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Internet Timed Only Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer w/Letter of Guarantee

For: GC Acres Ltd.
(Guy Lorrain)

Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
(306) 648-7761

Monday, April 12, 2021

Starting at 10:00 am CST

2 miles North of Gravelbourg on #58 Hwy. (West Side)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone (306) 648-7761 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only." No machinery will be released until it’s been paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases.

Please click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be posted approx. 5-7 days in advance of sale day. This auction will be a soft close on April 12, 2021. There will be a 3.5% Buyers Premium to a maximum of $1000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.


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* 1992 Case IH 9250 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8 x 38 factory duals, 4 hyd., return line, Cummins L10 Diesel motor, 12 sp. powershift, 300 eng. hp., 6327 hrs. showing (New head & valves 2 years ago) S/N JCB0029247

01Case1992Tractor01.jpg  01Case1992Tractor02.jpg  01Case1992Tractor03.jpg  01Case1992Tractor04.jpg  01Case1992Tractor05.jpg  01Case1992Tractor06.jpg  01Case1992Tractor07.jpg  01Case1992Tractor08.jpg  01Case1992Tractor09.jpg  01Case1992Tractor10.jpg  01Case1992Tractor11.jpg  01Case1992Tractor12.jpg  01Case1992Tractor13.jpg  01Case1992Tractor14.jpg  

* 1983 Steiger Cougar III ST250 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, 4 hyd., return line, Cat 3206 Diesel motor, 250 eng. hp., 20 sp. trans., 8367 hrs. showing, S/N 1043136705

02SteigerTractor01.jpg  02SteigerTractor02.jpg  02SteigerTractor03.jpg  02SteigerTractor04.jpg  02SteigerTractor05.jpg  02SteigerTractor06.jpg  02SteigerTractor07.jpg  02SteigerTractor08.jpg  02SteigerTractor09.jpg  02SteigerTractor10.jpg  02SteigerTractor11.jpg  02SteigerTractor12.jpg  02SteigerTractor13.jpg  02SteigerTractor14.jpg  02SteigerTractor15.jpg  02SteigerTractor16.jpg  02SteigerTractor17.jpg  02SteigerTractor18.jpg  

* 1984 Ford 1710 MFWA Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, turf tires, w/ Ford 770B FEL, sep. joystick, 26 eng. hp., 3 sp. w/Hi-Low range, 888 hrs. showing, S/N UL06921

100FordTractor01.jpg  100FordTractor02.jpg  100FordTractor03.jpg  100FordTractor04.jpg  100FordTractor05.jpg  100FordTractor06.jpg  100FordTractor07.jpg  100FordTractor08.jpg  100FordTractor09.jpg  100FordTractor10.jpg  100FordTractor11.jpg  100FordTractor12.jpg  100FordTractor13.jpg  100FordTractor14.jpg  100FordTractor15.jpg  100FordTractor16.jpg  

3 PT. Hitch

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* 6' Ford Cultivator


* 6' Ford 930 Finishing Mower, 540 pto

04FordFinishingMower01.jpg  04FordFinishingMower02.jpg  102Blade.jpg  

* 8' JD 569 Cultivator

05JDCult.jpg  103JDCult.jpg  

* 16' JD 400 Rotary Hoe, S/N N00400X094121

06JDHoe01.jpg  06JDHoe02.jpg  06JDHoe03.jpg  06JDHoe04.jpg  06JDHoe05.jpg  

* 6' Worksaver Blade

* Weights


Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 1999 Volvo Highway Tractor, Integral Sleeper, 11R24.5 tires, 18 sp. Eaton Fuller Trans., Cummins N14 Diesel motor, sliding 5th wheel, PW, PL, new air bags, 1,455,989 kms. S/N 4VG7DBJK3XN778487 (Grey)

07Semi01.jpg  07Semi02.jpg  07Semi03.jpg  07Semi04.jpg  07Semi05.jpg  07Semi06.jpg  07Semi07.jpg  07Semi09.jpg  07Semi10.jpg  07Semi11.jpg  07Semi12.jpg  07Semi13.jpg  07Semi14.jpg  07Semi15.jpg  07Semi16.jpg  07Semi17.jpg  07Semi18.jpg  07Semi19.jpg  

* 2008 Wilson 30' Grain Trailer, 2 hoppers, 14" high hoppers off ground, crank openers on both sides, elec. roll tarp, 1100 x 22.5 tires, air ride, air brakes, S/N 1W12DFLA88B248877 (White)

08GrainTrailer01.jpg  08GrainTrailer02.jpg  08GrainTrailer03.jpg  08GrainTrailer04.jpg  08GrainTrailer05.jpg  08GrainTrailer06.jpg  08GrainTrailer07.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 1981 Western Star 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck w/8 1/2' x 18' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, back control for hoist, air ride, air brakes, pindle hitch, 11R24.5 tires, full tandem, 15 sp. Eaton Fuhler trans., Cummins N14 Diesel motor, 778,295 kms. showing, 6299 eng. hrs. showing, S/N 2WKPDCJG1BK907407 (Green)

09WesternStarTruck01.jpg  09WesternStarTruck02.jpg  09WesternStarTruck03.jpg  09WesternStarTruck04.jpg  09WesternStarTruck05.jpg  09WesternStarTruck06.jpg  09WesternStarTruck07.jpg  09WesternStarTruck08.jpg  09WesternStarTruck09.jpg  09WesternStarTruck10.jpg  09WesternStarTruck11.jpg  09WesternStarTruck12.jpg  09WesternStarTruck13.jpg  09WesternStarTruck14.jpg  09WesternStarTruck15.jpg  09WesternStarTruck16.jpg  09WesternStarTruck17.jpg  

* 1987 16' Load King Pup Trailer, 500 Bu., 11R x 24.5 tires, roll tarp, air brakes, S/N 2L9DT162XHA004008 (White)

10PupTrailer01.jpg  10PupTrailer02.jpg  10PupTrailer03.jpg  10PupTrailer04.jpg  10PupTrailer05.jpg  10PupTrailer06.jpg  10PupTrailer07.jpg  

* 1979 Chev 30 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 11' steel box & db. acting hoist, steel floor, 16" tires, 4 sp., plumbed for drill fill, 36,440 kms. showing, S/N CCL339V157543 (Red) (New leaf springs on back)

11Chev1979Truck01.jpg  11Chev1979Truck02.jpg  11Chev1979Truck03.jpg  11Chev1979Truck04.jpg  11Chev1979Truck05.jpg  11Chev1979Truck06.jpg  11Chev1979Truck07.jpg  11Chev1979Truck08.jpg  11Chev1979Truck09.jpg  11Chev1979Truck10.jpg  11Chev1979Truck11.jpg  11Chev1979Truck12.jpg  

* 1971 IH 1600 Loadstar 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 16' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, 345 V8 motor, 900 x 20 tires, 4x2 trans., S/N 416060C071314 (Blue)

12LoadstarTruck01.jpg  12LoadstarTruck02.jpg  

* 2011 Ford SuperDuty XLT F250 3/4-Ton Crew Cab Truck, 4x4, 6.2L gas motor, auto., PW, PL, hidden hitch, running boards, 17” tires, 219,305 kms. showing, S/N 1FT7W2B61BEB11236 (Silver)

105Pic01.jpg  105Pic02.jpg  105Pic03.jpg  105Pic04.jpg  105Pic05.jpg  105Pic06.jpg  105Pic07.jpg  

* 2006 Ford F150 Ext. Cab Truck, FX4 Off Road, 4x4, 18" tires, hidden hitch, running boards, auto, outside key pad, command start, box liner, 213,310 kms. showing, S/N 1FTPX14596NA06364 (Blue)

13Ford2006Truck01.jpg  13Ford2006Truck02.jpg  13Ford2006Truck03.jpg  13Ford2006Truck04.jpg  13Ford2006Truck05.jpg  13Ford2006Truck06.jpg  13Ford2006Truck07.jpg  13Ford2006Truck08.jpg  13Ford2006Truck09.jpg  13Ford2006Truck10.jpg  13Ford2006Truck11.jpg  106Ford2006Truck12.jpg  

* 1979 GMC 1-Ton Truck, dually, 350 motor, 4 sp., 7' x 12' box w/hoist, steel floor, S/N TCY3351505998 (Blue) (Cab has mice in it)

14GMC1979Truck01.jpg  14GMC1979Truck02.jpg  14GMC1979Truck03.jpg  

High Clearance Sprayer

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* 1991 90' Case IH Patriot 4260 High Clearance Sprayer, 520/85R38 tires, 1200 gal. stainless steel tank, Outback GPS w/Autosteer, Raven controls, triple body nozzles on booms, Cummins Diesel motor, 5256 hrs. showing, S/N JFG0002958

107Sprayer01.jpg  107Sprayer02.jpg  107Sprayer2.jpg  ;107Sprayer03.jpg  107Sprayer04.jpg  107Sprayer05.jpg  107Sprayer06.jpg  107Sprayer07.jpg  107Sprayer08.jpg  107Sprayer09.jpg  107Sprayer10.jpg  107Sprayer11.jpg  107Sprayer12.jpg  107Sprayer13.jpg  107Sprayer14.jpg  107Sprayer15.jpg  107Sprayer16.jpg  107Sprayer17.jpg  107Sprayer18.jpg  107Sprayer19.jpg  107Sprayer20.jpg  107Sprayer22.jpg  107Sprayer33.jpg  

* 4 - Narrow Sprayer Tires

16SprayerTires01.jpg  16SprayerTires02.jpg  108SprayerTires03.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 52' Conserva Pak 5112 Air Drill, 12" spacings, db. chute, depth control wheels on front, 5 plex (Packers are 1 year old), S/N 51120308 w/Conserva Pak 4400 Tow Between Grain Cart, 4 comp., 1 hyd. fan, various rollers, 30.5 x 32 inside tires, 18.4 x 38 outside tires, S/N 44000311

17AirDrill01.jpg  17AirDrill02.jpg  17AirDrill03.jpg  17AirDrill04.jpg  17AirDrill05.jpg  17AirDrill06.jpg  17AirDrill07.jpg  17AirDrill08.jpg  17AirDrill09.jpg  17AirDrill10.jpg  17AirDrill11.jpg  17AirDrill12.jpg  17AirDrill13.jpg  17AirDrill14.jpg  17AirDrill15.jpg  17AirDrill16.jpg  17AirDrill17.jpg  17AirDrill18.jpg  17AirDrill19.jpg  17AirDrill20.jpg  17AirDrill21.jpg  17AirDrill22.jpg  17AirDrill23.jpg  

* Various Conserva Pak parts (Packers, shanks, Fert. & Seed Openers)

* 40' Degelman 6640 Land Roller, fully hyd., S/N 1075

18DegelmanRoller01.jpg  18DegelmanRoller02.jpg  18DegelmanRoller03.jpg  18DegelmanRoller04.jpg  18DegelmanRoller05.jpg  18DegelmanRoller06.jpg  

* 32' Case IH 490 Tandem Disc, scrapers, 18" smooth blades front & back, S/N 4252

19Disc01.jpg  19Disc02.jpg  19Disc03.jpg  19Disc04.jpg  19Disc05.jpg  19Disc06.jpg  19Disc07.jpg  19Disc08.jpg  19Disc09.jpg  

* 70' Blanchard Hydra-Lift Harrow Packer Drawbar, P30 packers, 12" tine harrows, fully hyd., big tires

20BlanchardHarrow01.jpg  20BlanchardHarrow02.jpg  20BlanchardHarrow03.jpg  20BlanchardHarrow04.jpg  20BlanchardHarrow05.jpg  

* 50' Degelman 7000 Strawmaster Heavy Harrow, 20" tines w/Valmar 3255 Granular Applicator, hyd. motor, S/N 3831

21DegelmanHarrow01.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow02.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow03.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow04.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow05.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow06.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow07.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow08.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow09.jpg  21DegelmanHarrow10.jpg  

* 49' Flexicoil 800 Cultivator, 5 plex w/Flexicoil tine harrows

97FlexicoilCult01.jpg  97FlexicoilCult02.jpg  97FlexicoilCult03.jpg  

* 41' Friggstad Cultivator, 5 plex (Yellow)

22FriggstadCult01.jpg  22FriggstadCult02.jpg  

* 46' Homebuilt Vibra Shank Cultivator w/Valmar 240 Granular applicator, 5 plex, hyd. fan

23VibraShankCult01.jpg  23VibraShankCult02.jpg  23VibraShankCult03.jpg  23VibraShankCult04.jpg  

* GSC Grain Cleaner, cleans by air, 300 Bu. per hr., on own trailer

24GrainCleaner01.jpg  24GrainCleaner02.jpg  24GrainCleaner03.jpg  24GrainCleaner04.jpg  

* Sioux Rotary Seed Cleaner, elec. motor, own trailer, drum is elec., auger is hyd., 220V

25SiouxCleaner01.jpg  25SiouxCleaner02.jpg  25SiouxCleaner03.jpg  25SiouxCleaner04.jpg  25SiouxCleaner05.jpg  

* 40' Weed Wick

26WeedWick01.jpg  26WeedWick02.jpg  

* New Air Fan for Flexicoil Air Seeder

27AirFanforSeeder01.jpg  27AirFanforSeeder02.jpg  

* 16' x 6" Hyd Drill Fill for Air Seeder


* Nutall Seed Inoculator, 12V


* Tuthill Chem Pump


* Handler Seed Treater


GPS System

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* 3 - Trimble Ezee Guide Plus GPS Systems w/autosteer, motor dr. * Trimble 750 GPS system w/autosteer, motor dr. * Extra Wire Harness for Trimble GPS Systems

32GPS01.jpg  32GPS02.jpg  32GPS03.jpg  32GPS04.jpg  32GPS05.jpg  32GPS06.jpg  32GPS07.jpg  

* Trimble Lightbar GPS System


* 5 - GPS Mount Brackets (Case 2188 Combine, Case 1688 Combine, Case 4694 Tractor, Steiger 9250 Tractor & Green Steiger Tractors)

110GPSBrackets01.jpg  110GPSBrackets02.jpg  110GPSBrackets03.jpg  110GPSBrackets04.jpg  110GPSBrackets05.jpg  


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* 1997 Case IH 2188 Axial-Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 30.5L x 32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, twin spreaders, amber light, Cummins Diesel Motor, 5515 eng. hrs. showing, 4363 sep. hrs. showing, S/N JJC0194367 w/Case IH 1015 Pickup table w/Case IH pickup

33Case2188Combine01.jpg  33Case2188Combine02.jpg  33Case2188Combine03.jpg  33Case2188Combine04.jpg  33Case2188Combine05.jpg  33Case2188Combine06.jpg  33Case2188Combine07.jpg  33Case2188Combine08.jpg  33Case2188Combine09.jpg  33Case2188Combine10.jpg  33Case2188Combine11.jpg  33Case2188Combine12.jpg  33Case2188Combine13.jpg  33Case2188Combine14.jpg  33Case2188Combine15.jpg  33Case2188Combine16.jpg  33Case2188Combine17.jpg  

* 1994 Case IH 1688 Axial-Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 30.5 x 32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, Cummins Diesel motor, Kirby chaff spreader w/flow control, twin spreaders, return to cut feature, 5409 hrs showing, Case IH 1015 pickup table w/11' Rake-up pickup S/N JJC0120692

34Case1688Combine01.jpg  34Case1688Combine02.jpg  34Case1688Combine03.jpg  34Case1688Combine04.jpg  34Case1688Combine05.jpg  34Case1688Combine06.jpg  34Case1688Combine07.jpg  34Case1688Combine08.jpg  34Case1688Combine09.jpg  34Case1688Combine10.jpg  34Case1688Combine11.jpg  34Case1688Combine12.jpg  34Case1688Combine13.jpg  34Case1688Combine14.jpg  34Case1688Combine15.jpg  34Case1688Combine16.jpg  

* 1997 30 JD 930 Flex Header, fore & aft, lrg. auger, pickup reel w/plastic fingers w/beaver tail, Homemade adapter for Case IH Combines, on own transport trailer, S/N 671249

111JD1997Header01.jpg  111JD1997Header02.jpg  111JD1997Header03.jpg  111JD1997Header04.jpg  

* 1991 30' JD 930 Flex Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, air reel, full finger auger, Lankota adapter for Case IH combines, on own transport trailer, S/N 641337

112JD1991Heade5  112JD1991Heade6  112JD1991Heade1  112JD1991Heade2  112JD1991Heade4  112JD1991Heade3  112JD1991Heade7  

* 36' Case IH 1042 Draper Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, short pea auger, on own transport, S/N 009542

113IH1042Header01.jpg  113IH1042Header02.jpg  113IH1042Header03.jpg  113IH1042Header04.jpg  113IH1042Header05.jpg  113IH1042Header06.jpg  113IH1042Header07.jpg  113IH1042Header08.jpg  113IH1042Header09.jpg  113IH1042Header10.jpg  113IH1042Header11.jpg  113IH1042Header12.jpg  

* 1986 30' Case IH 1010 Straight Cut Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, own transport, S/N 000564

114IH1010Header01.jpg  114IH1010Header02.jpg  114IH1010Header03.jpg  114IH1010Header04.jpg  

* 32' IH 5000 SP Diesel Swather, hydrostatic, draper header, 16.5 x 16.1 front tires, twin tires on back, S/N 1310060C000505

115SPSwather01.jpg  115SPSwather02.jpg  115SPSwather03.jpg  115SPSwather04.jpg  115SPSwather05.jpg  115SPSwather06.jpg  115SPSwather07.jpg  115SPSwather08.jpg  

* Homebuilt SP Swather Mover

40SPMover01.jpg  40SPMover02.jpg  40SPMover03.jpg  

* 45' x 15" Batco 1545 Conveyor Auger, 27 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, hyd. mover, drop spout

41Batco45ftAuger01.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger02.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger03.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger04.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger05.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger06.jpg  41Batco45ftAuger07.jpg  

* 35' x 13" Batco 1335 Conveyor Auger, 20 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, hyd. mover

42Batco35ftAuger01.jpg  42Batco35ftAuger02.jpg  42Batco35ftAuger03.jpg  42Batco35ftAuger04.jpg  42Batco35ftAuger05.jpg  42Batco35ftAuger06.jpg  

* 52' x 8" Sakundiak Grain Auger mounted on a Farmall C Tractor, 11.2 x 36 back tires, hyd. pump, 540 pto, 23 eng. hp. (Sells as a unit)

43AugerwithTractor01.jpg  43AugerwithTractor02.jpg  43AugerwithTractor03.jpg  43AugerwithTractor04.jpg  

* 31' x 8" Sakundiak HD8-1000 Grain Auger, hyd. winch, clutch, 20 hp. Onan elec. start motor, auger mover, Wheatheart Hyd. Bin Sweep

44Sakundiak31ftAuger01.jpg  44Sakundiak31ftAuger02.jpg  44Sakundiak31ftAuger03.jpg  44Sakundiak31ftAuger04.jpg  44Sakundiak31ftAuger05.jpg  

* 52' x 8" Sakundiak HD8-1600 Grain Auger, auger mover, 24 hp. Onan elec. start motor, elec. switch, Wheatheart bin sweep (Grey Frame)

45Sakundiak52ftAuger01.jpg  45Sakundiak52ftAuger02.jpg  45Sakundiak52ftAuger03.jpg  45Sakundiak52ftAuger04.jpg  45Sakundiak52ftAuger05.jpg  

* 70' x 10" Brandt 1070 Pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper, 540 pto, new flighting in hopper

46Brandt70ftAuger01.jpg  46Brandt70ftAuger02.jpg  46Brandt70ftAuger03.jpg  46Brandt70ftAuger04.jpg  46Brandt70ftAuger05.jpg  

* Vac-u-vator Grain Vac, on own trailer, 1000 pto

47GrainVac01.jpg  47GrainVac02.jpg  

* Parts for Rake-up Pickup

49RakeUpParts01.jpg  49RakeUpParts02.jpg  

* Homebuilt Swath Turner

50SwathTurner01.jpg  50SwathTurner02.jpg  

* 32 Flexifinger

* 32 Flexicoil Crop Lifters

51FlexicoilLifters01.jpg  51FlexicoilLifters02.jpg  

* 31 Schumacher Crop Lifters (Yellow)


* 30 Schumacher Crop lifters

53SchumacherLifters01.jpg  53SchumacherLifters02.jpg  

* 58 Flexxifinger Pulse Crop Lifters

54FlexxifingerLifters01.jpg  54FlexxifingerLifters02.jpg  

* 30 Crop Lifters * 33 SCH Crop Lifters

* 6' Swath Roller



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* 11 Yard Caterpillar 60 Scraper, Converted to hyd., block on back

116Scraper01.jpg  116Scraper02.jpg  116Scraper03.jpg  116Scraper04.jpg  116Scraper05.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 7' Snowblower, hyd. dr., hyd. chute, fits Toro 580-D mower

55Snowblower.jpg  117Snowblower01.jpg  117Snowblower02.jpg  

* 14.9 x 24 Spare Tire


* 2-30.5 x 32 Tires


* 10' ATV Yard Sprayer w/wand


* 22 Barrels of Score Adjuvant


* 5 - 1100 x 24 Tires


* Wood Blocks


* 2 Piece Concaves for Case IH 1688 or 2188 Combines


* Short Teleposts


* Grave Digger


* 8' JD Land Leveller


* 300 gal. Poly Water Tank


* 900 Hold-On Black Poly Water Tank

67HoldOnTank01.jpg  67HoldOnTank02.jpg  67HoldOnTank03.jpg  

* 300 gal. Fuel Tank & Stand


* 500 gal. Fuel Tank & Stand


* Ray Lift Air Floor Jack

70RayLift01.jpg  70RayLift02.jpg  70RayLift03.jpg  

* Approx. 1600 Bu. Tarp for Temporary Grain Bin


* Thompson S3B Seeder for behind ATV

72ThompsonSeeder01.jpg  72ThompsonSeeder02.jpg  

* 1000 Ground Level Diesel Fuel Tank, 110V Pump


* Grimmer-Schmidt 150 Air Machine Air Compressor on own trailer

76AirMachine01.jpg  76AirMachine02.jpg  76AirMachine03.jpg  76AirMachine04.jpg  76AirMachine05.jpg  76AirMachine06.jpg  76AirMachine07.jpg  

* Carolina 5000 Shop Crane


* Long neck Floor Jack


* Jet Power Hacksaw


* B&D Drill Press


* 100 Gal. Slip Tank w/1/4 stroke pump

81SlipTank01.jpg  81SlipTank02.jpg  

* New Gear Box for JD Header


* Dixon 428 Ride On Lawn Mower, 42" mower, 9 hp. motor

83DizonMower01.jpg  83DizonMower02.jpg  

* Snow Fence w/steel fence posts


* Chem Handler II

85ChemHandlerII01.jpg  85ChemHandlerII02.jpg  

* Sotera Chem Pump


* 2" Honda Water Pump

87HondaWaterPump01.jpg  87HondaWaterPump02.jpg  

* 3" Robin Water Pump

88RobinWaterPump.jpg  88RobinWaterPump02.jpg  

* Stationery IH Parts Motor, fits Farmall C Tractor


* 11 hp. Honda Motor


* 5.5 hp. Honda Motor


* Homebuilt Cable Plow


* Labtronics 919 Moisture Tester, upgraded to 3" cell


* Degelman Dozer Bracket fits IH 4386 Tractor

94DegelmanDozer01.jpg  94DegelmanDozer02.jpg  

* Wheel w/Hyd. motor


* Powermate Gas Weed Whip


* Pow’R Profile Elec. Air Compressor


* Honda ES4500 Generator, on wheels, needs battery for elec. start feature, like new

123HondaGenerator01.jpg  123HondaGenerator02.jpg  123HondaGenerator03.jpg  

* Beaver Table Saw


* Karcher HD850 Hot Water Pressure Washer, 220V


* Coke Fridge

126CokeFridge02  126CokeFridge01  

* NH Sign


* 7000 Watt Generac Standby Generator w/transfer switch

128Generac01.jpg  128Generac02.jpg  

* 16’ Diameter x 16” High Concrete Forms


* 16” Auger Bit


* 12” Auger Bit


* 250 Amp Lincoln Arc Welder w/helmet, cables, rods


* 1” Air Vessel Impact w/ 13/16” - 1 5/8” Impact Sockets


* IH Motor Generator, Gas motor

134IHMotor01  134IHMotor02  

* Various 2” & 1 1/2” Plastic Hose * Simoniz S1900 Pressure Washer * Shelving Brackets * Sprayer Tips & Screens * Capri Gas Stove * Water Cooler * Old Beer Bottles * Skilsaw Mitre Saw * Elec. Stove * Gardening Tools * Various Empty Metal Oil Barrels * 2 Bostitch Stanley Air Roofing Nailers * Roofing Nails * Shingle Shovels * Tar Paper * Backpack Sprayer * Rope Ladder * Hard Hats * 3 Cases of Liquid Rozol * Wood Lathe * LED Boom Lights for Sprayer * Tow Bars * Bottle Jacks * Makita Cordless Drills, need batteries * Shop Lights * Craftsman Drill w/Light * Angle Grinders * 2 Pails of Grass Seed * 6 Ton Jack Stands * HD Tow Strap * Logging Chains * 300’ of 220V elec. cable *2 House Trailer Axles w/tires * U-Joint Puller * Rollup Door Parts * Toro Ride On Mower, 25” mower * Trailtech Trailer Fenders * Poly Truck Box Tool Box * Delta Truck Box Tool Box * Metal Tailgate * Friggstad Shank assemblies & extensions * 31” Wide x 22” Tall Window * 2 Water Fire Extinguishers * Forge Blower * Cement Wire * 18V & 20V Lincoln Grease Guns * 170L of Rustler Chemical * 5 Cases of Ponder for Treating Dugouts * Semi Tire Tools * Bead Blaster * Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

135Shop01.jpg  135Shop02.jpg  135Shop03.jpg  135Shop04.jpg  135Shop05.jpg  135Shop06.jpg  135Shop07.jpg  135Shop08.jpg  135Shop09.jpg  135Shop10.jpg  135Shop11.jpg  135Shop12.jpg  135Shop13.jpg  135Shop14.jpg  135Shop15.jpg  135Shop16.jpg  135Shop17.jpg  135Shop18.jpg  135Shop19.jpg  135Shop20.jpg  135Shop21.jpg  135Shop22.jpg  135Shop23.jpg  135Shop24.jpg  135Shop25.jpg  135Shop26.jpg  135Shop27.jpg  135Shop28.jpg  135Shop29.jpg  135Shop30.jpg  135Shop31.jpg  135Shop32.jpg  135Shop33.jpg  135Shop34.jpg  135Shop35.jpg  135Shop36.jpg  135Shop37.jpg  135Shop38.jpg  135Shop39.jpg  135Shop40.jpg  135Shop41.jpg  135Shop42.jpg  135Shop43.jpg  135Shop44.jpg  135Shop45.jpg  135Shop46.jpg  135Shop47.jpg  135Shop48.jpg  135Shop49.jpg  135Shop50.jpg  135Shop51.jpg  135Shop52.jpg  135Shop53.jpg  135Shop54.jpg  135Shop55.jpg  135Shop56.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: For Further Info on equipment Call Guy at (306) 648-7761.

There will be more items added to this auction.

Leo Beaudoin
(306) 648-2847

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* 45’ Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill, 12” spacings, db. shoot, 3” rubber packers, Dutch Gumbo style openers, 5 plex, disc markers, S/N 088416-00 w/Flexicoil 2320 Tow Between Tank, 1 hyd. fan, swing out auger, S/N G320-109304-02 (Field Ready)

136AirDrill01.jpg  136AirDrill02.jpg  136AirDrill03.jpg  136AirDrill04.jpg  136AirDrill05.jpg  136AirDrill06.jpg  136AirDrill07.jpg  136AirDrill08.jpg  136AirDrill09.jpg  136AirDrill10.jpg  136AirDrill11.jpg  136AirDrill12.jpg  136AirDrill13.jpg  


Lorrain Farm Equipment Auction - Gravelbourg, SK.

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