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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: Lost Valley Ranch Ltd.
(Allen Godenir)

Aneroid, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-2583

Monday, March 28, 2022

Starting at 12:00 pm CST

From the East side of Aneroid, 1 miles South on Gravel Road, 1 mile East, 1/4 mile South.
(GPS: N49.41.37; W107.16.00)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Ian at (306) 741-2583 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No machinery will be released until it’s been paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by April 20, 2022.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on March 28, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. There will be a 3.5% Buyer's Premium to a maximum of $3000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.


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2000 JD 9300T Track Tractor, CAHR, Starfire 3000 GPS system, 30" wide tracks, 383 eng. hp., 5 hyd., sep. return line, 24 sp. Quad Range Trans. w/hi-low range, 6497 hrs. showing, S/N RW9300T900134

Lot329Pic01.jpg  Lot329Pic02.jpg  Lot329Pic03.jpg  Lot329Pic04.jpg  Lot329Pic05.jpg  Lot329Pic06.jpg  Lot329Pic07.jpg  Lot329Pic08.jpg  Lot329Pic09.jpg  Lot329Pic10.jpg  Lot329Pic11.jpg  Lot329Pic12.jpg  Lot329Pic13.jpg  Lot329Pic14.jpg  Lot329Pic15.jpg  Lot329Pic16.jpg  Lot329Pic17.jpg  Lot329Pic18.jpg  Lot329Pic19.jpg  Lot329Pic20.jpg  

2011 MF 5475 Dyna-4 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 520/70R38 back tires, 420/70R28 front tires, db. entry cab, 3 pt. hitch w/back hyd. controls on both sides, 4 hyd., 540-1000 pto, side exhaust, 135 eng. hp., powershift, left hand reverse, S/N B161059 w/MF 965 FEL w/ quick detach 7 1/2' bucket w/Maxi Grapple fork, multifunction joystick (Approx. 5000 hrs.)

Lot334Pic01.jpg  Lot334Pic02.jpg  Lot334Pic03.jpg  Lot334Pic04.jpg  Lot334Pic05.jpg  Lot334Pic06.jpg  Lot334Pic07.jpg  Lot334Pic08.jpg  Lot334Pic09.jpg  Lot334Pic10.jpg  Lot334Pic11.jpg  Lot334Pic12.jpg  Lot334Pic13.jpg  Lot334Pic14.jpg  Lot334Pic15.jpg  Lot334Pic16.jpg  Lot334Pic17.jpg  Lot334Pic20.jpg  Lot334Pic21.jpg  Lot334Pic22.jpg  Lot334Pic23.jpg  

1967 IH 444 Gas Tractor, 14.9 x 28 back tires, 3 pt. hitch, 1 hyd., 540 pto, PS, block heater, 42 eng. hp., 8 sp., 3080 hrs. showing, S/N 907 (needs clutch)

Lot336Pic01.jpg  Lot336Pic02.jpg  Lot336Pic03.jpg  Lot336Pic04.jpg  Lot336Pic05.jpg  Lot336Pic06.jpg  Lot336Pic07.jpg  Lot336Pic08.jpg  Lot336Pic09.jpg  Lot336Pic010.jpg  Lot336Pic11.jpg  Lot336Pic12.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer


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2013 Mack Highway Tractor, 11R24.5 tires, Herd Bumper, fog lights, MP8 Mack Diesel Motor, 505 hp., 18 sp. Eaton Fuhler Trans., sliding 5th wheel, pto, amber light, 46,000 rear axles, HD Pindle Hitch, 341,758 kms. showing, S/N 1M1AN07Y8DM014213 (Green) (DEF has been deleted)

Lot326Pic01.jpg  Lot326Pic02.jpg  Lot326Pic03.jpg  Lot326Pic04.jpg  Lot326Pic05.jpg  Lot326Pic06.jpg  Lot326Pic07.jpg  Lot326Pic08.jpg  Lot326Pic09.jpg  Lot326Pic10.jpg  Lot326Pic11.jpg  Lot326Pic12.jpg  Lot326Pic13.jpg  Lot326Pic14.jpg  Lot326Pic15.jpg  Lot326Pic16.jpg  Lot326Pic17.jpg  Lot326Pic18.jpg  

2008 53' BWS EZ 2 Drop Deck Trailer, tri-axle, 255/70R22.5 tires, side ratchet tie downs, S/N 2B953HD3581001671 (Black) (one owner) (new brakes, new wheel bearings)

Lot327Pic01.jpg  Lot327Pic02.jpg  Lot327Pic03.jpg  Lot327Pic04.jpg  Lot327Pic05.jpg  Lot327Pic06.jpg  Lot327Pic07.jpg  

Truck & Trailer

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2004 Kenworth W800 Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' Berg Grain Box, metal floor, remote hoist & tailgate, air over hyd. hoist, 10 sp. quick shift standard trans., air ride suspension, 11R24.5 tires, Cat C13 Diesel 435 hp. motor, full tandem, 1,459,884 kms. showing, S/N 1XKWDU9X84J973671 (Red) (10,000 kms. on new top end on motor, head was replaced, new turbo, new brakes, new radiator, new clutch, main dr. differential) (new steering box and new wiring harness)

Lot325Pic01.jpg  Lot325Pic02.jpg  Lot325Pic03.jpg  Lot325Pic04.jpg  Lot325Pic05.jpg  Lot325Pic06.jpg  Lot325Pic07.jpg  Lot325Pic08.jpg  Lot325Pic09.jpg  Lot325Pic10.jpg  Lot325Pic11.jpg  Lot325Pic12.jpg  Lot325Pic13.jpg  

2017 American Hauler Arrow 8 1/2' x 20' Cargo Trailer, 15" tires, tandem axle, 6 bolt rims, side door, fold down door on back, wood lined, S/N 593200J24J1060950 (Black) (Approx. 1000 miles on trailer)

Lot328Pic01.jpg  Lot328Pic02.jpg  Lot328Pic03.jpg  Lot328Pic04.jpg  Lot328Pic05.jpg  Lot328Pic06.jpg  Lot328Pic07.jpg  Lot328Pic08.jpg  Lot328Pic09.jpg  Lot328Pic10.jpg  Lot328Pic11.jpg  Lot328Pic12.jpg  

Old Antique Car Parts

Lot302Pic01.jpg  Lot302Pic02.jpg  

1966 Meteor Car, 2 door, hard top, no motor or transmission (for parts)

Lot303Pic01.jpg  Lot303Pic02.jpg  Lot303Pic03.jpg  

Excavator & Scraper

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JD 892E LC Excavator, 32" Sand Tracks, diesel motor, 14,522 hrs. showing, 32" bucket w/ripping teeth SN FF892EX012369

Lot333Pic01.jpg  Lot333Pic02.jpg  Lot333Pic03.jpg  Lot333Pic04.jpg  Lot333Pic05.jpg  Lot333Pic06.jpg  Lot333Pic07.jpg  Lot333Pic08.jpg  Lot333Pic09.jpg  Lot333Pic10.jpg  Lot333Pic11.jpg  Lot333Pic12.jpg  Lot333Pic13.jpg  Lot333Pic14.jpg  Lot333Pic15.jpg  Lot333Pic16.jpg  Lot333Pic17.jpg  

Leon 1000 10-Yard Scraper, hyd. push off, pushbar at back, 16.5Lx16.1SL front tires, 21.5Lx16.1SL back tires, S/N 9771106 (Approx. 100 hrs.)

Lot331Pic01.jpg  Lot331Pic02.jpg  Lot331Pic03.jpg  Lot331Pic04.jpg  Lot331Pic05.jpg  Lot331Pic06.jpg  Lot331Pic07.jpg  Lot331Pic08.jpg  Lot331Pic09.jpg  Lot331Pic10.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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2020 25' Norwood HSD2500 Kwik-Till Vertical Tillage Disc, spring loaded packers, 600/50R22.5 tires, 18 1/2" notch blades, hyd. front jack, light package, (Approx. 5000 acres) S/N 55779

Lot330Pic01.jpg  Lot330Pic02.jpg  Lot330Pic03.jpg  Lot330Pic04.jpg  Lot330Pic05.jpg  Lot330Pic06.jpg  Lot330Pic07.jpg  Lot330Pic08.jpg  Lot330Pic09.jpg  Lot330Pic10.jpg  Lot330Pic11.jpg  

Degelman HD 2 Finger Rock Puller, S/N RD1638

Lot332Pic01.jpg  Lot332Pic02.jpg  Lot332Pic03.jpg  Lot332Pic04.jpg  

Degelman Rotary Rock Picker, 4 bats, ground dr.

Lot324Pic01.jpg  Lot324Pic02.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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2019 Vertical Bio-Spreader 7020PT Manure Spreader, HD chain drive, walking tandem axles, 550/45/22.5 Tires, 1000 lrg shaft pto, hyd. flow control, S/N 22024 (hardly used) (Made by Dutch Ind.)

Lot323Pic01.jpg  Lot323Pic02.jpg  Lot323Pic03.jpg  Lot323Pic04.jpg  Lot323Pic05.jpg  Lot323Pic06.jpg  Lot323Pic07.jpg  Lot323Pic08.jpg  Lot323Pic09.jpg  Lot323Pic10.jpg  Lot323Pic11.jpg  

2008 MF 9220 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, 18.4R26 front tires, dual tires on back, hydrostatic, 1070 hrs. showing, S/N HT08171, w/25' MF 5200 Draper Header, U2 Pickup reel w/plastic fingers, db. swath, rubber canvass, S/N HS10286

Lot320Pic01.jpg  Lot320Pic02.jpg  Lot320Pic03.jpg  Lot320Pic04.jpg  Lot320Pic05.jpg  Lot320Pic06.jpg  Lot320Pic07.jpg  Lot320Pic08.jpg  Lot320Pic09.jpg  Lot320Pic10.jpg  Lot320Pic11.jpg  Lot320Pic12.jpg  Lot320Pic13.jpg  Lot320Pic14.jpg  Lot320Pic15.jpg  Lot320Pic16.jpg  Lot320Pic17.jpg  Lot320Pic18.jpg  Lot320Pic19.jpg  Lot320Pic20.jpg  Lot320Pic21.jpg  

Bergen SP Swather Transport

Lot321Pic01.jpg  Lot321Pic02.jpg  Lot321Pic03.jpg  Lot321Pic04.jpg  Lot321Pic05.jpg  

8' Metal Swath Roller, tapered centre


Farm King Easy Rake 14 Twin Rake, S/N N4251R02-04

Lot322Pic01.jpg  Lot322Pic02.jpg  Lot322Pic03.jpg  Lot322Pic04.jpg  Lot322Pic05.jpg  Lot322Pic06.jpg  Lot322Pic07.jpg  

Haybuster 2650 Bale Processor, 1000 pto, right side discharge, S/N 2615-811950

Lot319Pic01.jpg  Lot319Pic02.jpg  Lot319Pic03.jpg  Lot319Pic04.jpg  Lot319Pic05.jpg  Lot319Pic06.jpg  Lot319Pic07.jpg  Lot319Pic08.jpg  Lot319Pic09.jpg  

2011 MF Hesston 2856A Auto Cycle Round Baler, twin tie & net wrap, lrg. pickup, bale command monitor, 1000 pto, Approx. 14,000 bales, S/N AGCM2856ABHR13245 (Drive Line & Belts replaces 1 year ago)

Lot318Pic01.jpg  Lot318Pic02.jpg  Lot318Pic03.jpg  Lot318Pic04.jpg  Lot318Pic05.jpg  Lot318Pic06.jpg  Lot318Pic07.jpg  Lot318Pic08.jpg  Lot318Pic09.jpg  Lot318Pic10.jpg  Lot318Pic11.jpg  

High Hog Crowding Tub w/2’ & 4’ walk-in gate (Never Used)

Lot360Pic01.jpg  Lot360Pic02.jpg  Lot360Pic03.jpg  Lot360Pic04.jpg  

20’ High Hog S-Alley w/walkway, alley stops, rolling gates front & back, (Never Used)

Lot361Pic01.jpg  Lot361Pic02.jpg  Lot361Pic03.jpg  Lot361Pic04.jpg  Lot361Pic05.jpg  

12’ Long x 10’ Wide High Hog Alley w/4’ walkin gate (Never Used)

Lot317aPic01.jpg  Lot317aPic02.jpg  Lot317aPic03.jpg  Lot317aPic04.jpg  

Ranch Hand Calf Catcher for side of ATV

Lot315Pic01.jpg  Lot315Pic02.jpg  

4’ Wide x 7’ High Self Contained High Hog Gate (Never Used)

Lot401Pic01.jpg  Lot401Pic02.jpg  

6’ Deep x 12’ Wide High Qual Drive Over Texas Gate


6’ Wide x 7’ High Self Contained High Hog Gate (Never Used)

Lot402Pic01.jpg  Lot402Pic02.jpg  

Grain Bins

(Bins Located on NW 35-8-10 W3rd Rm of 76)
Bins to be removed by July 1, 2022.

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135 Ton Westeel Magnum-F Fertilizer Bin, ladder, crank opener, 3 site glasses, 3 ring skid

Lot305Pic01.jpg  Lot305Pic02.jpg  Lot305Pic03.jpg  

100 Ton Westeel Magnum-F Fertilizer Bin, ladder, slide opener, lid opener, 2 ring skid

Lot306Pic01.jpg  Lot306Pic02.jpg  Lot306Pic03.jpg  

100 Ton Westco Fertilizer Bin, ladder, slide opener, lid opener, 2 ring skid

Lot307Pic01.jpg  Lot307Pic02.jpg  Lot307Pic03.jpg  


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2012 90' x 13" Brandt 1390-HP Pto Grain Auger, swing out auger, 1000 pto., reverse, w/hyd. swing out hopper w/db augers, hyd. mover, drop spout, w/remote S/N 102032

Lot309Pic01.jpg  Lot309Pic02.jpg  Lot309Pic03.jpg  Lot309Pic04.jpg  Lot309Pic05.jpg  Lot309Pic06.jpg  Lot309Pic07.jpg  

41' x 8" Wheatheart BH 841 Grain Auger, auger mover, remote switch, 25 Hp. Koehler elec. start engine, hyd. lift, drop spout

Lot308Pic01.jpg  Lot308Pic02.jpg  Lot308Pic03.jpg  Lot308Pic04.jpg  Lot308Pic05.jpg  Lot308Pic06.jpg  Lot308Pic07.jpg  Lot308Pic08.jpg  Lot308Pic09.jpg  Lot308Pic10.jpg  

75’ x 15” Batco 1575 Conveyor Pto Auger, 540 pto, hyd. swing out hopper

Lot309aPic01.jpg  Lot309aPic02.jpg  Lot309aPic03.jpg  Lot309aPic04.jpg  Lot309aPic05.jpg  Lot309aPic06.jpg  Lot309aPic07.jpg  Lot309aPic08.jpg  

50' x 13" Batco Conveyor Auger, hyd. lift, 24 hp. Onan elec. start motor, auger mover, (Near bearings, new conveyor belt, new down spout, new hopper)

Lot310Pic01.jpg  Lot310Pic02.jpg  Lot310Pic03.jpg  Lot310Pic04.jpg  Lot310Pic05.jpg  Lot310Pic06.jpg  Lot310Pic07.jpg  Lot310Pic08.jpg  Lot310Pic09.jpg  Lot310Pic10.jpg  

7' x 9" Wheatheart Hyd. Transfer Auger

Lot311Pic01.jpg  Lot311Pic02.jpg  Lot311Pic03.jpg  Lot311Pic04.jpg  

Auger Hog Grain Hopper

Lot312Pic01.jpg  Lot312Pic02.jpg  Lot312Pic03.jpg  

Gleaner L2 SP Combine, perkins diesel motor, 23.1 x 30 front tires, 4 rib back tires, straw chopper, S/N L16666-78 w/Gleaner Pickup Table w/melroe pickup, 24' Gleaner Straight Cut Header, crop lifters, metal bats w/transport (sells as a unit)

Lot313Pic01.jpg  Lot313Pic02.jpg  Lot313Pic03.jpg  Lot313Pic04.jpg  Lot313Pic05.jpg  Lot313Pic06.jpg  Lot313Pic07.jpg  Lot313Pic08.jpg  Lot313Pic09.jpg  Lot313Pic10.jpg  Lot313Pic11.jpg  Lot313Pic12.jpg  Lot313Pic13.jpg  Lot313Pic14.jpg  


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2002 Honda Foreman ES ATV, 4x4, front & back racks, 8380 kms. showing, S/N 78TE226534400184 (Red)

Lot314Pic01.jpg  Lot314Pic02.jpg  Lot314Pic03.jpg  Lot314Pic04.jpg  Lot314Pic05.jpg  Lot314Pic06.jpg  Lot314Pic07.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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5' Westward 3 Pt. Hitch Rotary Mower, 540 pto

Lot335Pic01.jpg  Lot335Pic02.jpg  

8' Schulte 9600 3 Pt. Hitch Snowblower, single stage, hyd. chute, 540 pto

Lot351Pic01.jpg  Lot351Pic02.jpg  

3 Pt. Hitch Arms for JD 7800 or 7810 Tractor



Auctioneer's Note: For further info on equipment call Ian at (306) 741-2583.


Godenir Internet Only Farm & Livestock Equip. Auction - Aneroid, SK.

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