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Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: Belles Farms Ltd.
(Gerard Fournier)

Kincaid, Saskatchewan
(306) 625-7939 or (306) 625-3228

Monday, June 24, 2024

Starting at 10:00 am CST

11.7 miles South of Kincaid on #19 Highway. (East Side)
(GPS: N49.30.10; W107.00.39)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Gerard at (306) 625-7939 or (306) 625-3228 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. Bidding will open on June 17, 2024 and begin to close on June 24, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. No machinery will be released until it’s been paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by July 8, 2024.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on Monday June 24 at 10:00 a.m. There will be a 3.5% Buyer's Premium to a maximum of $3,000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.

Note: There will be more pictures, information and additional items added in the spring.


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1995 Ford Versatile 9680 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, Cummins motor, 710/70R38 factory duals, front wheel weights, back weights, 4 hyd., return line, 350 eng. hp., 12 sp., 4274 hrs. showing, S/N D102895

Pic15FordTractor01.jpg  Pic15FordTractor02.jpg  Pic15FordTractor03.jpg  Pic15FordTractor04.jpg  Pic15FordTractor05.jpg  Pic15FordTractor06.jpg  Pic15FordTractor07.jpg  Pic15FordTractor08.jpg  Pic15FordTractor09.jpg  Pic15FordTractor10.jpg  Pic15FordTractor11.jpg  Pic15FordTractor12.jpg  Pic15FordTractor13.jpg  Pic15FordTractor14.jpg  Pic15FordTractor15.jpg  Pic15FordTractor16.jpg  Pic15FordTractor17.jpg  Pic15FordTractor18.jpg  Pic15FordTractor19.jpg  

1967 JD 4020 Diesel Tractor, Cab, standard shift, 18.4 x 34 back tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, circulating heater, 101 eng. hp., S/N 169218R

Pic10JD4020Tractor01.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor02.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor04.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor05.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor06.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor07.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor08.jpg  Pic10JD4020Tractor09.jpg  

Collectible Tractors & Crawler

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1961 Case 420C Diesel Crawler, 14" metal street pads, 5' bucket, rear weights, S/N 3016521

Pic31Crawler01.jpg  Pic31Crawler02.jpg  Pic31Crawler03.jpg  Pic31Crawler04.jpg  Pic31Crawler05.jpg  Pic31Crawler06.jpg  Pic31Crawler07.jpg  Pic31Crawler08.jpg  

1959 Case 700 Diesel Tractor, dual range, 56 eng. hp., 18.4 x 30 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 540 pto, 1 hyd., belt pulley, S/N 8145454

Pic18Case700Tractor01.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor02.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor03.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor04.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor05.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor06.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor07.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor08.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor09.jpg  Pic18Case700Tractor10.jpg  

1964 Cockshutt 1600 Hydro Power Diesel Tractor, 18.4 x 30 back tires, 2 hyd., 540 pto, 66 eng. hp., 4644 hrs. showing, S/N 142-973

Pic40CockshuttTractor01.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor02.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor03.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor04.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor05.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor06.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor07.jpg  Pic40CockshuttTractor08.jpg  

Highway Tractors

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1996 IH Highway Tractor, M11 Cummins Diesel motor, 13 sp. Eaton Fuller Trans., 38,000 lb. rear axles, sliding 5th wheel hitch, 24.5 x 14 tires, new tires on back, sleeper, air ride, air ride seat, 813,929 kms. showing, S/N 2HSFMAHRXTC092813 (White)

Pic29IH1996Semi01.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi02.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi03.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi04.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi05.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi06.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi07.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi08.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi09.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi10.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi11.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi12.jpg  Pic29IH1996Semi13.jpg  

1988 Peterbilt Highway Tractor, 11R24.5 tires, 425 hp. Cat Diesel motor, 15 sp. trans., sliding 5th wheel hitch, wet kit, air ride, 40,000 lb. rear axles, 505,985 kms. showing, S/N 1XP5DB9X5JD264474 (Blue)

Pic04PeterbiltTruck01.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck02.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck03.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck04.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck05.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck06.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck07.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck08.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck09.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck10.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck11.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck12.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck13.jpg  Pic04PeterbiltTruck14.jpg  


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2003 Doepker 38' Grain Trailer, Michel's roll tarp, 2 comp., cranks on both sides, S/N 2DEGBSZ2631015599 (White)

Pic30GrainTrailer01.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer02.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer03.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer04.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer05.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer06.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer07.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer08.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer09.jpg  Pic30GrainTrailer10.jpg  

3000 gal. 5th Wheel Fruehauf Aluminium Water Trailer, 1000 x 20 tires, Chem Handler 3, 2" Power ease Chem transfer pump (Grey) (Not registered in Sk) (Sells as a unit)

Pic05WaterTrailer01.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer02.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer03.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer04.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer05.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer06.jpg  Pic05WaterTrailer07.jpg  

6 1/2' x 20' Bumper Pull Flat Deck Trailer, 3 axles, pindle hitch (Black) (no visible Serial Number)

Pic27BumperPullTrailer01.jpg  Pic27BumperPullTrailer02.jpg  Pic27BumperPullTrailer03.jpg  Pic27BumperPullTrailer04.jpg  

Homebuilt 8' x 12' Truck Box Trailer w/hyd. lift (Blue)

Pic28BlueTruckBox01.jpg  Pic28BlueTruckBox02.jpg  Pic28BlueTruckBox03.jpg  Pic28BlueTruckBox04.jpg  

Homebuilt Truck Box Trailer, pindle hitch, 1200 gal. Poly Water Tank, hyd. hoist (Red)



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1998 IH Eagle 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck w/8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, full tandem, 13 sp. trans., Detroit Diesel Motor, 11R24.5 tires, A/C, pro heat, pindle hitch, 862,543 kms. showing, S/N 2HSFBAMR5WC054826 (White)

Pic03EagleTruck01.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck02.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck03.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck04.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck05.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck06.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck07.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck08.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck09.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck10.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck11.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck12.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck13.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck14.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck15.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck16.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck17.jpg  Pic03EagleTruck18.jpg  

1978 GMC 6500 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck w/8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, Shur-lok roll tarp, 366 motor, auto, 1000 x 20 tires, tag axle w/hyd. lift, 47,881 kms. showing, S/N TCE678V617685 (Blue)

Pic02GMC78Truck01.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck02.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck03.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck04.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck05.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck06.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck07.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck08.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck09.jpg  Pic02GMC78Truck10.jpg  

IH KB5 Fire Truck, 4x2 trans., 3951 miles showing, S/N 8148 (Red) (For restoration)

Pic23Firetruck01.jpg  Pic23Firetruck02.jpg  Pic23Firetruck03.jpg  Pic23Firetruck04.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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2008 90' Apache AS710 High Clearance Sprayer, 800 gal. poly tank, wheels on booms, 3 jet nozzles, auto height, Outback S2 GPS w/auto steer, 380/80R38 front tires, 380/90R46 back tires, JD Diesel Motor, Raven SCS 4400 monitor, 824 hrs. showing, S/N 9083937

Pic06Sprayer01.jpg  Pic06Sprayer02.jpg  Pic06Sprayer03.jpg  Pic06Sprayer04.jpg  Pic06Sprayer05.jpg  Pic06Sprayer06.jpg  Pic06Sprayer07.jpg  Pic06Sprayer08.jpg  Pic06Sprayer09.jpg  Pic06Sprayer10.jpg  Pic06Sprayer11.jpg  Pic06Sprayer12.jpg  Pic06Sprayer13.jpg  Pic06Sprayer14.jpg  Pic06Sprayer15.jpg  Pic06Sprayer16.jpg  Pic06Sprayer17.jpg  

Trailtech Sprayer Trailer, 2 axles, dual tires (Black)

Pic26SprayerTrailer01.jpg  Pic26SprayerTrailer02.jpg  Pic26SprayerTrailer03.jpg  Pic26SprayerTrailer04.jpg  

56' Conserva Pak 5112 Air Drill, db. chute, 12” spacings, rubber packer wheels, 5 plex w/Conserva Pak 4400 Tow Between Tank, 3 comp., 1 hyd. fan, 30.5L32 tires

Pic09AirDrill01.jpg  Pic09AirDrill02.jpg  Pic09AirDrill03.jpg  Pic09AirDrill04.jpg  Pic09AirDrill05.jpg  Pic09AirDrill06.jpg  Pic09AirDrill07.jpg  Pic09AirDrill08.jpg  Pic09AirDrill09.jpg  Pic09AirDrill10.jpg  Pic09AirDrill11.jpg  Pic09AirDrill12.jpg  Pic09AirDrill13.jpg  Pic09AirDrill14.jpg  Pic09AirDrill15.jpg  

36' Sunflower 1436 Tandem Disc, 3 plex, S/N AGCS14360FZ100205

Pic14Disc01.jpg  Pic14Disc02.jpg  Pic14Disc03.jpg  Pic14Disc04.jpg  Pic14Disc05.jpg  Pic14Disc06.jpg  

45' Degelman 7645 Landroller, fully hyd., S/N 1614

Pic22Landroller01.jpg  Pic22Landroller02.jpg  Pic22Landroller03.jpg  Pic22Landroller04.jpg  

45' Valmar 245 Granular Applicator, 11 hp. Honda motor, on own trailer, disc markers, S/N P245G054

Pic08Valmar01.jpg  Pic08Valmar02.jpg  Pic08Valmar03.jpg  Pic08Valmar04.jpg  Pic08Valmar05.jpg  Pic08Valmar06.jpg  

Ag Depot Solution 2300 Liquid Fertilizer Cart (Blue)

Pic41AgDepotCart01.jpg  Pic41AgDepotCart02.jpg  Pic41AgDepotCart03.jpg  Pic41AgDepotCart04.jpg  Pic41AgDepotCart05.jpg  

Homebuilt 1900 gal. Liquid Fertilizer Cart w/Honda motor, 750/65R26 tires (Black)

Pic42HomebuiltCart01.jpg  Pic42HomebuiltCart02.jpg  Pic42HomebuiltCart03.jpg  Pic42HomebuiltCart04.jpg  


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2009 JD 9670 STS SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, bullet rotor, hydrostatic, swing our auger, 800/70R38 front tires, 18.4 x 30 back tires, single point hook-up, hopper ext. w/Michel's roll tarp, buddy seat, Starfire 3000 GPS w/auto steer, 1853 sep. hrs. showing, S/N H09670S731149 w/14' JD 914P Pickup Table w/JD pickup, S/N H00914N690178

Pic36Serial1149Combine01.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine02.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine03.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine04.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine05.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine06.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine07.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine08.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine10.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine11.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine12.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine13.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine14.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine15.jpg  Pic36Serial1149Combine16.jpg  

2009 JD 9670 STS SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, bullet rotor, swing out auger, 18.4R26 back tires, 800/65R32 front tires, single point hook-up, hopper ext., buddy seat, Starfire 3000 GPS w/auto steer, S/N 731060 w/15' JD 615P Pickup Table w/JD pickup, H00615P730326

Pic44JDSerial731060Combine01.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine02.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine03.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine04.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine05.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine06.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine07.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine08.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine09.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine10.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine11.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine12.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine13.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine14.jpg  Pic44JDSerial731060Combine15.jpg  

2015 40' MacDon FD75D Flex Draper Header, U2 Pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, pea auger, rubber canvass, own transport, JD adapter, light package, S/N 284376

Pic43MacDon2015Header01.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header02.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header03.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header04.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header05.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header06.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header07.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header08.jpg  Pic43MacDon2015Header09.jpg  

2013 40' MacDon FD75D Flex Draper Header, U2 Pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, pea auger, rubber canvass, own transport, JD adapter, light package, S/N 235030

Pic37MacDon2013Header01.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header02.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header03.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header04.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header05.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header06.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header07.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header08.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header09.jpg  Pic37MacDon2013Header10.jpg  

36' Honeybee Straight Cut Header, pickup reel w/plastic teeth, fore & aft, JD adapter, own transport, S/N 360600415

Pic45HoneybeeHeader01.jpg  Pic45HoneybeeHeader02.jpg  Pic45HoneybeeHeader03.jpg  Pic45HoneybeeHeader04.jpg  Pic45HoneybeeHeader05.jpg  

60' x 10" Farm King Grain Auger, hyd. scissors hoist, 540 pto, swing out hopper w/single auger

Pic19Auger60ft01.jpg  Pic19Auger60ft02.jpg  Pic19Auger60ft03.jpg  Pic19Auger60ft04.jpg  Pic19Auger60ft05.jpg  

71' x 13" Westfield K130-71 Plus pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper w/single auger, 540 pto, reverser (hyd. cyl. is leaking)

Pic17Auger71ft01.jpg  Pic17Auger71ft02.jpg  Pic17Auger71ft03.jpg  Pic17Auger71ft04.jpg  Pic17Auger71ft05.jpg  

70' x 13" Buhler Farm King pto Grain Auger, hyd. scissors lift, swing out hopper w/single auger, 540 pto, reverser (has a bend in middle of tube)

Pic24Auger70ft01.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft02.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft03.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft04.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft05.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft06.jpg  Pic24Auger70ft07.jpg  

40' x 7" Sakundiak HD7-1200 Grain Auger, 13 hp. Honda motor (new tube & flighting)

Pic21Auger40ft01.jpg  Pic21Auger40ft02.jpg  

45' x 8” Sakundiak 1400 Grain Auger, 24 hp. Honda elec. start motor, auger mover, bin sweep (Grey Frame)

Pic16Auger45ft01.jpg  Pic16Auger45ft02.jpg  Pic16Auger45ft03.jpg  Pic16Auger45ft04.jpg  Pic16Auger45ft05.jpg  

41' x 7" Sakundiak HD7-41 Grain Auger, 16 hp. Koehler Magnum elec. start motor, hyd. winch, auger mover

Pic13Auger41ftPic01.jpg  Pic13Auger41ftPic02.jpg  Pic13Auger41ftPic03.jpg  Pic13Auger41ftPic04.jpg  Pic13Auger41ftPic05.jpg  Pic13Auger41ftPic06.jpg  

35' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, Kohler motor

Pic20Auger35ft01.jpg  Pic20Auger35ft02.jpg  

Rem 2500 HD Grain Vac, 1000 pto, on own trailer, 238 hrs. showing S/N 8727

Pic01RemGrainVac01.jpg  Pic01RemGrainVac02.jpg  Pic01RemGrainVac03.jpg  Pic01RemGrainVac04.jpg  Pic01RemGrainVac05.jpg  

10' Johnson Transfer Auger, 5.5 hp. Honda motor

Pic32TransferAuger01.jpg  Pic32TransferAuger02.jpg  

SP Swather Mover

Pic07SwatherTransport01.jpg  Pic07SwatherTransport02.jpg  

Grain Bins & Aeration

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(Bins to be removed by August 15, 2024)

1987 4000 Bu. Harvest Hopper Bottom Steel Bin w/aeration, 5 hp. Flaman inline aeration fan, ladder, S/N 1571

Pic11Harvest1987Bin01.jpg  Pic11Harvest1987Bin02.jpg  Pic11Harvest1987Bin03.jpg  Pic11Harvest1987Bin04.jpg  

1986 4000 Bu. Harvest Hopper Bottom Steel Bin w/aeration, 5 hp. Flaman inline aeration fan, ladder, S/N 1564

Pic12Harvest1986Bin01.jpg  Pic12Harvest1986Bin02.jpg  Pic12Harvest1986Bin03.jpg  Pic12Harvest1986Bin04.jpg  

40 Ton Fertilizer Hopper Bottom Bin, slide opener, ladder, 6 legs

Pic38FertilizerBin01.jpg  Pic38FertilizerBin02.jpg  

3 Hp. Kehoe Super Dyne Portable Squirrel Aeration Fan


3 Hp. Kehoe Super Flow Squirrel Aeration Fan


5 Hp. Grain Guard Squirrel Aeration Fan


Shop & Yard

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15' Trailer Type Rotary Mower, 540 pto



Auctioneer's Note: For further info on equipment call Gerard at (306) 625-7939 or (306) 625-3228.


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