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Internet Timed Only
Large Antique & Collectible Tractor Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: James (Bill) McConnell

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
(306) 662-4268 or (306) 662-8488

Monday, May 29, 2023

Starting at 10:00 am CST

From the Junction of #21 Hwy. and 1st Ave North (North side of Train Tracks) go 1/2 mile West on 1st Ave North to stop sign, .8 mile North on gravel road, 1/4 West (GPS: N49.55.28; W109.29.40)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Bill at (306) 662-4268 or Colin at (306) 662-8488 to book an appt. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. Bidding will open on Monday, May 22, 2023 and begin to close on Monday May 29, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. No machinery will be released until paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by June 12, 2023.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close May 29, 2023. There will be a 3.5% buyer's premium to a maximum of $3,000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.

Allis Chalmers Tractors

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Allis Chalmers D14 Gas Tractor, 37 eng. hp., 540 pto, 2134 hrs. showing, (Restored) (No visible S/N)

Lot101Pic01.jpg  Lot101Pic02.jpg  Lot101Pic03.jpg  

1950 Allis Chalmers B Gas Tractor, 17 eng. hp., 540 pto, belt pulley, S/N B103239 (Restored)


1947 Allis Chalmers B Gas Tractor, 17 eng. hp., belt pulley, 540 pto, S/N 75906 (Restored)

Lot103Pic01.jpg  Lot103Pic02.jpg  Lot103Pic03.jpg  

1955 Allis Chalmers WD45 Gas Tractor, 48 eng. hp., 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, belt pulley, S/N 200981 w/3 pt. ht. Cultivator (Restored)

Lot104Pic01.jpg  Lot104Pic02.jpg  Lot104Pic03.jpg  

Case & IH Tractors

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Case D Gas Tractor, 38 eng. hp., belt pulley, 540 pto, S/N 406800 (Restored)

Lot105Pic01.jpg  Lot105Pic02.jpg  

1948 Case VA Gas Tractor, 18 eng. hp., belt pulley, 540 pto, S/N 5270038 (Restored)

Lot106Pic01.jpg  Lot106Pic02.jpg  

1940 Case LA Gas Tractor, 64 eng. hp., belt pulley, 540 pto, S/N 4407091 (Runs good, Needs head gasket) (Restored)

Lot107Pic01.jpg  Lot107Pic02.jpg  

1946 Case S Gas Tractor, 23 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto w/JD sickle mower S/N 5096085 (Restored)

Lot108Pic01.jpg  Lot108Pic02.jpg  Lot108Pic03.jpg  

1947 IH TD6 Diesel Crawler w/dozer, 34 eng. hp., starts on gas then switches to diesel, S/N TDBK15927 (Partly Restored)

Lot114Pic01.jpg  Lot114Pic02.jpg  Lot114Pic03.jpg  

1957 IH 350 Gas Tractor w/Dual FEL, 49 eng. hp., pto, hyd. S/N 6111 (Old Restoration)

Lot116Pic01.jpg  Lot116Pic02.jpg  

Cockshutt & Ford Tractors

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1951 Cockshutt 30 Gas Tractor, 31 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 31712 (Restored)

Lot109Pic01.jpg  Lot109Pic02.jpg  

1953 Cockshutt 20 Deluxe Gas Tractor, 33 eng. hp., pto, 3 pt. hitch, S/N 1691 (Restored)

Lot110Pic01.jpg  Lot110Pic02.jpg  

1950 Ferguson Gas Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 4 sp., pto, S/N TEA148968 (Restored)

Lot111Pic01.jpg  Lot111Pic02.jpg  

1952 Ford 8N Gas Tractor, 30 eng. hp., pto, 3 pt. hitch w/blade S/N 8N61593

Lot112Pic01.jpg  Lot112Pic02.jpg  Lot112Pic03.jpg  

1950 Fordson Major Tractor, Perkins Diesel motor, 27 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 1180068

Lot113Pic01.jpg  Lot113Pic02.jpg  

JD Tractors

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1994 JD 5300 MFWD Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 3 hyd., roll bar, 16.9 x 28 back tires, 11.2 x 24 front tires, 55 eng. hp. w/JD 540 FEL, sep. joystick, S/N LV5300D331339

Lot131Pic01.jpg  Lot131Pic02.jpg  Lot131Pic03.jpg  Lot131Pic04.jpg  Lot131Pic05.jpg  Lot131Pic06.jpg  Lot131Pic07.jpg  Lot131Pic08.jpg  

1946 JD A Row Crop Gas Tractor, 26 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 564271 (Restored)

Lot118Pic01.jpg  Lot118Pic02.jpg  Lot118Pic03.jpg  

1945 JD AR Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, S/N 265098 (Unstyled) (Restored)

Lot119Pic01.jpg  Lot119Pic02.jpg  

1941 JD AR Tractor, belt pulley, S/N 260379 (Unstyled) (Original)

Lot120Pic01.jpg  Lot120Pic02.jpg  

1952 JD AR Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, (Styled), S/N 281085 (Restored)

Lot121Pic01.jpg  Lot121Pic02.jpg  

1944 JD BR Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, S/N 333449 (Unstyled) (Restored)

Lot122Pic01.jpg  Lot122Pic02.jpg  

1940 JD H Gas Row Crop Tractor, 15 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N H10932 (Restored)

Lot123Pic01.jpg  Lot123Pic02.jpg  

JD L Gas Tractor, 10 eng. hp., belt pulley (No visible S/N) Restored)

Lot124Pic01.jpg  Lot124Pic02.jpg  

1953 JD R Diesel Tractor, 47 eng. hp., pup motor, belt pulley, pto, S/N R16679 (Needs starting motor) (Original)

Lot125Pic01.jpg  Lot125Pic02.jpg  

1949 JD M Gas Tractor w/dozer blade, 2 pt. hitch, belt pulley, pto, 22 eng. hp., S/N 34711 (Restored)

Lot130Pic01.jpg  Lot130Pic02.jpg  

Farmall & McCormick Tractors

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1948 Farmall Super A Gas Tractor, Model AA, belt pulley, 540 pto S/N 252510 (Restored)

Lot135Pic01.jpg  Lot135Pic02.jpg  

Farmall A Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, 3 pt. hitch, S/N 321776

Lot135aPic01.jpg  Lot135aPic02.jpg  

1962 Farmall 140 Gas Tractor, 23 eng. hp., pto, 3 pt. hitch, S/N 17770 (Restored)

Lot137Pic01.jpg  Lot137Pic02.jpg  

1945 Farmall B Row Crop Gas Tractor, 20 eng. hp., pto, S/N 146571 (Restored)

Lot139Pic01.jpg  Lot139Pic02.jpg  

1948 Farmall C Row Crop Gas Tractor, 26 eng. hp., pto, S/N 1815 (No visible S/N) (Restored)

Lot140Pic01.jpg  Lot140Pic02.jpg  

1950 Farmall Cub Demonstrator Gas Tractor, White body, pto w/center mount sickle mower, S/N 104323 (Restored)

Lot141Pic01.jpg  Lot141Pic02.jpg  

1956 Farmall Cub Gas Tractor w/belly rotary mower, belt pulley, pto, S/N 196299 (Restored)

Lot142Pic01.jpg  Lot142Pic02.jpg  

Farmall H Gas Tractor, 26 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N FBH-202 (Restored)

Lot143Pic01.jpg  Lot143Pic02.jpg  

1949 Farmall M Gas Tractor, 38 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 186603 (Restored)

Lot144Pic01.jpg  Lot144Pic02.jpg  Lot144Pic03.jpg  

1947 McCormick Deering W6 Standard Gas Tractor, 40 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 21769 (Restored)

Lot136Pic01.jpg  Lot136Pic02.jpg  

McCormick Deering W6 Super Gas Tractor, 45 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, hyd. w/farm hand (No Visible S/N) (Restored)

Lot145Pic01.jpg  Lot145Pic02.jpg  

1951 McCormick Deering W4 Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto w/sickle mower, 27 eng. hp., S/N WBH29873 (Restored)

Lot146Pic01.jpg  Lot146Pic02.jpg  

1951 McCormick Deering W9 Gas Tractor, pto, 46 eng. hp., S/N WCB56359W17 (No Visible S/N) (Restored)

Lot148Pic01.jpg  Lot148Pic02.jpg  

1952 McCormick Deering W4 Standard Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, 27 eng. hp., S/N WBH32924 (New clutch) (Restored)

Lot149Pic01.jpg  Lot149Pic02.jpg  

1953 McCormick Deering W6 Super Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto, 51 eng. hp., S/N 3320 (Restored)

Lot150Pic01.jpg  Lot150Pic02.jpg  

McCormick Deering 22' Thrashing Machine, runs

Lot150aPic01.jpg  Lot150aPic02.jpg  Lot150aPic03.jpg  Lot150aPic04.jpg  

Oliver, MM & MH Tractors

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1950 Oliver 77 Standard Gas Tractor, belt pulley, pto,37 eng. hp., S/N 272148C77E (Restored)

Lot153Pic01.jpg  Lot153Pic02.jpg  Lot153Pic03.jpg  

1954 Oliver 88 Standard Gas Tractor, 46 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, single hyd., S/N 4502362 (Restored)

Lot154Pic01.jpg  Lot154Pic02.jpg  

1947 MM R Gas Row Crop Tractor, pto, 25 eng. hp., Model EE, S/N 422225 (Restored)

Lot151Pic01.jpg  Lot151Pic02.jpg  Lot151Pic03.jpg  

MM U Gas Tractor, pto, belt pulley, 25 eng. hp., Model 283A-4, S/N 0192 (Restored)

Lot152Pic01.jpg  Lot152Pic02.jpg  

1954 MH 55 Gas Tractor, 62 eng. hp., pto, single hyd., S/N 16166 (Restored)

Lot132Pic01.jpg  Lot132Pic02.jpg  

1950 MH 44 Diesel Tractor, 45 eng. hp., belt pulley, pto, S/N 16941 (Restored)

Lot133Pic01.jpg  Lot133Pic02.jpg  

MH Pony Gas Tractor (No visible S/N) (Restored)

Lot134Pic01.jpg  Lot134Pic02.jpg  Lot134Pic03.jpg  

Ride on TRactors

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JD 110 Ride-On Lawn Tractor, Kohler motor, belly mower (Restored)

Lot126Pic01.jpg  Lot126Pic02.jpg  

JD 110 Ride-On Lawn Tractor w/rototiller (Restored)

Lot127Pic01.jpg  Lot127Pic02.jpg  

JD L111 Ride-On Lawn Tractor w/42” mower (Original)

Lot128Pic01.jpg  Lot128Pic02.jpg  

JD D110 Ride-On Lawn Tractor w/42” mower, only 42 hrs. showing, (Like New)

Lot129Pic01.jpg  Lot129Pic02.jpg  Lot129Pic03.jpg  

IH Cub Cadet 129 Ride-On Tractor, hydro, belly mower (Original)

Lot117Pic01.jpg  Lot117Pic02.jpg  

Lawn Boy Ride-On Mower, 5 hp. B&S motor, belly mower

Lot155Pic01.jpg  Lot155Pic02.jpg  

Older Farm Equipment

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14' IH 201 SP Gas Swather, 4 cyl. IH motor

Lot69Pic01.jpg  Lot69Pic02.jpg  Lot69Pic03.jpg  

Homemade Land Leveller

Lot70Pic01.jpg  Lot70Pic02.jpg  Lot70Pic03.jpg  

14' IH 50 Cultivator

Lot71Pic01.jpg  Lot71Pic02.jpg  Lot71Pic03.jpg  

Richardson Road Grader

Lot72Pic01.jpg  Lot72Pic02.jpg  Lot72Pic03.jpg  

Please Note: (The above 4 pieces of equipment is located approx. 40 miles South of Maple Creek on #21 Highway)


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Panferra 500CC ATV, 4x4, auto, front & back racks, S/N LWGSDTZ199A001004 (Like New)

Lot56Pic01.jpg  Lot56Pic02.jpg  Lot56Pic03.jpg  Lot56Pic04.jpg  Lot56Pic05.jpg  

Yamaha 250 Moto 4 ATV, needs repair

Lot77Pic01.jpg  Lot77Pic02.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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JD 1 1/2 hp. Stationary Engine

Lot82Pic01.jpg  Lot82Pic02.jpg  

4’ x 8’ Homebuilt Yard Wagon (Blue)

Lot81Pic01.jpg  Lot81Pic02.jpg  

Forney Air Compressor


Motomaster Battery Charger, 6V & 12V, boost


Sonic 10 Amp Battery Charger, l6V & 12V * Extension Cords


12' Wooden Step Ladder


Diesel Powerplant


Portable Welder runs off belt pulley


Teck Master 3000 Watt Generator, B&S motor


Goose Decoys with Stands


Homemade Car Ramps


1500 lb. Winch * 6 amp battery charger


Jackall * Booster Cable * Air Compressor for parts


Melroe Air Compressor, 110V


Post Drill * Jackall


8’ x 5’ Windor for a 2” x 6” wall


20 Tarps

Lot60Pic01.jpg  Lot60Pic02.jpg  Lot60Pic03.jpg  Lot60Pic04.jpg  


Internet Timed Only Antique & Collectible Tractor Auction - Maple Creek, Sk.

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