Moisture Tester


Scienco Chem Pump


Water Fire Extinguisher


Water Fire Extinguisher


Water Fire Extinguisher


Magnetic Inoculate Treater


5000 Watt Generac Standby Powerplant w/B&S motor, elec. start


Floatation Pump w/3 rolls of hose


100 Gal. Slip Tank w/12V GPI pump, auto kick off


800 Gal. Flaman Low Boy Water Tank (Green)


3700 Gal. Upright Poly Water Tank w/valve (Black)


1000 Gal. Ground Level Fuel Tank, 110V pump, meter, quick release nozzle

Lot22Pic01.jpg  Lot22Pic02.jpg  Lot22Pic03.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: For further info on equipment Call Garth at (306) 774-3737 or Greg at (306) 741-7501.

Auctioneer’s Note: Greg & Garth will be using some of this equipment for harvest. We will update the hours & mileage on the machinery once harvest is done.

Glenn Switzer
(306) 741-2066
(Located in the city of Swift Current, Sk.)

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1998 Honda Foreman 400 ATV, 4x4, elec. start, reverse, front & back racks, front winch, lights, rear hitch for trailer (Fully serviced at Regier Honda) For further info call (306) 741-2066. (Speedometer doesn’t work)

Quad01.jpg  Quad02.jpg  Quad03.jpg  Quad04.jpg  Quad05.jpg  Quad06.jpg  

24’ x 80’ Portable Outdoor Rink (Can be easily configured to any width and length)
3 - 4’ x 8’ Sheets of Plywood (3/4” thick ), 2 - 4’ x 8’ Sheets of Plywood (1/2” thick), 20 - 2’ x 8’ Sheets of Plywood, (4 - 3/4” thick, 16 - 3/8” thick), Various support posts & brackets, 2 Hockey Nets, 3 Sets of Hallogen Lights, Outdoor LED lights for the blue & red lines

Lot51Pic01.jpg  Lot51Pic02.jpg  Lot51Pic03.jpg  Lot51Pic04.jpg  Lot51Pic05.jpg  Lot51Pic06.jpg  Lot51Pic07.jpg  Lot51Pic08.jpg  Lot51Pic09.jpg  Lot51Pic10.jpg  Lot51Pic11.jpg  Lot51Pic12.jpg  Lot51Pic13.jpg  Lot51Pic14.jpg  

2 - 8’ x 24’ Perimeter Nets w/metal posts and cable attachment

Lot52Pic01.jpg  Lot52Pic02.jpg  Lot52Pic03.jpg  Lot52Pic04.jpg  Lot52Pic05.jpg  Lot52Pic06.jpg  Lot52Pic07.jpg  

Various stick handling training aids

Lot53Pic01.jpg  Lot53Pic02.jpg  

Xpasser Dual Pro Hockey Puck Passer

Lot54Pic01.jpg  Lot54Pic02.jpg  

5’ x 9’ Bumper Pull Flat Deck Trailer, 12” high sides, 15” tires, 6 bolt rims, tandem axle, S/N SK000000000109386 (Grey) (Used for storing & hauling Rink)

Lot55Pic01.jpg  Lot55Pic02.jpg  Lot55Pic03.jpg  Lot55Pic04.jpg  Lot55Pic05.jpg  Lot55Pic06.jpg  Lot55Pic07.jpg  Lot55Pic08.jpg  Lot55Pic09.jpg  

24" Cub Cadet Snow Blower, 4-Way Chute Control, elec. start, power steering, light, 208cc motor, 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, fully serviced (Hardly used)

Lot56Pic01.jpg  Lot56Pic02.jpg  Lot56Pic03.jpg  Lot56Pic04.jpg  Lot56Pic05.jpg  Lot56Pic06.jpg  


Internet Only Large Farm Equipment & Bin Auction - Stewart Valley, Sk.

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Switzer Auction Services
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel: (306)773-4200   Fax: (306)773-4241