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Farm Surplus Equip. & House Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer w/Letter of Guarantee

For: Ponteix Equipment Co. Ltd.

Ponteix, Saskatchewan
(306) 625-7409

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Starting at 11:00 am CST

From the West side of Aneroid, 9 miles South on RGE RD 3104, 1 mile East on TWP RD 74, 5 miles South on RGE RD 3103. (West Side)
(GPS: N49.30.24.0; W107.17.33.3)

Prior Viewing by appointment only. For Further Info Call Toby at (306) 625-7409.

There will be no attendance or machinery pick-up sale day. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No machinery will be released until it’s been paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases.

Please click here to register to bid at this auction. This auction will be posted approx. 14 days in advance of sale day. This auction will be a soft close on March 17th, 2021. There will be a 3.5% Buyers Premium to a maximum of $1000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.

House & Buildings

(House & Buildings to be moved by Nov. 1, 2021)

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* 1974 Nelson Home, Approx. 1200 Sq. Ft., single car attached garage, car port, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, livingroom, full bath, fridge & freezer, elec. stove, dishwasher, main floor laundry hook-up

01NelsonHome01.jpg  01NelsonHome02.jpg  01NelsonHome03.jpg  01NelsonHome04.jpg  01NelsonHome05.jpg  01NelsonHome06.jpg  01NelsonHome07.jpg  01NelsonHome08.jpg  01NelsonHome09.jpg  01NelsonHome10.jpg  01NelsonHome11.jpg  01NelsonHome12.jpg  01NelsonHome13.jpg  01NelsonHome14.jpg  01NelsonHome15.jpg  01NelsonHome16.jpg  

* 1977 Behlen Metal 2 Car Garage, 25' wide x 25' long, metal roof, db. doors, walk-in door, wired

03Garage01.jpg  03Garage02.jpg  03Garage03.jpg  03Garage04.jpg  

* 16' Wide x 30' Long Wood Storage Shed, loft, wood floor, metal roof

04StorageShed01.jpg  04StorageShed02.jpg  04StorageShed03.jpg  04StorageShed04.jpg  04StorageShed05.jpg  04StorageShed06.jpg  

Please Note: Prospective buyers are responsible for their own inspection of the property. No bids subject to financing will be accepted.

Prior Viewing by appointment only. To book an appointment or for further info on house & buildings call Toby at (306) 625-7409 or George at (306) 750-0872.


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* 1991 Ford F800 Diesel Truck, 5x2 trans., 8 1/2' x 16' steel box & Nordic db. acting hoist, 11R22.5 tires, silage gate & grain end gate, 8.6L Ford Diesel motor, air brakes, 228,161 kms. showing, S/N 1FDXK84A8MVA24268 (Red) (New clutch & transmission; Motor was rebuilt)

05Ford1991Truck01.jpg  05Ford1991Truck02.jpg  05Ford1991Truck03.jpg  05Ford1991Truck04.jpg  05Ford1991Truck05.jpg  05Ford1991Truck06.jpg  05Ford1991Truck07.jpg  05Ford1991Truck08.jpg  05Ford1991Truck09.jpg  05Ford1991Truck10.jpg  05Ford1991Truck11.jpg  05Ford1991Truck12.jpg  05Ford1991Truck13.jpg  05Ford1991Truck14.jpg  05Ford1991Truck15.jpg  05Ford1991Truck16.jpg  

* 2013 Ford F150 XLT Crew Cab Truck, 4x4, PS, PW, PL, A/C, PM, remote start, auto, EcoBoost motor, hidden hitch, 18" tires, running boards, 189,000 kms. S/N 1FTFW1ET0DFA76189 (White)

06Ford2013Truck01.jpg  06Ford2013Truck02.jpg  06Ford2013Truck03.jpg  06Ford2013Truck04.jpg  06Ford2013Truck05.jpg  06Ford2013Truck06.jpg  06Ford2013Truck07.jpg  06Ford2013Truck08.jpg  06Ford2013Truck09.jpg  06Ford2013Truck10.jpg  06Ford2013Truck11.jpg  06Ford2013Truck12.jpg  06Ford2013Truck13.jpg  06Ford2013Truck14.jpg  06Ford2013Truck15.jpg  06Ford2013Truck16.jpg  

* 2006 8' x 30' H&H 5th Wheel Flat Deck Trailer,, dual jacks, beaver tails w/loading ramps & jacks, 8 bolt rims, 7000 lb. axles, 16" tires, 3 axles, S/N 4J6HD30386B077358 (Black)

07Trailer01.jpg  07Trailer02.jpg  07Trailer03.jpg  07Trailer04.jpg  07Trailer05.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 22' Ezee-On Breaking Disc, 24" notch blades on front, 22" smooth blades on back, scrapers, S/N 22958

08BreakingDisc01.jpg  08BreakingDisc02.jpg  08BreakingDisc03.jpg  08BreakingDisc04.jpg  08BreakingDisc05.jpg  08BreakingDisc06.jpg  08BreakingDisc07.jpg  08BreakingDisc08.jpg  08BreakingDisc09.jpg  08BreakingDisc10.jpg  

* 9' IH 3 Pt. Hitch Cultivator

09Cult9ft01.jpg  09Cult9ft02.jpg  

* Sotera Chem. Pump



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* NH 60 Silage Blower, 540 pto, on own trailer, S/N 200264

11NH60Blower01.jpg  11NH60Blower02.jpg  11NH60Blower03.jpg  11NH60Blower04.jpg  

* NH 30 Silage Blower, 1000 pto, on own trailer, S/N 449490

12NH30Blower01.jpg  12NH30Blower02.jpg  12NH30Blower03.jpg  12NH30Blower04.jpg  

* Hoof Trimming Chute, hyd dr.

13HoofChute01.jpg  13HoofChute02.jpg  13HoofChute03.jpg  

* Pearson Cattle Squeeze, palpation cage, auto headgate, metal floor, neck extensions, (Grey)

14Squeeze01.jpg  14Squeeze02.jpg  

* Cattle Squeeze, auto headgate, metal floor, neck extensions, (Green)

64GreenSqueeze01.jpg  64GreenSqueeze02.jpg  64GreenSqueeze03.jpg  64GreenSqueeze04.jpg  

* 1000 gal. Poly Water Trough

16WaterTrough01.jpg  16WaterTrough02.jpg  

* Koenders Feed Cart

17FeedCart01.jpg  17FeedCart02.jpg  

* Sm. Livestock Scale

18SmScale01.jpg  18SmScale02.jpg  

* 20' Metal Gate (White)


* 15' Metal Gate (White)


* 5-16’ Metal Gates * 3-12’ Metal Gates


* 3-11’ Silver Metal Gates * 2-6’ Silver Metal Gates * 1-10’ Silver Metal Gate


* 8-4’ Hog Panels * 2-6’ Hog Panels * 1-7’ Hog Panel * 1-8’ Hog Panel


* 6-7’ Metal Gates * 2-8’ Metal Gates


Grain Bins

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Please Note: Bins to be removed by July 1, 2021

* 3 - 1750 Bu. Behlen Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, slide openers, ladders

21BehlenHopperBins01.jpg  21BehlenHopperBins02.jpg  21BehlenHopperBins03.jpg  

* 2 - Approx. 40 Ton Metal Industrial Hopper Bottom Fertilizer Bins, slide openers, ladders

22FertBins01.jpg  22FertBins02.jpg  

* 3 - 3200 Bu. Bader Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, crank openers, Aeration & Aeration Fans

23BaderBins01.jpg  23BaderBins02.jpg  23BaderBins03.jpg  23BaderBins04.jpg  23BaderBins05.jpg  

* 50 Bu. Poly Hopper Bottom Bin


* 4 - 3 Bar Metal Hopper Bottom Bin Skids, 17' wide (For 4300 Bu. Bin) (These are located 12 miles South of Ponteix on #628 Road, 1 mile East)

25BinRings01.jpg  25BinRings02.jpg  

* 10 Hp. Kehoe Squirrel Aeration Fan, 220V Single phase, needs motor

26KehoeFan01.jpg  26KehoeFan02.jpg  26KehoeFan03.jpg  

* 10 Hp. Golden Air Squirrel Aeration Fan, 220V Single phase


* 10 Hp. Squirrel Aeration Fan, 220V Single Phase

65SilverFan01.jpg  65SilverFan02.jpg  


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* 104' x 16" Farm King 16104 Pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper w/hyd hopper mover, hyd winch, new flighting, reverser, scissors hoist, 1000 pto, 16.5 x 16.1 tires

29Auger104ftPic01.jpg  29Auger104ftPic02.jpg  29Auger104ftPic03.jpg  29Auger104ftPic04.jpg  29Auger104ftPic05.jpg  29Auger104ftPic06.jpg  29Auger104ftPic07.jpg  29Auger104ftPic08.jpg  29Auger104ftPic09.jpg  29Auger104ftPic10.jpg  

* 90' x 13" Brandt 1390-HP Auger, swing out hopper, 1000 pto, reverser, hyd. winch, elec. hopper mover w/remote, db. augers, lights

30Brandt90ftAuger01.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger02.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger03.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger04.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger05.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger06.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger07.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger08.jpg  30Brandt90ftAuger09.jpg  

* 45' x 15" Batco Conveyor Auger, auger mover, 27 hp. Koehler Elec. Start Motor

31Batco45ftAuger01.jpg  31Batco45ftAuger02.jpg  31Batco45ftAuger03.jpg  31Batco45ftAuger04.jpg  31Batco45ftAuger05.jpg  

* 8' Metal Swath Roller, tapered centre


* 10' Metal Drum, tapered centre, for swath roller


* 9' Weststeel Transfer Auger, 5 Hp. 220V motor


* 2 Sets of JD Pea Concaves fits 9770 Combines

35PeaConcaves01.jpg  35PeaConcaves02.jpg  

* 10' New Concept Industrial Transfer Auger

36NewConceptAuger01.jpg  36NewConceptAuger02.jpg  

* NH Adapter for lifting the Feeder House throat


* Elec. Grain Auger Mover


* Approx. 80 Schumacher GS2 Crop Lifters


* Approx. 160 Flexxifinger Crop Lifters


Shop & Yard

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* Joy D150S1 Jack Hammer Air Compressor w/JD Diesel Motor, on own trailer

41JoyCompressor01.jpg  41JoyCompressor02.jpg  41JoyCompressor03.jpg  41JoyCompressor04.jpg  41JoyCompressor05.jpg  41JoyCompressor06.jpg  

* 7' Rhino SR80 3 Pt. Hitch Off Set Rotary Mower, 540 pto, S/N 10091

42RotaryMower01.jpg  42RotaryMower02.jpg  42RotaryMower03.jpg  

* 17 - 20' 8" Long Rafters (These are located 12 miles South of Ponteix on #628 Road, 1 mile East)

43Rafters01.jpg  43Rafters02.jpg  

* Various New Dimensional Lumber (This is located 12 miles South of Ponteix on #628 Road, 1 mile East)


* Blue Giant Rotary Scissor Lift, lifts 3,000 lb. capacity, 110V

45RotaryLift01.jpg  45RotaryLift02.jpg  

* 4 Case IH 3330 Sprayer Fenders


* 12 Ton Shop Crane

47ShopCrane01.jpg  47ShopCrane02.jpg  47ShopCrane03.jpg  

* Light Bar for Implement


* 4 Heartland Poly Fenders for Semi

49SemiFenders01.jpg  49SemiFenders02.jpg  

* Lincoln Ranger 8 Portable Gas Welder & Generator, 110V & 220V (Motor needs repair)

50Welder01.jpg  50Welder02.jpg  

* 1250 Gal. Freeform Upright Poly Water Tank

51PolyTank01.jpg  51PolyTank02.jpg  

* 150 Gal. Slip Tank w/1/4 stroke pump


* Headache Rack for a Ford 2008-2015 Truck


* Chrome Bumper Guard for Ford 2008-2015 Truck

54GrillGuard01.jpg  54GrillGuard02.jpg  

* Shields & Covers for Case IH Combines


* Various Knives for Case IH Straight Cut Headers (25'-35' Headers)


* 16" Delta Band Saw & Stand

57BandSaw01.jpg  57BandSaw02.jpg  

* Yokohuma YKR80 Tamping Rammer, gas motor

58TampingRammer01.jpg  58TampingRammer02.jpg  

* 4 Toyo M-55 LT275/70R18 Tires

66ToyoTires01.jpg  66ToyoTires02.jpg  

* 4 GT Adventuro AT3 LT275/70R18 Tires

67Pic01.jpg  67Pic02.jpg  

* 4 Michelin LTX LT225/75R16 Tires

68Pic01.jpg  68Pic02.jpg  

* 4 BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A LT265/70R17 Tires

69Pic01.jpg  69Pic02.jpg  

* 4 Michelin 275/65R18 Tires

70Pic01.jpg  70Pic02.jpg  

* 4 Toyo M-55 LT275/70R18 Tires

71Pic01.jpg  71Pic02.jpg  

* 5 Various 16” Tires w/rims

72Pic01.jpg  72Pic02.jpg  

* 4 Michelin LTX A/T LT245/75R16 Tires

73Pic01.jpg  73Pic02.jpg  

* 7 Various 16” Tires


* 3 Pc. Bedroom Suite, chest of drawers, mirror, 2 nightstands

75Bedroom3Piece01.jpg  75Bedroom3Piece02.jpg  75Bedroom3Piece03.jpg  

* 5 Pc. Bedroom Suite, chest of drawers, gentleman’s dressor, 2 nightstands, headboard

76Bedroom5Piece01.jpg  76Bedroom5Piece02.jpg  76Bedroom5Piece03.jpg  76Bedroom5Piece04.jpg  76Bedroom5Piece05.jpg  76Bedroom5Piece06.jpg  

* 6’ x 12’ Brunswick Slate Pool Table w/balls

77PoolTable01.jpg  77PoolTable02.jpg  77PoolTable03.jpg  

* 2 - 1000 Gal. Propane Tanks, 250 psi, (S/N 60-3420 & S/N N1065)

78PropaneTanks01.jpg  78PropaneTanks02.jpg  78PropaneTanks03.jpg  78PropaneTanks04.jpg  78PropaneTanks05.jpg  78PropaneTanks06.jpg  78PropaneTanks07.jpg  

* 2 - 500 Gal. Fuel Tanks & Stands

Lot47Tank01.jpg  Lot48Tank02.jpg  

Lost Valley Ranch Ltd.
Allen Godenir (306) 625-7712

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Cattle Trailer

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* 2004 Merrit Gold Line Tri-axle Cattle Liner, 53’ long x 8 1/2’ wide, new air bags, air ride, 295/75/22.5 tires, S/N 1MT2N53324H015983 (Low miles)
(Model #53X103X106X17XCX15X044XBTA)

90CattlerLiner01.jpg  90CattlerLiner02.jpg  90CattlerLiner03.jpg  90CattlerLiner04.jpg  90CattlerLiner05.jpg  90CattlerLiner06.jpg  90CattlerLiner07.jpg  90CattlerLiner08.jpg  90CattlerLiner09.jpg  90CattlerLiner10.jpg  90CattlerLiner11.jpg  90CattlerLiner12.jpg  90CattlerLiner13.jpg  

Grain Bins

(Bins to be removed by Aug. 1, 2021)


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* 3 - 4800 Bu. Westor 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, Cranfield Hoppers, metal skids, ladders, bin opener, crank opener, (Bins #36A, 36B & 36C)

91WestorBin01.jpg  91WestorBin02.jpg  91WestorBin03.jpg  91WestorBin04.jpg  91WestorBin05.jpg  91WestorBin06.jpg  

* 2 - 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, Westeel Elite Hoppers, metal skids, ladders, bin opener, crank opener, (Bins 36D & 36E)

92WestorBin01.jpg  92WestorBin02.jpg  92WestorBin03.jpg  92WestorBin04.jpg  

* 2 - 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, Westeel Hoppers, ladders, bin openers, metal skids, crank opener, (Bins #36F & #36G)

93WesteelBin01.jpg  93WesteelBin02.jpg  93WesteelBin03.jpg  93WesteelBin04.jpg  

* 4800 Bu. Westor 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, Cranfield Hopper, ladder, bin opener, metal skids, crank opener, (Bin #36H)

94WestorBin01.jpg  94WestorBin02.jpg  

* 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, Seedstor Hopper, ladder, rocket aeration, bin opener, crank opener, metal skid (Bin #36I)

95WesteelBin01.jpg  95WesteelBin02.jpg  

* 4000 Bu. Westeel Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, Seedstor Hopper, metal skids, aeration, crank opener, ladder (Bin 36J)

96WesteelBin01.jpg  96WesteelBin02.jpg  

These bins are located 5 miles North of Ponteix on #628 Grid Road, 2 miles East, 1 mile North (GPS: N49.49.44; W107.26.49). Viewing by appointment only. Call Allen at (306) 625-7712.

Shop & Yard

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* Transmissions


* Chain Hoist


* Starters


* Alternators & Generators


* Swisher Weed Eater w/B&S 6.25 hp. motor

101WeedWhiper01.jpg  101WeedWhiper02.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: Prior Viewing by appointment only. To book an appointment or for further info on equipment call Toby at (306) 625-7409.


Surplus Equipment & House Auction - Ponteix, SK.

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